Shoppers Drug Mart / multiple pharmacy issues

I had multiple prescriptions called into the pharmacy. The first one almost 6 months ago I had some trouble with the pharmacy staff but just ignored it because they seemed busy. My second experience a few days ago, the staff was extremely unorganized, I sat waiting for 25 minutes for them to put a sticker on the box when I already called and they assured me it would be ready. After waiting and paying I explained what the medication was for and and much I needed just so they could understand my prescriptions and saying I would need them to make sure in a week they have more as they have to order the medication (which they should realize) and I would need more than one box as it only lasts a week and I explained I would be gone for two so two boxes would need to be ordered. And I repeated this multiple times. So Today when my partner went in to pick up my medication I called first and they confirmed there was two boxes ready for pick up. When my boyfriend got there there was only one box, but he didn't know as I was;t there so he left. I called the pharmacy to address them, as this is getting ridiculous. The women didn't understand what I was saying and then said she needed to put me on hold. I was on hold for almost 15 minutes and she finally came back saying they don't have it and tried to say I already have 2 weeks when I have one week (the stuff my boyfriend picked up) and the rest of the box I have that will be done in a couple days. I then get extremely upset as they have to order it and I will be gone before the order comes and that was the whole reason I called multiple times and this morning to make sure non of this would of happened. She then put me on hold again. The another lady answered, asked "what my problem is", and that is when I absolutely lost it. As I knew things had to be ordered and my prescription was confusing that is why I have called and called to make sure everything was lined up and ready. In my experience this is the most disorganized shoppers pharmacy I've ever been to. I am not a judgmental or racist person but there needs to be in place someone who has english as their first language working. Not only did I barley understand any of them and they were quite rude dealing with my case they were also very short and disrespectful to two elderly people and a young teenager in front of me. I had to end the conversation saying I am getting my prescription transferred to a new pharmacy because the costumer service was awful and the actual knowledge of the products was horrendous. I will not be going back to that shoppers ever again so I don't need to see them again, the quality of customer service was that bad. The shoppers address is 1221 Weber Street Kitchener ON, Canada N2A1C2

Mar 30, 2017

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