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Product hurt my skin

I ordered Sheer Cover last summer because, I have been trying different kinds of mineral makeup. The first time I used sheer cover my skin became irritated. I talked to my sister who is an asthetician and she said that a mineral makeup shouldn't irritate my skin. I continued to use it for a week even though it stung after application, Big Mistake! My skin began to break out like crazy. It looked horrible. I called my sister and she said that there was probably an ingredient in the product which I was having a reaction to. Probably a clay in the product or a not so natural ingredient which I was sensitive to. She also said that the sunscreen may be a cause of the reaction. It took me 4 weeks and 2 facials to get my skin looking better. I have tried other makeups since and have been using Jane Iredale mineral mkup. for 3 mo. now and am suprisingly pleased.


I have read some of the reviewers complaints and this is true about their unfair billing procedures. I was sent another supply a month later and after sending it back, for a refund. Recieved no refund. When I called about it they said I had not returned it in the alotted time. I sent it back 2 weeks after I recieved it!

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    pastyies Jun 03, 2010
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    Verified customer

    You can find good mineral makeup on ebay. I received mine in the mail today and I only paid $21.95 for a full kit including brushes, and free shipping. Will last a few months with regular use. Mineral makeup contains no fillers, and it looks like you don't get much for your money, but you really do. Check the ingredients before you buy - the best mineral makeups will have very few ingredients, and the top three ingredients will be zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. Avoid fillers and rice powders, ultramarine, and talc. I am not shilling for any mineral makeup sellers or companies, but I researched mineral makeup (and everything else I buy) thoroughly before setting money down..the internet is a vast information source, check it out before you buy it.

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Instincts are going crazy, this is not going to be fun.

I ordered Sheer Coverage a few days ago. I thought I would be charged $29.95 for my first order. Instead it came out to $115 for a few months supply.

I had a bad feeling in my stomach about this and called back about a 1/2 hour later to cancel. I was told by a gentleman that there was nothing he could do because my order would not register on their computers for 48 to 72 hours after ordering.
That feeling in my stomach got worse after hearing that.

Called back 2 days later and was on hold for 1/2 an hour. I finally got a cust. serv. rep. and without giving her ANY info. she knew who I was, I thought that was really weird. Upon telling her I wanted to cancel the account and order she told me she could not stop the shipment and if I did not want it I was to send the package back unopened and my acct. would be credited. When I asked her how much my acct. would be charged she had no idea (even though she KNEW who I was, hmmmm?).

Anyway, my gut was just churning by this point. I KNEW I had just made a very big mistake by ordering from this company. So I called my credit card company and had my card cancelled.
I'll still be billed $43.98 but it's a hell of a lot better than being billed a total of $115 and wrangling to get that amount refunded.

When the package comes in (it will arrive at the post office) I'll be heading down there and sending the package right back to sender unopened. I'll have EVERY available tracking put on it so the company CANNOT say they did not receive it. When I am notified of their receipt I will be calling them to have my acct. cancelled.

I have a really bad feeling I am going to have one hell of a time trying to get my acct. cancelled with no further shipments being sent after reading all of the complaints posted on the net, but maybe they may be persuaded to close it after I tell them the only method of charge they HAD has been terminated.

I feel really cheated that people of celebrity status that I thought were respectable could stand behind such a product. Damn, I'm even thinking about not buying Activia any longer if Jamie backs that too!!! LOL

Good luck to all of you who have had dealings with this company! I will keep you updated about what is happening on this end.

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    I'm karen Apr 29, 2010

    I returned a package to them per their instructions and requested shipping confirmation over a month ago; when I track the package it has been scanned in Des Moines, Iowa several weeks ago, but not yet delivered. I have to go to the post office and ask them why it still has not been delivered (it is a P.O. Box, so it's not as though someone has to be there to accept the package). I'm beginning to wonder if they are giving a false box number so it can't be returned. In the meantime, I've received another kit in the mail and keep on getting billed. This company is fishy. Good luck to you. If I ever get this account cancelled, I will never order anything from them again.

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    christine2010 May 02, 2010

    they charged me over 100$ and i was shocked. i returned the items a month ago, and still didnt get my money back ? horrible experience ! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY EVER !

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    Diane Salter Aug 31, 2010
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    You and all the others are right on. Sheer Cover is ripping us off. I too ordered and never thought I would be charged $116. I was not told that I had to make 3 payments. When I learned this, I called them and was told that it was over 30 days and I could not return the product. Luckily for me I used my credit card and since no where in Sheer Covers packaging did it state that the product had to be returned within 30 days, my credit card company removed the charges and now Guthy Renker is billing me. I called today to request they stop harrasing me but they said I owe them the money and that they will continue to bill me. I stated they cannot bill me for a product that was returned. The rep said that he see's that I returned the product but it was after 30 days so he will send the product back to me. I told him not to bother I would refuse shipment. He said we will continue to bill you and report you to collections until paid. I am now reporting them to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. Everyone should report them and maybe we can have them shut down!!! They are not above board and I am hoping at a min they will be fined.

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Angry girl

Okay, so... I ordered the sheer cover 6 piece make up set for $29.99 (free shipping) that I saw on the infomercial this morning and wow did I make a stupid mistake! First off, when I ordered the product over the phone, I upgraded to the 8 piece set for I believe $6.00 more, but they charged $9.99 for shipping when it was supposed to be free! Secondly, I explained that I wanted a one month supply, which they charged me for a 3 month supply with an automatic shipping charge every 3 months. Thirdly, I checked my online baking account 30 min after I got off the phone from my order and noticed that they not only took out the full amount of $125.00 (full payment), but they also took out another charge of $52.00 for the first months "payment plan including the shipping charges for tax". Wtf! I told the rep when I called that I wanted to be put on a 3 month payment plan for my one months supply, and this turned into total qaos! I just dont understand. So, I called customer service back and explained the issue, and was told that there was nothing they can so about it, and I would have to wait a few days for my money to get put back into my account when I needed this $125.00 to go grocery shopping for my kids food. I fought, and I fought, and I fought with customer service but they were so rude and unwilling to help the customer that just bought their employers product. So, I just left a message for the corperate office explaining this issue in hopes that they will call back with some great news about my money that I so needed badly right now.. When I called this morning for my order, I did not intend to be charged twice.
I dont know how the product is, but I can absolutely agree, that it is not worth the stress, and hassle of your hard working money getting jacked! Wow!

