Shoppers Drug Martdiscrimination & banned from shoppers with no reason given

Maple Ridge, BC Review updated:

I am writing this complaint to let as many people as I can see how discriminatory & rude Shoppers Drug Mart can be. I was receiving Methadone from Shoppers Drug mart store #2207 for quite some time. And no I'm not an uncontrollable junkie, people need to stop with the stigma, my purpose for taking Methadone was because my x family Dr got me addicted to oxycodone, and wouldn't take me off of it, and refused to help me, so I had to get help for myself, anyways that's all irrelevant. On April 1st, 09 I had one dosage left as I was seeing my prescribing Dr later that day. After I was given my dose, I was handed a letter, I opened it to read, and it said that as of April 1st, 09 I am no longer welcome in the store & the Pharmacy will not take any of my Prescriptions. It went on to say that they didn't need a reason to do this, and what was really strange, is that there was no name at the end, no one wanted to take responsibility for this letter, and it was signed with a star!!!

I haven't been there since that day, I did find out that A LOT of Methadone patients get the same letter for no reason, and my councilor & Dr said it was discrimination & that it's been happening for years. To make things worse, my Fiance went there today, to get milk & bread (he's continued to go there since i was banned) and while he was in line, a man came up to him and asked him if he was banned, so my fiance said no, as he hadn't been, and a woman that was stocking shelves just behind them said "Yes he has, the Pharmacy has confirmed it" !!! He doesn't even use their Pharmacy, so why would he be banned from the Pharmacy?? Because of me. What they've done is so disgusting, who are they to pass judgment against people who take medication there? Just because of the Stigma of it? Like I'm not embarrassed enough. It's completely deliberate discrimination it's ridiculous.

My fiance & I are going to contact the Human Rights Tribunal, and obtain a lawyer to press charges. There is also a class action suite in the works against Shoppers Drug Mart started by others that have been previously banned.
I apologize at the length of this complaint, but I want everyone to know what happened.

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  • Tn
      Jul 22, 2009

    Don't listen to bittermouse. Getting methadone for dependence issues is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Get a new pharmacy and find a suboxone DR, this drug is not as harmful as methadone.
    If dumbmouse knew what she was talking about..(she DOESN'T) she would KNOW that methadone is rehab treatment for this addiction.
    Don't give up, go to and look under community for forums and find out more about suboxone treatment. Good Luck and God Speed to you.

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  • Si
      Jun 18, 2019

    @TNiet I once complained at my shoppers because they were talking loud about my drink of methadone. And I live in a small town and it was embarrassing. So I called and complained. My next day in there for my drink I didnt really taste the methadone, and by 6 hours after I was having withdrawal. I believe they gave me just juice and no methadone. I had a urine sample taken the next day as I have to pee twice a week. I'm going to find out if my level was lower. I cwnt believe they made me go through withdrawal because I called and complained.

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  • La
      Aug 11, 2009

    get a lawyer and take them to court, it would be 100% worth it, you cant loose, get yourself a good expensive professional lawyer and take them for every penny they have, no mercy, you could get a couple hundred thousand dollars off this, they have no right, i really hope you do something about it, you could let it slip and do nothing about it, or you could take em to court, serve em justice, bring them in the media and screw them real bad and tkae back what they took from you, tell me how it goes

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  • Li
      Aug 14, 2009

    Don't blame your doctor for getting you "hooked". That's just low. People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions.

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  • Mi
      Oct 31, 2010

    I am looking for a Shoppers Drug Mart that dispenses Suboxone. My doctor told me that certain ones have such medication. I phoned around and one said if I bring in my prescription they would be able to order it for me.

    I hope I don't run into any problems though, it is approved by Health Canada so I don't see why any location would have any sort problem giving it to a customer.

    If anybody knows of a Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto that carries Suboxone please let me know.

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  • Tr
      Aug 18, 2017

    I go to the shoppers at College & Ossington (Toronto) for Suboxone ( pharmacist : J. Chen) and I have to agree- it is extremely DEMEANING! Unfortunately it is the closest pharmacy to me that dispenses Suboxone.
    Other pharmacies/ pharmacists do not require a 'mid check' and ' final check' . They don't make you sign a contract agreeing to be treated like a stereotypical addict. The pharmacists always appear flustered; this is in part because of Shoppers rules & regulations - they have to get out a big binder for you to sign for each dose, they cannot prep carries or as they say 'process the prescription before specified date'. I understand It's a big business with strict rules but c'mon... Some people just want to dose and pick up their medication and get to work.
    I have no idea what they think you're going to do with partially dissolved Suboxone. I'm on a low dose, I go to Shoppers the same day & time every week. There is obviously nobody waiting for me to run outside and spit a dissolved dose into their mouth!? SERIOUSLY! This pharmacy is so rigid and blatantly stigmatizes recovering addicts like nothing I have ever seen. I will be looking for a smaller pharmacy that does not belittle their clientele.

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  • Be
      Oct 01, 2017

    showed up 7 am in the rain on friday september 29 @ shoppers drugmart south nanaimo with my daughter waited in the rain for the super nintendo mini @ around 7:40 i had a employee that was being buzzed in for her shift rudley say to me you know were not open yet i said were just waiting to see if you got a certain product in.After being let in at 8 when the store open i went in to the front counter and asked she said we got none in i asked for a manager she said nintendo sends them when they send them.I than phoned the shoppers company each Nanaimo store got 2 in.Then i went to the north end store and they said that the stores each got 2 and they sold to the first two customers in the morning waiting so she said the staff probably bought them .Later that evening i phoned in a complaint to the store i was originally in and the night manager had told me they sold 2 September 29 but how could that be when i was first in line i was also told they had a list of other people and also the fact she said she wanted one.The manager gave me a follow up call today from that store and said someone came outide and said they don't have any thats not true they all keep telling me lies i simply wanted this to enjoy with family not to be one of those resellers iam defenently taking this issue further and perhaps will stop shopping their i was treated horribly

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  • Tr
      Oct 07, 2017

    You could try going to smaller pharmacies and asking them if they would be willing to order it.
    Not sure if there are many in your area ...

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  • St
      Jan 03, 2018

    So sorry y'all have to go through that but it's the same way here in Florida. I personally am not on that medication but just to get any kind of prescribed pain medication, they make you feel horrible and look at you weird. It is sickening but don't let them get away with treating you that way. Good luck on your sobriety. God bless

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  • Tr
      Jan 03, 2018

    I prefer my local ‘mom and pop’s’ style pharmacies. Service is personalized and it makes all the difference. Unfortunately there won’t be anymore small businesses/pharmacies if we don’t support them. Take your business elsewhere! Shoppers is just another huge conglomerate and you are but a doller sign to them. The employees are operating like robots.. I’m sure they have a multitude of rules and refs to follow but it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. Support local businesses!

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  • Ch
      Jul 14, 2018

    Similar garbage here in Ontario with Shoppers Drug Mart. I have many, many issues with SDM and many, many horrible situations and horrible customer service. The treated my daughter like garbage and I lodged a complain with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. We settled for an apology and a gift certificate. She got the apology in a letter! They never gave her the gift certificate. I will not give them one cent of my money. As with the other commentators, I use independent pharmacies. Mine just closed after almost 60 years in business. I have found great service with IDA (independent) drug stores.

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