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After receiving my online cable bill it shows that my account is in arrears. I keep my account current but it seems that Shaw cable now bills 2 months ahead. I received a late payment charge and when I asked customer service if I was being charged because I paid the bill one day after the cycle date he told me no I'm paying that because I didn't pay for the one month in advance. My argument is why should I pay for services I haven't received yet and his reply is that is the way it's done now. Wow, it's time to go and get fibre optic cable and internet service from Telus.

Aug 24, 2014
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  • Mk
      Aug 27, 2014

    MANY Cable, Internet and Phone companies are now charging in advance... It is so that they have time to shut the service down if you do not pay the bill on time...

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  • Ma
      Sep 10, 2014

    It's a complete joke that these companies are allowed to do this. I never signed any contract that stated they could bill me two months before they completed providing their "monthly" service.
    It's not "so that they have time to shut the service down if you do not pay the bill on time", it's so they can collect money in advance, or immediately at the completion of the monthly term - at a cost of p**sing off customers, as well as gaining an opportunity to ring up a $20 service charge that they don't have to do any work for. It's pretty well a legal scam if you ask me.
    Do YOU expect payment in full from your customers before you provide your service to them?

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  • Mt
      Oct 10, 2015

    Your scamy business practices do not go unnoticed by everyone who can read. Last time you had me pay 2 months when I signed up and you said this was insurance for your equipment and when I brought my equipment back years later you said you never did this and of-course I couldn't find my paperwork and you again got away with ripping me off. My bill changes on a monthly basis and the way you have set up these bills is one big joke that you play on your customers. I'm not laughing . I would go to the BBB but it seems your not accredited with the BBB which is no surprise at all.

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  • Bu
      Nov 17, 2015

    My complaint is the exact same as Jtracey and many others. I am constantly having a bill for almost 500 dollars every month even though I keep my account "current" by normal standards. But because I wont pre pay one or even two months in advance, my bill is always in "arrears" and "overdue" and subject to disconnection and a re-connect fee as well as late fees. Late fees should not be legal to charge for pre-billing. Its ridiculous and the most frustrating part of my month.

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  • Is
      Apr 10, 2017

    @burke232 Switch to a ROKU $35.00 from the Source or Radio Shack in Canada. Get Streaming TV. FREE.
    News, Movies, TV Shows around the world. FREE. The only one I paid for was Acorn TV $59.25 PER YEAR.
    I CUT OFF SHAW, TV, PHONE (moved to Comwave) Next goes the Internet, ALL YOU NEED IS WIFI. TECH GUYS AROUND $45 for Internet in Alberta..

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  • Is
      Apr 10, 2017

    Prepay NO WAY... Shaw cut me off. I called was told it is a Manager's idea. Then the customers will call and prepay us. $370.00 in my case. My response. I CUT SHAW OFF. This Manager is a Bright Spark! People at Shaw are being laid off I heard from employee.
    All you need is the Internet. Look for Tech Guys in Alberta.
    Comwave moved my telephone number from Shaw. $18.90 per month including Free long distance across Canada $5 more if you want US.
    I then cut off the TV. went to The Source (Bought a ROKU BOX) $35 plugged it in.
    No more BLACKMAIL FOR ME. We want a choice now we have one.
    I returned 2 pieces of equipment to Shaw. Charge $138. for unreturned equipment. Bill wanted me to pay to the end of MAY 2017 it is April 10th 2017. Excuse me, I think NOT. I now have a choice to watch what I want, NO MORE BUNDLES... No more huge bills.

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