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    Emanuelle Apr 03, 2010
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    Wow, this company has just got 2 complaints on the same day. Now I'm REALLY worried!!! Good luck with your battle. I have a feeling we might need all the luck we can get. ###.

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Saved by ordering-problems...

Wow! After reading all those complains it looks like I was saved by ordering-problems from making a big...

False advertising/excessive billing

I read the complains about excessive and over charging, and thought Id be extra careful. When I ordered, I ordered one month's supply for $29.99. I got it 5 weeks later, after being charged AGAIN. When I called to ask WHY, they explained they sent me 3 months of product and it was more. I threw a fit and asked to see where I agreed to that. They could not do that and said they would refund my money.

Next day, they charged me again. I canceled the payment on my CC, and called. They explained there were THREE charges, one for each month of product. Again I said I did not agree to that, and they said they would refund the last charge. I have no idea how this will end up, but I am very upset with this company.

BIG TIME FRAUD AND MISREPRESENTATION. Do NOT order or do business with them, it is a scam with a low quality product.

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    Mary Arnold Jan 30, 2010

    I was up early one morning watching infomercials when I seen the sheer cover advertisement, I immediately phoned in my order which arrived in a timely fashion November, 2009 next order arrived early December 6-9, 2009; mind you in the first shipment it states I will be receiving four shipments, January 2010 I get my bank statement and it shows my account has been debited for asheer cover. I contact Sheer cover via telephone it took forever to actually speak to a human in customer service when i inquired why my account was debited for make-up I never received; she replied in last shipment received 90 day supply! I was astonished I received clenser and moisturizer, one brush and cvoncealer she further went on to state my account will be debited one last time in february 2010. i politely informed her that this is a rip off when it clearly states i will be receivibg [4] shipments and I've only received [2], I will be filing complaint with the "Better Business Bureau"

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  • Dm
    DMKW Mar 22, 2010

    DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT! THEIR BILLING IS A CROCK. I saw the infommercial on Sheer Cover and decided to order. I was only supposed to be charged $29.95. Before I could open the first package, a second package was sent to me and I was charged $39.74. What happened to the "try it for 60 days" "money back guarantee". I had called to cancel my order, and two weeks later, I was charged AGAIN, $29.95. I called customer service again, and she said, "well, there was another package sent and you have to make 3 payments of $29.95 for the product. HUH? I canceled my order... Now I am sending back TWO unopened packages, so that I can TRULY cancel Sheer Cover for good. But will it really be for good? I am so glad I didn't try it, because it sounds like the make-up is not "up to par", to say it nicely.

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    sonia parashar Jun 23, 2011
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    by reading all d complaints i don knw whether i ordered a gud product or not...i'd ordered for $29.95 n its being more den 10 days n i din't receive ny product ...i must say d service of sheer cover z vry poor ven it z already said d day transaction will b 7 to 10 days...
    i wish i wont get d same problem lyk d 1 who get.. in extra charging...

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    blittle Apr 18, 2012
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    They are still doing this. Their website shows the intro kit of $9.95 and the next kit is $29.95.

    They do not state that that next kit is $29.95 x4!!!

    I did like the makeup. My face stopped breaking out. But I am not paying $128.00 for 120 days of makeup. I dont spend that in a year! I am not Leeza Gibbons who can afford that type of lifestyle!

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Customer service

Heads up if you are ordering any Sheer Cover products!! Beware of really bad service!! If you don't expect much, then you won't be disappointed!!
I had e-mailed them about a problem that they created, they shipped out product 3 weeks earlier than they were suppose to. Sounds simple enough to fix but trust me it has been really ugly trying to deal with them for the refund. If I could attach the e-mails back and forth you would really get a good laugh out of it. There responses had absolutely nothing to do with the problem I was speaking of. It was clear that no one ever read the e-mails. It was all an auto response! If you call rather than e-mail, plan on spending a good 30-40 minutes on the phone for even the simplest of issues.

My advise to you is not to do business with them!!

  • Ha
    Has had enough Jun 29, 2010

    Its easy to get in the "club" but a real hassle to get out. You can send back your order and cancel your acct. and they will still bill you. I should have listened to other people. Sheer Cover is a bunch of con artists.

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  • Ha
    Has had enough Jun 29, 2010

    Couldnt agree more!

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  • Sh
    shopgirlshe May 13, 2011

    Called sheer cover customer service and a representative answered, who for some reason was talking strangely. I gave her my name but she was very rude and she wasn't giving back any answers to my questions. I asked her if she was looking up my name and then she tells me the name of another person and when I told her that is not my name. She says, "R u sure??" Simply hilarious! BAD customer service. I cancelled my account with them. I asked her to transfer me to another representative and she says to call back again. I asked her her name and she hangs up. BEWARE.

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  • Sh
    SHEAR COVER Jul 05, 2011

    I have tried to cancel my order three times, not only were their customer service reps rude but they constantly try to sell you more product during the cancellation. Be Aware-They will not give you a cancelation number or a cancellation e-mail. Not only that but they said, "you have never tried to cancel with us before". Well it is really hard to prove you have cancelled with no documentation and the cycle continues. STAY AWAY from the SHEAR COVER trap, their product isn't even good...

