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I have been a very loyal client of Shopper's Drugmart member, but after this incident, I feel my loyalty doesn't matter to this corporation. I chose them over other drug stores, and they didn't value my business. All this for $4.99...yes that's true.

I visited a local Shopper's Drug Mart and bought some cosmetics on May 3rd'2017, the beauty advisor was nice to talk to, however, while checking out, amidst talking, I didn't get one of my items which I had purchased. She gave me the bag which had my stuff and also left the receipt in my bag. Right in front of her, I took the bag and folded it, placed the bag in my purse and started to walk out of the store. Reached home and discovered that one of my items was missing from the bag. I called the store and spoke to the same advisor and explained her the situation.
She asked me to come the next day, May 4th as her manager will be there and the matter will be taken care of.
Today - May 4th, when I went in the store, the manager I was informed about was not there. When I explained my situation again, the advisor (different from yesterday) said that she will call her manager and seek assistance. 15 mins later, the manager called her back and told her that she can't do anything about it.
Believe it or not, but the item I am referring to was the lowest priced item ($4.99) on my bill and I had other items which were priced for more. But rather than understanding the situation and possibly finding a resolution, the manager chose to not do anything about it. It's so ironic, that shoppers is not concerned about loyalty clients are giving them and are okay about how people come in and abuse their products, use their lipstick testers, and walkout without even buying the stuff. Shoppers will not regret from throwing those items, but this 4.99 was so important to them, that they chose to lose their client relationship.
Sorry to say, but this has left a bitter taste. Shoppers is scratched off my list now, forever.

May 04, 2017

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