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To whom it may concern,

Today May 6, 2017, In the current flyer dated May 6 to May 12, 2017
That if you bought an item of Lancome products for 39.00 dollars or more the customer is then entitles to a free gift bag with the "Option" of choosing 1 of "3" different types of face creams.
When I actually went to my local shoppers drug mart ( where I always shop)
To make my purchase to qualify for this free gift bag there was "only 2" out the "3" creams to choose from which is NOT correctly advertised. The 1 cream that I really wanted the "Visionare correcting cream" was not there to choose from yet it is fully advertised in the flyer and which is the point as to why I went to shoppers drug mart to make the necessary purchase.
I am not a happy customer to be honest. I love Lancome products and was really looking forward to getting the "Visionare" cream..

Thank you for your time.
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May 06, 2017

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