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60 day money back guarantee

I starting using sheer cover in october i was so excited to start using this product, at first it worked really good and then it started to make my face break out. I called cs and they told me my next shipment had been sent out, I explained to the agent that I wasnt happy with the product and that as soon as I received the shipment I would send it back and requested to be reimbursed the $95.00 that was taken from account. This was the beginning of November. I sent the shipment back the day I received it (Nov 19) and still have not received my refund. I have called cs several times and have been assured that my refund was in the mail, but the automated line states that there is no refund status info available for me. I cant get thru to a supervisor and I would advise anyone not to trust this company. The 60 day money back guarantee is a lie. I just wasted $120.00 for a product that I was not happy with at all

  • Ca
    canada12 Apr 13, 2010

    I also am having difficulties with Sheer Cover and getting a refund. I cancelled my account and was told a shipment was already underway. In the meantime I was charged in November and December. Under there policy you had to return product within 60dys to get refund. Well, I received my shipment Nov28/09 and returned it by Jan 18th/10 once I found out how to proceed to get my account cancelled. Since this falls well within the 60dys, I feel I should have been credited my earlier payments. However, since January I keep getting threatening notices that I must make final payment for that order and no credit in site for the previous two payment withdrawals.
    I finally got a response today and was told unfortunately the return of the shipment was past there 60dys. Well, if I count the days I am under that time frame. So, in order to not get a collection agency after me I have decided to make there final payment and I requested that the shipment be returned to me since I have now fully paid for something I no longer have. So will see if this happens.
    I will not recommend this product or company to anyone, if this is the type of service they offer and don't stand behind there policies.

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I've been a customer for almost a year, and everything was great, I was receiving product, loved my makeup, then in mid summer is where everything started to go wrong with delivery, and other issues. I moved to on post housing, and called customer service gave them my new address and thats where my problem began. A shipment had been sent out to my old address and I was expecting it to come to my house since I did call in and give them my new address. Waited nothing came in so I called CS and they told me it went to the other address so since I was going to have to wait another 2 weeks for it to come to me the agent went ahead and was going to give me back my refund and send me another shipment to my correct address. Thinking it was going to go straight to my bank account, never happened. So I waited nothing, so I called and spoke to another agent and she said I had to sign an affidavit to clear that I didn't receive the first product. Then she looked at my account and said that I owed money and I told her how could that be if I had already started paying for the product and I was told that I was going to get refunded for it instead. So I told her that I wasn't going to pay for something that I had already been told I was going to get a refund for. So she canceled my credit card. Thought we had fixed that situation and I was told I would be getting a refund after I signed the affidavit. Waited for it to come in and nothing. So I called and spoke with another agent (Lori) on Oct 19 and we stayed on the phone for about an hour trying to figure out the notes put on my account, she figured it out and told me I should be getting a refund sometime in Nov. Waited again nothing. Now I'm getting furious, cuz it seems like none of the agents know what they are doing, no one calls back like they say, and I'm already frustrated with this and to top it off my husband is deploying this month. Kept calling and talking to different agents assuring me that my refund was in the mail and I should be getting it. They said it was sent out Oct 12 then Oct 14, so I have no clue what the heck is going on. I just can't believe it takes this long to get a refund of $32.43 this is ridiculous. I called to see the status of my refund on the phone and it says that is has no status that I'm even getting a refund. So something is wrong. Called Saturday and spoke with Dianesha and she tried to help me but told me that her supervisor Jessica would call me back Monday Nov 30, and now we are Dec 2 Wednesday and no phone call back. Since they needed to look at my notes in my account cuz they didn't understand what was put on the notes. So here I am writing to you to see if you can do your job and get this fixed and get the ball rolling and just refund me my money and then that way I can cancel my account indefinitely. I think some of the agents need to go back and get the extra training they need so this doesn't happen again. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the product it's just I don't like dealing with agents that don't know how to do their job. So I'm praying that you will resolve this issue for me since I have no other options of what to do. I'm just going to wait on you. Thank you for taking the time to hear my complaint. Have a good day and God Bless!

  • Mo
    Monica Bonynge Dec 10, 2009

    Good luck Leslie! I have been fighting with SC for months. They sent me out a shipment when I was not due one, and they debited my account without my consent. I have made several calls and have gotten no where. Because of their charge coming out with out my knowledge, I had several checks bounce, which is very upsetting for me because I do not write bad checks! My bank has taken care of it and refunded my money, can celled my debit card that SC used and said it should be no problem for them (my bank) to get the money back from SC. I just received a phone call today and SC is refusing to refund them. So, I am having to sign another letter with a notary at my bank and they are trying to get this settled but I am not feeling it will be. I too called SC back and they are saying I have to sign a return affidavit of which I was never told about before. Once this is cleared up, I am canceling...which is sad because I love their product. So I wish you the best of luck, not sure you will have any.

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Scam charges

Sheer cover infomercials are flooding Tv channels and make you think that it is the best product in the world. When you apply for the product on the phone, they don't tell you that they will charge your credit card every month for a certain amount ad send the products every month.

When I received by 2nd set, I called their customer service and asked them to cancel my account and stop these automatic payments. They said that they would. But when I checked my credit card statement for July, it was there again, a charge for $29.95. And the charges keep changing. In June it was $37.90. And these charges are applied on a weekend so its difficult to call and dispute.

After going through this, i checked online reviews and found lots of women going through the same scam!!


  • Sr
    srinath_ka Aug 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, Even I faced the same problemand lost around 150$ !!! please dont buy this product..

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Product returned / sent to collections

Closed account with Sheer Cover and they sent 2 monthy cosmetic packeges anyway. I called them and told them I would keep one of them and pay for that one but needed to return the second one. Was told that was fine. I sent it back US mail with signature required. Then about 3 months later I received a letter form a collection agency wanting the balance of 97.00 for the package that was returned. I faxed them a copy of the signed recipt and was told it was returned to late and even though Sheer Cove had to product I needed to pay for it anyway. It has been almost a year since I have heard from the collection agency and I just recieved another letter and it says that Sheer Cover will settle for half of the original balance, even though Sheer Cover has the product in hand. The next step is to send another letter both to Sheer Cover and to the collection agency both return signature required with copies of all the proof that they have the product already and that I am paying for nothing. I have also sent an e-mail to customer service mentioning a class action suit if anyone is interested.

