Shellsafety issue at gas station

I was at a Shell corner using air pump when a guy hassled me for money when I politely said no this person/guy yelled & cursed argued with me for more than a few minutes saying he lived at hotel around the area blocks away he shot the finger at me and proceeded to walk into the store/shell. I felt very uneasy & felt the store should be hold reasonable & have responsibilities to keep soliciting, harassment and safety of their customers a priority. I immediately went home to tell my husband what had happen he return to the store saw the same guy harassing other customers but again guy/person fled to hotel min's away One hour later I'm taking this route home pass the gas station and the same guy is still harassing costumers I feel upset knowing the clerk must have seen this activity but does nothing to stop it, it should be Shell's duty & responsibility not to allow this kind of harassment to their costumers & holds customers right to remove this problem or issues, feeling upset I return with my son to store to let the clerk know and asked her if she knew what was going on outside the store and gave descriptions of guy to the clerk in the store I spoke to clerk and told her what was happening outside and that this guy was seen more than once harassing other costumers as witnesses three time in a short period of time wearing same outfit & baseball cap at same shell location And I felt worried for other customers to have to experience this because of his aggression to argue, my compliant is there needs to be quicker action when things like this happen a zero tolerance for paying customers to be threatened by a sollicter and safety to customers in and outside the store video camera's should show a problem happening outside for safety reasons & for clerks to take notice for quick safety that starts outside the store that might result in a violent activity inside the store to customers & clerks/employees-distraught Customer absolutely upsetting

Apr 30, 2017

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