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never order online

I went to order a 14 day free sample of caracol cream, whichasks for only $4.95 shipping and handling,. After giving them my visa information and completed the transaction, they informed me they would be billing me$59.95. It says you can cancel at anytime, so I went to [protected] I found out this is a fraudulent company that continues to charge you, and the cream does not live up to it's expectations. I never order online as a rule, but wanted to try this product. I don't like being taken. What can be done about this sort of thing? It makes me leery now of ordering anything online!

caracol cream is good

I signed up for the 14 day risk free trial offer back in february and I had no problem at all. It stated in the terms and conditions that I would be billed the amount of $60.00 if I did not return the unused portion of my trial offer jar within the 14 day trial period, and that I would be placed on a preferred customer club.

In no way did I find caracol cream to be a scam, they indicated in an email confirmation that I would be billed and placed on this club, also once I received each shipment it indicated the terms and conditions of my agreed to contract.

I am not a member of the preferred customer club any more due to the fact that I most recently lost my job, and unfortunately I had to sacrifice my cream : (. I also returned my most recent shipment under the 60 day guarantee that they offer and was advised to insure my return, which I did. The credit has been applied and I have had no problems there.

If anything I would like to say that you people are careless and uneducated. I see many comments on this blog board with ladies and gentlemen claiming that they were scammed. If you were in fact scammed and the company was fraudulently charging customers wouldn't you think that they would be shut down? I quite frequently order products online and I am fully aware of everything that I order (well when I could afford to), if people actually took the time to read then you wouldn't have these problems.

Personally I would have to say that a lot of the people that are posting on here are scam artist. Quote: "only way out is report your card as stolen to your financial instituition. That will work, I promise! And quite truthfully that is what they do, steal from you!!!". Blogged by: joseph l. Rocha

Does this not clearly state that joseph has lied to his credit card company? This is one of many examples that I can use which shows a lack of consumer integrity. So joseph first lied to his credit card company about the charges after he authorized for his credit card to be billed by caracol cream, and then he had the nerve to post bad things about caracol cream on the internet.

I back caracol cream up 100%. People need to start taking ownership for their own mistakes and stop blaming others. Caracol cream is a wonderful product and you people are ruining their name because of your lack of education and integrity.

unauthorized charges

Hello my name is andrea and im in the state of ga. And I ordered a jar of caracol cream from this company and...

skin care cream

I ordered the cream before I googled "review" on it. How stupid!!! I tried it, break out on t-zone, called...

false promises

This firm offers a "free" trial but when the site asks you to confirm the order there is a bleep indicating...

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fraudulent free sample, unclear business practices

Do not deal with this company! I too was led to believe that I would only pay a nominal shipping fee for a...

theft and fraud

Do not purchase this product. It is a total scam. If you go to their on-line site they will ask you to give them some information to see if you qualify. No matter what you fill in, you reach a page that says "congrtulations" you qualify.

They indicate that if you order the product you will only pay for shipping and handling. This is a total lie. What they will do is take your credit or debit card information and charge you for the whole package.

I am one of those victims! Once I received the cream I tried it and didn't think it was that good. I gave it away and thought no more about it, until I found another package from the company. My husband called them and realized he was getting a line of manure.

If this happens to you, immediately report this to your local sheriff, then call you state's office of consumer affairs. Keep very good records for later use. Do not return the product - it will be returned to you.

Before purchasing anything on-line from an unknown company first google the products name and add the words review, or warnings, or fraud. You will find many resources with warnings.

Although I have not gotten to the bottom of the problem yet, know that there is potential for identity theft.

Bottom line: know who you are purchasing from before purchasing.

caracol cream fraud

Like so many others here, I was duped by caracol cream. I was offered the "two week free trial" so I decided...

not as advertised

Purchase on line on 9/01/2008 for 14 day trial for 4. 95 finally recieved product on 9/18/08 then on 9/20/08...

fraud!! class action lawsuit (join me!)

I am facing the same problems everyone on this complaint board has experienced, however I am not going to sit...

scam and fraud

Caracol cream is a fraud and a scam. If you go to the caracol cream website, You are...

scam charges!

Do not purchase this product. It can not be returned as the address they give is incorrect. It is a scam...