  • Pr
    ProductReviews Jan 02, 2010

    You should immediately call the Corporate Office of Guthy-Renker.

    Guthy-Renker LLC
    41-550 Eclectic St., Suite#200
    Palm Desert, CA 92260
    (760) 773 9022 ask for Customer Relations
    (800) 274-4910 ext# 5001 for Customer Relations

    I suggest whether you call the regular or toll-free number for them, that you dial extension#5517 for Renee Miller, a Corporate Agent who has really helped me with my issued with GR. I hope this helps you out!

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  • Re
    repl/complectionmdscam Apr 27, 2010

    As I posted on the other persons complaint You Are Wrong!!!
    Sorry for your trouble but previous person is wrong you returned it too late .
    How would you feel if somone owed you money or credit on credit card and did not do it for months.
    Their policy is return with 30 days and they will give you money back. After more than 30 days they probably inccured cost by hiering colection company to get money from you.
    I was selling stuff too somtime ago and I would not wait for months for payment or return without doing something(yes they are company but they are not in the bussiness of giving people stuff for free).
    And why did you not return it when you supose to, did you realy think that they will give you stuff for free?
    They have clearly specified return in 30 days even if you try it and don't like it.
    So again why didin't you?
    I can understand other people complaints and I read them all but yours realy dose not make sense.
    If you kept items over the required time you should pay for it and not sent it just when you feel like it or when was too late.
    Tell people truth you wanted get it for free and when you realized they will not go for it you sent it back(too late).
    Now it is your responsability you have to pay. Not even any lawyer would take your case it was your fault and your stupidity to sent items back if you alredy owed for them and there was no reason to send them back.
    And as I sugested to your " late returner friend", if you don't want to pay for "nothing' maybe you should talk nice to company and they will sent the items back to you when you pay for them(and give them to somone for gift).
    And bay the way, you liked the product not like your "other friend" because you kept one. So in your case realy makes me think you just wanted for free.
    I am realy sorry for you but this time it is your Fault.

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Unauthorized charges

Like most infomercial techniques, sheercover sales reps have a talent For bamboozling you into trying an...


Ordered $29.95 test kit; three business days later called to cancel membership, which is required to get the trial offer. Membership means auto shipments, almost $100! I canceled immediately.

On that cancelation call told there was no confirmation # for canceling, no email confirmation, nothing, and would cancel in 2 - 3 days, plenty of time before my shipment and first full package charge.

Being it was Guthy Renker, and I worked with Tony Robbins for years and know GR as the producer of Tony's infomercial, I felt secure that I was canceled.

On 9.15 I was charged the $97.84 for the full kit. I called and was told that there was no record of cancelation. I was also told that it takes up to 72 hours for cancelation to go into effect so I may have called too late to stop first shipment. It was approximately 2 weeks between my cancel call and their billing ~ that is not 72 hours! I was told that the shipment went out and that was that, I could cancel now but was responsible for the first full shipment.

Well this is THE GAME that many of the trial offer companies play. I was not shocked but certainly disappointed. I trusted the company Sheer Cover because I trusted Guthy Renker.

I asked for a supervisor and was transferred to another woman who only after badgering her, and I do mean I had to badger her, issued a refund on the account, stating it would take 3 - 5 business days. I requested an immediate reversal on the charge, something I do at my office and know it is doable, but was told it was not. I reluctantly accepted the 3 - 5 days. I asked for a cancelation # and / or email confirmation and was advised they do not provide either. This was unsettling.

On 9.18 the funds were back and available to my in my account! Hurrah for the good guys, someone kept their word.

On 9.21 another charge, that's right, for a full kit hit my account. I called again. I didn't say I was upset or had a problem, I simply asked the woman from Sheer Cover the status of my account. It's canceled, she said. When I asked, 9/15 she said. So how is it, I ask her, that you charged my account this morning, 9/21, $97.84 for a 2nd time? Because you didn't send back the product, she said. I didn't get any product, I said, and she said until the product comes back the charge stays. I asked for a supervisor to which she said we don't have supervisors. I was stunned silent for a moment, having spoken to a supervisor last time around. We have account specialists she then added. Okay I said, you can play whatever word game you want to, give me an account specialist.

The account specialist, another woman, (I have the names of all these folks, this is documented as I started legal recourse), who told me the account was canceled on the 15th, and that she didn't see any initial refund or charge, just this one on the 21st.

She tried to cover up every issue with semantics, until I questioned how I could be responsible for returning a package I never received she said, Well you didn't get it yet because it just shipped out on the 18th!
On the 18th, I asked, you shipped out something to me September 18th, after I canceled two weeks prior one time, and then had a screaming conversation about cancelation and refund on 9/15 and you know that the 9/15 cancelation is on record? Are you kidding me? To which she hung up! There you go, Account Specialist!

So I went directly to Guthy Renker and spoke to the woman who takes consumer complaints and I advised her that 1) this isn't about me and my refund, AGAIN, it's about Sheer Cover's reprehensible billing practices and the incompetent, hopefully, customer service. If it isn't imcompetent, then it's FRAUD.

I let her know that complaint sites are all over the internet on this product, that a YOU TUBE VIDEO to go viral isn't far behind. C'mon ladies, I know there's a creative soul out there who can do a Leeza Gibbons spoof on this product and their billing practices and get a viral deal going.

What's even more bold about this reprehensible company and their billing practices? They take out advertising for their $29.95 deal on the complaint sites! They want to use our complaints to their advantage.

