Shell / scam

live in Mitrovica, Kosovo (ex Jugoslavia). The Shell point was opened recently in our city and already read complaints from my friends via Facebook that in Shell point they are cheating costumers in the amount of litre (1 litre is not 1 litre). So I wanted to test and I took an empty barrel of water and I measure litre by litre up to 10 litters and marked the end. I went to Shell pump and asked them to fill the barrel with 10 litre of diesel and in the end it resulted 400 ml less, so below the marked point. Their explanation varied and didn't make any sense. Me and many of citizens have nowhere to complaint as corruption is high and spread everywhere. My request to you would be, can you sent any of your officials and do an independent unannounced inspection?

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Jul 26, 2018

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