Shell / gas

Houston, AK, United States

I walked into Shell #820 in Houston Texas. On Veterans Memorial and Beltway 8. I was ignored and I continued to pay for my gas. I went outside and he never cut the pump on. When I went back inside, Vincent, the employee was still speaking to the other young lady. I advised him the pump was working. He said it was my fault I took too long. I said how would know, you never acknowledged me. I asked for the mngr, he said ### YOU, YOU WEAVE WEARING ###.. I said what, he then said it again.. ### YOU ###., He went and got the phone, called the mngr and THREW the phone at me, then the young lady working with him started screaming and being very very disrespectful. I can't believe She'll employees this and condones this.

May 15, 2017

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