Shell / ncr-ncr radiant.. racism and old boys network practiced daily.

Nationwide, United States

Please do not use NCR Radiant-NCR products...they practice subtle racism and favoritism.

Shell has thousands of stores and African Americans and other ethnic groups spend billions annually to support your business. Please do not support companies that do not play fair with their employment practices. I personally was effected by subtle favoritism and racism.

I was even informed by management that the "old boys network" had been in place for years at NCR Radiant. The while male employee was constantly praised, while I was talked down to and targeted at Monday Morning meetings. Yet, I was constantly being quizzed for my business methods and concepts that brought prospects to the door. As soon as I reluctantly shared the information to management as she requested, she immediately took the information to the while male to help him excel.
Far more could be said, I will stop here.

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