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I visited the store at 2am this morning. My husband 48 years old and (lots of greys to show his age)who just lost his wallet. Went into the store to purchase a cigar and was refused because he didn't have ID. I will be 50 yrs old in a few weeks. Had ID and went in to purchase cigarettes and his cigar and this cashier started to argue with my husband about how grey hair dont mean anything. I cut the arguenent ahort and said ok can I have a pk of Newport lights and the cigar by name and she told me No because I was with him. I explained I have my ID and put it on the counter and she said she refuse to make the purchase and walked away on the floor. I asked her name. She refused to give it. I asked for a manager she said there is none until tomorrow. I told her I am a customer and you are supposed to provide customers service. I then asked again she said no. So while trying to go online for a complaint number another customer came in. I explained to the customer when he got on line that this is you g to take a while because ahe hasnt made my purchase. He asked what was wrong my husband explained. He aaid he had this problem with her at one time also. This young woman then proceeded to call yhe police. Like Wow. So I waiyed on yhe line until the police came. But asked me to come outside. This is a store I frequently go to but never went this late/early morning. Ahe was very unprofessional and need to learn customer service. I will be putting in other compaints as well as letting the neighborhood residence know about my experience.

Jul 26, 2018

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