Shoppers Drug Mart Highgate Village Burnaby BCadvice on otc medication use, unprofessional conduct of pharmacist.

Nov. 25 2018 approx. 1900hr. my wife who has an Asian accent asked a pharmacist about taking ibuprofen while on a daily asa low dose as well as a statin drug. He babbled on about blood pressure but not much of a knowledge base regarding the dosing or side effects besides what was already written on the drug bottle was explained, certainly nothing about gastric irritation or bleeding. Seemed impatient with it all. Not sure if he was racist, misogynistic or both as the next thing was he called security. Some greasy fellow in a black ninja outfit with security written on it shows up and begins a stalking, intimidation tactic with her. Very unprofessional and disconcerting behavior. In my opinion asking for advice their at the pharmacy is not safe. We are elderly and have had much more professional conduct in other places to know this is not appropriate. We are considering contacting the BC college of pharmacists but really should attempt first to discuss this with the involved individuals. The safety of the public and customer is primary.

Nov 26, 2018

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