SO LADIES, I call for a full out vocal and make known boycott of this product until the company makes A PUBLIC APOLOGY and cleans up their act.

For me, I was told for all my trouble I could keep the box coming my way. NO THANK YOU, the product may be good, I won't comment on that here, but I wouldn't take a box of gold from these people given how they choose to do business.

My refund is pending, I am to get a follow up call on it and I will continue with legal letter to both Sheer Cover and GR legal offices. Unless we each and all hold these companies accountable for their practices overall, not just what happens for each of us as individuals, they will continue to play their game of forcing the first full order on you to re-coup the cost of the initial offer and informercial. Don't let any of them get away with it.



  • No
    nowitsmyfault Oct 14, 2009

    similar to what happened to me. i got the $30kit and wanted to cancel the next $100-shipment that was dated to be shipped on 10/1 so i MADE SURE to call to cancel before 10/1. the associate told me it had been processed already and i just have to ship it back to get a refund. so i got the package in my mail today (10/14) and opened the envelope to fill up the return form or whatever. i wanted to make sure i was doing everything right so i called and talked to some lady and asked some things. she then told me if i didnt open anything (including the envolope) i couldve shipped it back for free, so now i will be charged for shipping when in the first place i didnt want it shipped here anymore. how should i know i wasnt supposed to open the darned envelope, when all of the informaton is inside? and then the other ### thing that happened, when i told her that i called in before 10/1 to cancel she told me that the timestamp shows 10/2 was my call date! B.S.! Now I'm lying?!?! anyway i am pissed right now. i havent called back because i think i am too nice to people on the phone so i am gonna have my husband call in later.

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  • No
    nowitsmyfault Oct 14, 2009

    my bad i probably called at 10/2 but im pretty sure i called just in time before the next shipment w/c was probably 10/5. but still the shipping back sucks if i have to pay for it

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  • Pr
    ProductReviews Jan 01, 2010

    I suggest you call Guthy Renker's Corporate Offices at (800) 274-4910 and dial zero (0) for customer relations, leave a message if nobody answers. They're open 9am-5pm M-F Pacific Time.

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  • Ka
    KathrynEJ Nov 12, 2010

    The credit cards need to do something to protect consumers from these companies that rip people off like this. A lot of them operate just the same and there is no way to cancel and you end up being charged more than you thought and, worse yet, they enroll you in some sort of "club" or service where you keep getting charged for more product (even if you canceled) & it's almost impossible to cancel and get a refund. They are lying when they say it takes days to issue a refund- it takes seconds and there will be a transaction # from the credit card company. Ideally people will get smart and not buy what it usually overpriced made in China junk from these infomercial sheisters.

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Haven't received the product after paying

Hi, My name is Dipali.. I recently purchased Sheer cover make up trail kit after watching the stupid ad on television.. I did lot of research on this product before placing an order.. Once I received the product I paid the FULL money including the shipping charges.. However, I realized that the product I ordered is not for my skin tone so I chose to change it to the right shade.. I called sheer cover people and explained my problem... One of the representative asked me to send the product back to their company by courier and they will exchange the kit. The very same day I couriered the product hoping I will get the kit back soon( BLODDY HAD TO PAY THE COURIER CHARGE AS WELL) Its been more than 10 days and I am still waiting for the products. I have been making several calls to Sheer cover to find out the status, every time some new sale representative gives me stupid explanation that they haven't received the product which is not true because I have the proof that the products been delivered to the right address and its been signed. I called back to complain but the supervisor is not available Wow I am not surprised, the other day their systems are not updated again I am not surprised.

This is totally insane and a very bad customer service. I am going to ensure that none of my friends and their friends buy this ### product. They are just trying to rob our money by showing ads with celebrity so people can fall for their scam. Please do not fall for this ### sheer cover if you want to save your money..

Dipali Sable

  • Su
    Suruchi Sep 18, 2009

    I can understand your feelings, but i can only say one thing that sheer cover is the fantastic product, the customer service WAS not good, but it is very good now.
    You should try one more time... Take Care ...

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Make - up

Let's face it we're buying off the 'infomercial' for the foundation - right? Not for all the other 'stuff' they so 'generously' include. Well my advice is - if you're black - and I mean 'properly' cocoa/mocha/ebony/ black - don't bother to buy their 'DARK' product. They only produce 4 foundation colours which in itself should sound warning bells. How can skin colour - from palest white to darkest black be pigeonholed into 4 categories?? I know for a start there are at least 12 distinct colours to be found in the 'black' range alone.

So why did an intelligent, discerning adult such as myself fall for their 'big sell'. Well at first, I didn't. Like the other complainant comments I've read, I'd been thinking about it for a while too. I was persuaded by the so called 'guest celebrities' and was dazzled with the science about how the minerals would adjust to my skin colour - and give the appeararance of perfect cover, (a bit like optical brightners in washing!!) I even rang the customer helpline before buying to confirm that their 'dark' foundation was a panacea for all black women - and was given a resounding "YES - one colour for all". Whoopee! Needless to say I was persuaded. Why? Well if you're black and living in the United Kingdom, anywhere outside a major city, you'll understand that looking for specialised products and services for skin and hair is a nightmare - (no matter that I'm a third generation British black with family going back to the 40's!)

Upon it's arrival packaging was good - I felt pampered as I opened the white gauze 'bag' to reveal an array of what appeared to be 'tester' products(!) No matter - I'd paid £35.94, (incl' postage), for a foundation I couldn't get anywhere else and which promised to fulfill all my dreams. What I got was a disatisfyingly small container of loose powder product in what appeared to be 'bronze'. No matter, I thought - it changes to compliment my skin. As will the cover cream which also looked suspiciously 'cream' in appearance. A quick check of the product names did nothing to allay my suspicions. 'MOCHA' and 'ALMOND' foundation and 'TAN / DARK' concealer. Mmmm...

