Sheetz / hotsub sandwich

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, United States
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I paid for extra topping on my meatball marina at the Wilkes-Barre PA location, across from the casino 9pm Fri, June 16. I personally got the sandwich only cause I was craving the black olives on top! Grab my sandwich only to realize it only has 1 of the 5 things I ordered on it. No onions, no peppers, no olives, no attempt! Seemed like something one with relay to a customer? Cause as I understand paying for something you don't receive is fraudulent? I get that it wasn't Sheetz that robbed me of my money & time, but the employee was being neglectful, buy as a Sheetz employee I would hope the business would care to make this right. This time it cost me extra money, and there's been several other times this location didn't care to complete my order and gave me half of what I requested. I will not continue to eat at a place where I have to gamble with my money & the quality control. Where are the managers? Thank you

Jun 16, 2017

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