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Alor setar, Kedah, Malaysia

I had visited Avareal Services Company(Company no: PG0213353-D) which located at Lot 5380, Jalan Lencongan Barat, Mukim Pengkalan Kundur, 05050 Alor Setar, Kedah to refill my car's petrol at 13 May 2017 around 5p.m.. I am so disappointed with the service at this branch . I paid 40 ringgit to refill my car petrol and the system suddenly stop at only 20 ringgit. So, i ask the worker to solve this problem and the reason of it being like this and the worker come but solve the problem with they way that I am not satisfied. The worker said that the system in the petrol pump already set and it will automatically stop at 20 ringgit. After the incident happened and i wan them to either return back the money or just let me to continue to refill my petrol, but they said cannot. This keep saying the system already set it so we cannot change it that which is not logic at all. Although the system already like this but you should refund me cash. The workers told me that they cannot refund me money and cannot let me to continue refill petrol. The way they solve the problem is to ask me to take the product inside their shop that I don even wan it. After a minute, one worker told me that we also can buy the top up for mobile as a kind of "refund". So i also agree with this, but the worker after that told us the system cannot load or something like got problem. The point is they cannot make it. This make me so angry. End up i buy some product inside the shop t solve this kind of stupid problem! Lastly, when I make payment of the item that I took, the worker don even know how to set it as refund and waste my time at there waiting them to solve the payment problem. They totally wasting my time. Please respond to my complaint in the next 14 days. If you fail to respond in this time, I will have no option but to consider taking the matter further. From Customer

Shell Avareal Services
Shell Avareal Services

May 13, 2017

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