I put it on. I resembled a greyish - beige coloured clown - with no liklihood of the product adjusting into a 'perfect cover'. Absolutely no point in trying to blend the two colour foundations - the 'mocha' I'd applied was too light without adding the lighter 'almond'! I knew that I'd been well and truly duped when my two daughters, (afro / european white), decided to try it on their skin, with only slightly better results. Both my daughters ranged from orangey to bronze in appearance (bearing in mind they're skin colours are different too!) Their verdict - they'll stick to their tried and trusted brands.

My closing advice to all? Don't bother with this product - you're WASTING YOUR HARD - EARNED CASH. MAC COSMETICS, LANCOME, REVLON and MAYBELLINE produce some excellent shades for black skin and have a good track records for providing a top quality product. The price compares very well with SHEERCOVER, i.e - you get loads more product for your money, you can purchase online too, and if you can get to a retail shop or store where they sell it they'll give you a full make - over without any undue pressure to buy. They'll even give you free samples if you ask nicely - which, when I come to think about it, are about the same size as the products Sheercover sent me!!

Be Street Smart and stick to the High Street...(...or the shopping Mall if you're American!)

  • Mi
    missyg Jan 07, 2010

    Agree with the above- be suspicious of make up products claiming 'one shade suits all'. It doesn't! Different shades will reflect light differently, looking totally different from one to another. Foundation being the most important to make sure you blend well!

    Sheer Cover set off alarm bells when I saw that 'Dark' catch-all. It reminded me of the sad time in UK when there was no real products for us on the high st. Still isn't great, but at least a big Boots store sells Maybelline and Revlon.

    For ladies of black skin tones- aside from the usual suspects, try prescriptives for foundations you can have blended to suit shade and skin needs. A good department store will have it. I'm lucky being in London (thank god for Oxford Street's Selfridges and J Lewis cosmetics hall!) but other cities will have them- certainly worth taking the time for a quality, reliable base that'll set you up for whatever look you want to achieve.

    Good luck!

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  • 1s
    1sillytess Feb 04, 2010

    I feelyour pain! I'm what you would call a "in-between" shade of brown. I'm not light and I'm not dark...somewhere in the middle. My experience with foundation has never worked out. I've always had a grey-ish blue hue or ashy look left on my skin. So for years I just stopped trying. Period. Recently I've decided to try it again more informed of how various roducts will affect my skin and found myself at my local sephora trying bare minerals 'cause they had free samples. The makeup lady looked at my skin and determined that I do indeed have golden undertones (which I knew already but it was reassuring to hear her knowledge of the in-and-outs of the unique needs of black skin) so products labeled dark or deep, whatever may not work for me. Aha! I've always known that mineral make up is often infused with mica. Thats just the nature of mineral makeup. Well, one of mica's job is to reflect light. Well, for a dark skinned gal like me, that contributed to that "blue gray ashy" look that's so aweful. I knew that but it just didn't dawn on me that the mica was the culprit. What the makeup lady told me is that the matte version of bare minerals does not contain mica. There in the store I tried the matte version of their powder called Golden Deep. I wouldn't have thought to use anything called matte 'cause I don't need a dry desert look. Well, I was plesantly surprised that the shade not only worked but it didn't give a grey-ish blue hue, ashy dry look at all. I've been freshly encouraged to try make up now. I figure that if I can overcome a bad foundtion experience I can confidently try other things.

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  • Ss
    s.s.p. Jun 05, 2010

    OMG totally agree with you .. this was the WORST makeup I've ever used in my entire life. Thorough waste of time and money. It made me look ridiculously ashy I couldn't walk out of the bathroom with it on, God forbid the house.

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  • Qu
    Quiche Feb 26, 2014

    Agree 1000%! Actually felt you were talking about me and my experience specifically! I spent ages researching and convincing myself NOT to fall for the hype, but bit the bullet and ordered, encouraged by the knowledge that I could get a refund if it was unsuitable. Unsuitable is an understatement. And I have certainly learned not to fall for the "one suits all" labels on makeup, it certainly doesn't! I have found a range of fantastic products from many cosmetic companies; MAC, Sleek & Bobbi Brown etc, have a number of products, and when I combine them, I get the results I want. So don't be afraid to mix and match! And like others have said, utilise the make up artists in the department stores, the best makeup advice I get comes from them, YouTube tutorials and my big sis!

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  • Pa
    PatUK Feb 02, 2015

    I understand your concerns about the new sheer cover studio range (dark). I have tried it and it looks as though I have mud on my face. However, I previously used the "mocha" from the old sheer cover range and I think it fabulous, the best makeup I have ever had. It did adjust to my skin and it was noticeable in a good way. I used a lighter application if using by day and a little more if going out in the evening for a special occasion. Friends often commented and some of them also started to buy this foundation. It was like air brushing my skin. As Sheer Cover are phasing this out I know my days with mocha are limited and although I have come across other make up that is "ok" I still haven't found anything that makes me look a million dollars like sheer cover mocha does. That did live up to the hype. However, I agree that the new "dark" is terrible. I would describe my skin colour as similar to Oprah Winfrey.

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Unauthorized monthly charges to mi credit card

We never recieved the merchadise, but they keep charging our credit card every month.
We have called them many times, but they keep doing it.
What can we do stop them?
Is there somebody that can help us?

  • Pe
    PENNY WILKERSON Feb 23, 2011


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  • Ge
    Get fixed May 27, 2011

    Just call your credit card company to dispute about the unauthorized charges. You should get all credit from your credit card company for these unauthorized charges. Or at least, you can just have your card number changed to avoid further charges.

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  • Bl
    Blue-eyes Feb 15, 2012

    I got the problem that money was taken from my account by this company (GRC Sheer Cover), of which I even didn't know the existence; so I certainly didn't order any product or whatsoever. I was contacted by Master Card that possible fraud was going on with my card. I authorised Master Card to block my card immediately and in the meanwhile, I got a new one with another code. I also filled in a fraud form to get my money back. In case of unacceptable charges or fraud, take immediately contact with your card provider, they can stop the illegal actions with your card. You will also get your money back.

