Shaw Club Hotel and Spa / misleading - look before you buy

My wife and I booked a weekend stay at the Shaw Hotel and Spa this year for our 9th anniversary. Although the per night price seemed expensive, we figured the room and spa would be worth it. When we arrived in the late evening, we were extremely disappointed. The rooms were described as traditional and elegant decor, although we found they were anything but. We were led up a narrow staircase in the back of the building through a parking lot where there was an old musty smell and countless stains on the carpet. The rooms did not fair any better with mirrored walls, an emerald greed jacuzzi in the corner of the room, missing pictures and holes in the walls. We immediately complained to management and although they agreed to change our room for the evening, we were out of luck the following day. We decided to tour the spa and found it wasn't even connected to the hotel and looked like a local barber shop. We decided to immediately cancel our reservation, but were told by management there was nothing they were not affiliated with the spa and we would have to call the next day. We did, first thing, but were told we would be charged anyway due to their cancellation policy...over $500 for services that we never got. I have been calling and emailing the hotel management for two months now, without any response. The only response I ever received was to a hotel review posting where management denied everything, including the credit card charge which I later sent to him as proof. Two months now and no callback, so I continue the campaign to let anyone planning to visit Niagara-on-the-lake know about this hotel. Visit it before you book it.


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