Shoppers Drug Mart / customer service

Toronto, ON, Canada

I usually don't write complaints, but I think this one you should know. I was waiting in line at Toronto Eaton Centre's Shoppers Drug Mart around 1:50pm on April 26th, when this incident happened. I was waiting in line to get my item checked out, and another woman was waiting in line in front of me. She asked Brenda, our cashier, for cash back and that is when Brenda started showing frustration. The lady in front of me was polite to her all this time, but Brenda kept on yelling, "geez, you think I have more cash left in my cashier?!" (person before her also asked for cashback), and "no I don't want your shoppers card, I am asking how MUCH money you want!" Brenda initially told her she can only get $40 back, that that is their rule, to which the lady told her she can get more than that. The lady asked for $80, and Brenda commented "so much cash... fine, I'll give you $80!!!". Brenda basically threw the cash at her; the lady seemed very distressed and pretty much ran out of the store (she even forgot her debit card in the machine so I had to run after her to give it back to her). When I returned to the store to proceed with my checkout, she was complaining to the cashier next to her "so many cash backs, cash backs, cash backs!!!" She glared at me and basically took away the product from me, and aggressively scanned the item. I was beyond shocked at my experience.
Under whatever circumstance, this is not service. We are buying products from your company, and this is not how we should be treated. I hope you take this situation seriously and take necessary actions. Thank you.

Apr 29, 2017

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