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  • St
    StephenGP Feb 16, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes Blue-eyes, I had exactly the same thing happen, but with a twist. I had my Visa card skimmed and a few illegal transactions took place on 4-5 February. My financial institution cancelled my card on 6 February. On 12 February there was another illegal transaction from GRC Sheer Cover. I rang my financial institution to find out why, if my card had been cancelled a week earlier, money had come out. My financial institution said that the company had "forced" the transaction through - grossly illegal, but it's done. I now have to go through the Visa Dispute Form all over again. This company is obviously very crooked and should be deregistered.

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Sent kit back and they are still charging me

If you return shipments to SHEER COVER, be sure to get confirmation. They just turned me over to a COLLECTION...

Unauthorized billing

I am just like other customer of Sheer Cover been complete riped-off by their website scam. I been thinking about try Sheer Cover for awhile but always think there is something fishy about this product. However, I did decided try few weeks ago and it's really not good as on TV and the size of the item was super small and not realistic and the quality of this product is not great, so after ordering once I am sure that I was right about the not realistic product and definitely did not want to receive it again. however, I received a new box of the item today and unauthorized charge my credit card for $97.84 which I never agree to do thye automatic renew this item. I call the customer service right away and they are complete useless and I beginning feel like I am talk to a wall. They basically fully aware there is no choice for the first time buyer to choose if they way to renew the product or not, and if I was purchased over the phone it will give me choice...WTF??? There is clear no legal statement of term and condition for me to sign in order to get my permission to charge my credit card which I never agree to save those information on file, so they can charge me whenever they want. All i want is have them pay for return postage to return it. I shouldn't pay for anything that I never agree to renew. However, if they want to charge my credit card, they should of at least email me or contact me in anyway to let me know it;'s been charged.

They are complete ripe off and I wish someone will sue them for this scam action they trying to pull.

  • La
    LAWMAN Oct 08, 2009

    I completely agree - this is a scam. I paid my balance after one shipment & cancelled the account. I just received a package I didn't order with an unauthorized credit card charge of $97.95. I called and am supposed to get a credit back to my credit card but this is fraud. What else can be done about this so it won't happen to others or to me again?

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  • Me
    Me from Lansing, MI Oct 13, 2009

    The same thing happened to me today. I was charged 97.84 today. I called them to tell them I did not authorize this. All I got was, I'm so sorry ma'am. There is nothing I can do, because this item has already been shipped.
    All I did was order a cheap trial. I did not authoirze them to charge my account for an outrageous amount of $97.84.
    The rep proceeded to tell me, ma'am we do have other payment plans. I said, you are not getting it, I did not order this and I don't want it.
    Their products sucks. It makes you look like you have dried, peeling skin. It doesn't cover like the tv says. Leeza Gibbons, I thought you were an honest person. How could you be behind a company that rips people off. Especially, in these times with the rocky economy. Unbelieveable.

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  • Ra
    Rainy420 Jan 06, 2010

    Hi, I have found that if you phone the company and ask to speak to the superviser . And then tell him/her that you are calling the Better Business Burau . they will usually change their adittude and refund what they illegaly took out. If the superviser doesn't seem helpful, then ask for TOP PERSON! Don't give up . I have tried Bare Minerals, not to bad but color looks like a yellowish to me.I sent it back and canceled and had no problem at all with them . I think I got wrong color. I'm not advertising for them, just saying it appears they are better to deal with. Best of Luck. l.l.

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  • Te
    tellitlikeitis Jan 30, 2010

    I have been a SheerCover customer for 2 years. Not only am I completely satisfied with the makeup itself, I have raved to my friends and family about the awesome customer service. I have several times had products replaced (wrong shade or I ordered the wrong product entirely) and the customer service agents have always been friendly and I was never charged for the replacement products, the additional shipping and was never even requested to return the products being replaced.

    I don't doubt that you have had a bad experience. However, you may want to consider that every business has employees that just don't care and are only there for the pay check. Unless and until someone reports these individuals, the problem continues and additional customers suffer.

    Providing specific information (name of service rep with date and time of call) to the company would enable these changes as where complaining on a completely unrelated web site, simply allows a problem to continue.

    My personal perspective... If you aren't willing to take steps to correct a problem then your "complaint" doesn't hold any water.

    You are simply whining.

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Customer service - refund

They do not process their refunds in a timely manner, leaving the customer waiting 6-8 weeks. They then decide not to refund you money, but resend the products back out to you and that takes another three weeks. No personality with the reps on the phone; the product does not work the way it is projected in their commercials. They get your money before you get the product in the mail by about three weeks again. What a scam

  • St
    stupid2 Nov 25, 2009

    I am so upset w/ myself for getting this product as others did as well. I am, however sort of happy to know that there are people out there just like me, thinking this is what I could use and hope that it works. What I know now, I wish I knew before ordering the product, cuz now I am facing the samething as others have. NEVER AGAIN!!!
    Now I hope I get my refund(s). Having some trouble doing that. Happy Holidays.

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  • Le
    lesgvc Jan 20, 2010

    This web site and company is fraudulent!!! Web site only works to their advantage. Introductory offer is for 29$ for 60 days. They fail to tell you that in 30 days they will charge your account 103$ without notifiying you first. but lead you to believe that you will receive a shipment every 12 weeks. The make up was good quality but the company will scam you.

