Shell Gas / H & H Gas / customer service

Anaheim, CA, United States

I was at the shell at

1198 w ball road
Anaheim, ca. 92802

On 9/9/2017 around 11:30 -12:30 ish and I believe i gave the cashier $100 for a soda and reeeses candy. I was going to buy lottery but she had asked how my day was going and I forgot. She gave me change as if I had given her $20 it didn't register I figured I had done so then. When I realized that I had given her the hundred or 100 was missing out of my wallet I thought where could it be I only took my wallet out at the Shell gas station I went back and asked if she remembered our transaction when she said she didn't I asked her if she could check the till and see if there was a difference. The way she did so look a little suspect to me and she said it wasn't there. So I asked to if we could see the cameras. I was told to come back the next morning at 8. Monday morning at 8 I couldn't make it so I ended up getting there around 11 the employees took my name and number and said that the owner would look up look over the videos and call me. I went back the next day and the employees seemed a little upset that I was back asking again. He even made the comment line do you want the owner to look the videos over or do you not want him to look them over. So I left I still have not heard from you honor and I'm probably going to head back over there in a little bit to see if they've heard anything but if I don't understand why it has to take so long I have not seen the girl that was at the cash register that day working there since then.

Shell Gas / H & H Gas

Sep 14, 2017

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