Shell Gas Station on the Corner of Falconridge Blvd and Castleridge Dr. / poor service

Calgary, AB, Canada Review updated:

it's been over three years that i've moved to calgary from toronto. everyone more or less seems to think that south east asian people are very bad at customer service. once again i've experienced it's the brutal truth. i was going to this shell gas station on the corner of falconridge blvd and castleridge dr for the last three years. they should stand first for poor managment and customer service. sometimes i tried to save time by paying outside with a credit card . when i was done putting in all the information with the credit card, finally i see this instruction on the display ...'out of paper..please go inside to get a receipt'. i wanted to save time by paying outside through a credit card and be on my way as fast as possible and now i had to go inside and wait in the line to get a receipt. when i told the counter person this happens often here and they should be paying extra attention, he told me ..'hehehe we just forget to put the papers in the machine'.
recentlyon 5th april around 8 pm i was there to put gas into my car. as i was coming from work i didn't have my airmiles coupon (promotion code 29) with me. so while i was paying for the gas i told the person behind the counter that i had a coupon but it's in my other jacket's pocket and if he wishes he could issue the airmiles coupon on my purchase as i'm a regular customer here. he told me right on the face 'he's no going to do it without having the coupon handy', i simply just told him that i come here regular and would appreciate if he could do it. but once again i was denied . so my last reply to him before i walked out was ' you r probably an employee who just works there cus an owner wouldn't have this kinda attitude over a coupoon, an owner would like to have a repeated customer no matter what. just because of your attitude he just lost a business from a regular customer'.
the owner of the business should be paying more attention to how their customers are being treated when they put south asian people to deal with customers.

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  • Ga
      17th of Apr, 2010

    What makes you special? Do you think he should break company policy just because your a "regular"? Seriously, if you had that kind of attitude toward my employees, I would ask you to leave and never come back to my store again. Especially after your comment about him being "South Asian". Are you a god? Do you have the right to judge? I think not! Now cry me a river!

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  • Ge
      29th of Aug, 2013

    You sound like an entitled brat. First off, your remarks come off as racist, identifying all south eastern asian people piss poor at customer service. Secondly in regards to the receipt, mistakes happen and people either forget to add more, or are busy and have not gotten to it yet. If you were really pressed for time, skip the recipt. And lastly, if you didn't have the coupon, that is on you. Do not be upset that they could not give you the benefit of the coupon, when you do not have it, it does not matter if you are a regular or not.

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