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I was in a lakewood shell and I am not normally a person who complains to corporate but one of the employees got an attitude with me when I left my fountain drink that I was going to purchase on the cashier table, she aggressively demanded me to get it off of the counter and told me "are you gonna buy this stuff already" and I bought it, while I was waiting for my change she throws the change at me and then I asked for a bag and she said 15 cents, while it was normally 10 cents. Then she says "are you gonna get the bag or not?" in a rude tone of voice, I left after that. If I ever go back in there and see her I will give her the same amount if disrespect that I have received from her. I am completely dissapointed in shell and their lack of customer service they should know how to treat their customers. I want to see that woman fired.
Woman looked broad with glasses and frown on face.

Mar 29, 2017

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