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  • Mr
    Mrs Ski Feb 20, 2010

    I saw the info comerical and though for about $30. 00 I could try the Sheer Coverage. I got on the phone and ordered my Sheer Coverage and paid for delivery within 5 business day. I waited and waited and called on day 7, "Oh that has been backordered and we expect it in anyday", called on day 11, due to snow problems we are not open call back in a few days, day 18, next business day, day 19 in process, day 20 next day, finally recieved it after 22 day, was still charged for express shipment. Of course I didn't wasn't aware of it until I opened the envelop. THEN I had the shock of my life the bill was for $115.94, needless to say I got on the phone right then and there. I was never told I was getting 90 days of makeup. Their explaination- because I had ordered the bronzer that made it a 90 day order. Bull-----, I was never, never told that this was a 90 day order, I was told I would pay the $29.95 for the first order, and $6.70 for the bronzer and prep lotion (which I didn't receive) and $5.95 for express shipment. (Which on my second call was told that it was taken off). The customer service person was not at all happy with me, when I told her I was calling my credit card company and requesting my payment be returned to me, as I was sending back their makeup and I was calling the Better Business Bureau. She told me she could take off one of the furture payments, I explained to her, the "she wasn't listening", I'm not paying for something I was not aware of and that that was a shoddy way to do business. She said "she tells everyone that they are paying for 90 days" I explained one more time " I was never, never told that my order was for 90 days, If I had known it I would have not ordered the makeup in the first place. I just wanted to try the stuff out and see if it was something I would like". Well she after talking to her supervisor - (Yea right) she took off the two remaining payments. The bottom line- I'm stuck with make up I can not use becasue it is the wrong color, I paid for express shipment on something that was 22 days late, and I was still stuck with a bill for $42.64. Now I know my original bill should have been $36.65, minus the express shippment. It is the principal of the way that this whole thing has been handled. I don't think I will ever do business with then again.

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  • Wh
    whatvrr Feb 27, 2012

    I ordered the trial offer which came with "free" items (lip gloss/eye shadow/blush kit & brush) for $29.95. The actual mineral makeup size was a small sample. I would never pay $30 for that size, without the "free" items the trial is not worth it. A month later (12/3/11), I was billed $47.85 so I called to inquiry why I was billed for product I had not received. I was told that a shipment was being sent out. I told them to cancel my order. The rep said they would cancel, but it was too late to shop the shipment. He said to refuse delivery. It took several weeks to get the additional package. Luckily, I returned the package to the Post Office so I could get a tracking number versus just refusing the package. I was billed another $29.95, but waited to call because they had told me it could take 6 weeks to process my return. I was billed another $29.95 & called and was told that they had not received the return. I then emailed the customer service department with my USPS tracking number. No response. I was billed another $29.95 on (2/24), so I called today (2/27) to ask why I am continued to be billed when I cancelled in December and ask why I hadn't received a credit. The rep told me they did receive my package but it came outside the 60 day return period, so I would not qualify for credit. Again, luckily I had they tracking reciept which showed the package was returned in January. She said they would credit my account $137.70 and cancel my order. I guess if I had just refused the order as the rep orginally instructed I would be stuck with the billing (which would have ended up being about $170 for the trial since I had returned the package). The product was not bad, but the offer is and the price I way out of line with very worthy competitors in the mineral makeup field. Plus, the other providers have better customer service systems in place for returns and credits.

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  • Dr
    Dreama Apr 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thsi company is a total scam and now I am also getting the spin about owing more money and I canclled during the 60 day trial period. The other company ( well actualy the same for Sheer Cover, Guthy renker, is a real pricy scam company. They handle the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty and the reps. opened two accounts for me, youch expensive and I am still fighting over my returning them both back to them and they are still charging my bank account. I did the same thing as the person above me and mailed them UPS with a date and tracking slip and still no refund. Stay the Heck AWAY FOR THESE TWO COMPANIES.

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  • He
    Heavenly-Blue Apr 26, 2012

    Sheer Coverage is a huge scam!!! I ordered the intro kit for $9.99, I tried it . . . really didn't care for it and the next thing you know they began charging me for automatic shipments. I never signed up for them. I contacted them and they said they would cancel me from the program, but that they would be charging me for future installments . . . in total about $120.00!!! I am sending the package back, after marking it "refused", I have also contacted my credit card company, and I filed a fraud/scam complaint with the US Postal Service. I will never order anything again without checking out the company first. This company is a disgrace!!!

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Unsolicited package sent for me to pay for

I ordered a makeup kit priced at $29.95 from Sheer Cover, using a Charles Schwab Visa Safe Shopping credit card. It works like a prepaid card in that it allows you to put only how much you intend to spend, and allows you a time frame, and then a computer generated credit card number similar to yours is given to you with a valid expiration date, and security code. I put only about $35.00 on the card, so they could not bill me for reocurring monthly product plans.

They tried every way in the book through customer service to get me to agree to being sent a monthly kit for $30 per month, which I kept denying. Then last week I received a three month supply for nearly $100.

I, will, according to the company, have to send it back, That means taking the time to go to the post office, and pay re-shipping costs.
These people are unreal. They have absolutely no proof, through my phone conversation, any signed offer, internet ageement, etc, that I wanted all this makeup. And to top it off, they don't have my real credit card number, so they claimed that they will sent me an invoice. This amounts to fraulent schemes, and I don't intend to go along with them


  • Th
    THC Feb 20, 2009

    I tried the 29.00 kit as well. I paid with personal check. A few weeks later I received another shipment, this was close to 100.00. I sent it back and wrote cancel that and any future orders. A few weeks after that, Sheer Coverage kept sending me bills stating I owed for a shipment that was 99.00. They said they had sent me a total of 3 shipments. Then I get a letter from some collection agency telling me that the account has been turned over to them and they want payment asap. I sent them a letter telling them to prove it, that I had cancelled the orders and that the trial order had been paid for. I told them I had proof that the 100.00 kit had been shipped back and I wasn't paying them one cent. I havent heard from them since

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Makeup from hell!

So there I was one evening at 3 AM watching infomercials (never going to do it again as it apprehends my...