Shell / air condition service

Hemet, CA, United States

took my car into the shell station for ac charge on 6/13/2017 the tech Ahmad told us for $74.80 he would check for leaks and charge the air when he got done with my car he stated that it was empty and had no leaks and all he needed to do was to charge it we told him to go ahead we paid the bill and left then on 6/14/2017 while coming home from work i turned on the air it was only blowing hot even after 15 min's so my husband took it back over to the shell station they told him no problem if he could leave the car for awhile as we live only a few blocks from there he came and i followed him back to the station parked it and handed my keys to them a few seconds later another man came out and asked what the problem was so we again explained it to him he stated we must have a leak we told him what he had stated that it had no leaks only needed freon he then stated there was no way he could tell if it had a leak and that if we brought it back tomorrow he would take a look and tell us how much it would cost at that point my husband said hey then said teck responded hey is for horses [censor] i am not fixing it for free at that point we left and if this is the way that shell stands behind their work i will never again let them service my car i would like a full refund so i can have my car serviced elsewhere and i will be filling complaint's with bareau of automotive repairs and the better business bareau and will also post on facebook not to use this station for repairs my car is a chevy aveo 2008 thank you for your time Sherry Johnson [protected]

Jun 14, 2017

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