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Let's face it we're buying off the 'infomercial' for the foundation - right? Not for all the other 'stuff' they so 'generously' include. Well my advice is - if you're black - and I mean 'properly' cocoa/mocha/ebony/ black - don't bother to buy their 'DARK' product. They only produce 4 foundation colours which in itself should sound warning bells. How can skin colour - from palest white to darkest black be pigeonholed into 4 categories?? I know for a start there are at least 12 distinct colours to be found in the 'black' range alone.

So why did an intelligent, discerning adult such as myself fall for their 'big sell'. Well at first, I didn't. Like the other complainant comments I've read, I'd been thinking about it for a while too. I was persuaded by the so called 'guest celebrities' and was dazzled with the science about how the minerals would adjust to my skin colour - and give the appeararance of perfect cover, (a bit like optical brightners in washing!!) I even rang the customer helpline before buying to confirm that their 'dark' foundation was a panacea for all black women - and was given a resounding "YES - one colour for all". Whoopee! Needless to say I was persuaded. Why? Well if you're black and living in the United Kingdom, anywhere outside a major city, you'll understand that looking for specialised products and services for skin and hair is a nightmare - (no matter that I'm a third generation British black with family going back to the 40's!)

Upon it's arrival packaging was good - I felt pampered as I opened the white gauze 'bag' to reveal an array of what appeared to be 'tester' products(!) No matter - I'd paid £35.94, (incl' postage), for a foundation I couldn't get anywhere else and which promised to fulfill all my dreams. What I got was a disatisfyingly small container of loose powder product in what appeared to be 'bronze'. No matter, I thought - it changes to compliment my skin. As will the cover cream which also looked suspiciously 'cream' in appearance. A quick check of the product names did nothing to allay my suspicions. 'MOCHA' and 'ALMOND' foundation and 'TAN / DARK' concealer. Mmmm...

I put it on. I resembled a greyish - beige coloured clown - with no liklihood of the product adjusting into a 'perfect cover'. Absolutely no point in trying to blend the two colour foundations - the 'mocha' I'd applied was too light without adding the lighter 'almond'! I knew that I'd been well and truly duped when my two daughters, (afro / european white), decided to try it on their skin, with only slightly better results. Both my daughters ranged from orangey to bronze in appearance (bearing in mind they're skin colours are different too!) Their verdict - they'll stick to their tried and trusted brands.

My closing advice to all? Don't bother with this product - you're WASTING YOUR HARD - EARNED CASH. MAC COSMETICS, LANCOME, REVLON and MAYBELLINE produce some excellent shades for black skin and have a good track records for providing a top quality product. The price compares very well with SHEERCOVER, i.e - you get loads more product for your money, you can purchase online too, and if you can get to a retail shop or store where they sell it they'll give you a full make - over without any undue pressure to buy. They'll even give you free samples if you ask nicely - which, when I come to think about it, are about the same size as the products Sheercover sent me!!

Be Street Smart and stick to the High Street...(...or the shopping Mall if you're American!)


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      Jan 07, 2010

    Agree with the above- be suspicious of make up products claiming 'one shade suits all'. It doesn't! Different shades will reflect light differently, looking totally different from one to another. Foundation being the most important to make sure you blend well!

    Sheer Cover set off alarm bells when I saw that 'Dark' catch-all. It reminded me of the sad time in UK when there was no real products for us on the high st. Still isn't great, but at least a big Boots store sells Maybelline and Revlon.

    For ladies of black skin tones- aside from the usual suspects, try prescriptives for foundations you can have blended to suit shade and skin needs. A good department store will have it. I'm lucky being in London (thank god for Oxford Street's Selfridges and J Lewis cosmetics hall!) but other cities will have them- certainly worth taking the time for a quality, reliable base that'll set you up for whatever look you want to achieve.

    Good luck!

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      Feb 04, 2010

    I feelyour pain! I'm what you would call a "in-between" shade of brown. I'm not light and I'm not dark...somewhere in the middle. My experience with foundation has never worked out. I've always had a grey-ish blue hue or ashy look left on my skin. So for years I just stopped trying. Period. Recently I've decided to try it again more informed of how various roducts will affect my skin and found myself at my local sephora trying bare minerals 'cause they had free samples. The makeup lady looked at my skin and determined that I do indeed have golden undertones (which I knew already but it was reassuring to hear her knowledge of the in-and-outs of the unique needs of black skin) so products labeled dark or deep, whatever may not work for me. Aha! I've always known that mineral make up is often infused with mica. Thats just the nature of mineral makeup. Well, one of mica's job is to reflect light. Well, for a dark skinned gal like me, that contributed to that "blue gray ashy" look that's so aweful. I knew that but it just didn't dawn on me that the mica was the culprit. What the makeup lady told me is that the matte version of bare minerals does not contain mica. There in the store I tried the matte version of their powder called Golden Deep. I wouldn't have thought to use anything called matte 'cause I don't need a dry desert look. Well, I was plesantly surprised that the shade not only worked but it didn't give a grey-ish blue hue, ashy dry look at all. I've been freshly encouraged to try make up now. I figure that if I can overcome a bad foundtion experience I can confidently try other things.

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  • S
      Jun 05, 2010

    OMG totally agree with you .. this was the WORST makeup I've ever used in my entire life. Thorough waste of time and money. It made me look ridiculously ashy I couldn't walk out of the bathroom with it on, God forbid the house.

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  • Q
      Feb 26, 2014

    Agree 1000%! Actually felt you were talking about me and my experience specifically! I spent ages researching and convincing myself NOT to fall for the hype, but bit the bullet and ordered, encouraged by the knowledge that I could get a refund if it was unsuitable. Unsuitable is an understatement. And I have certainly learned not to fall for the "one suits all" labels on makeup, it certainly doesn't! I have found a range of fantastic products from many cosmetic companies; MAC, Sleek & Bobbi Brown etc, have a number of products, and when I combine them, I get the results I want. So don't be afraid to mix and match! And like others have said, utilise the make up artists in the department stores, the best makeup advice I get comes from them, YouTube tutorials and my big sis!

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      Feb 02, 2015

    I understand your concerns about the new sheer cover studio range (dark). I have tried it and it looks as though I have mud on my face. However, I previously used the "mocha" from the old sheer cover range and I think it fabulous, the best makeup I have ever had. It did adjust to my skin and it was noticeable in a good way. I used a lighter application if using by day and a little more if going out in the evening for a special occasion. Friends often commented and some of them also started to buy this foundation. It was like air brushing my skin. As Sheer Cover are phasing this out I know my days with mocha are limited and although I have come across other make up that is "ok" I still haven't found anything that makes me look a million dollars like sheer cover mocha does. That did live up to the hype. However, I agree that the new "dark" is terrible. I would describe my skin colour as similar to Oprah Winfrey.

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