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I am sick and tired of the constant increases in our tel/cable/internet bill from Shaw. We just had another increase in May 2009, and the current bill I received in July indicates another increase of $5 with the usual notation "Shaw is committed to improve our quality and service". In reality, all they do is collect your money and provide you with the same lousy bundle of tv shows - 120 channels of crap shows and may be 5 good channels of interesting shows. When questioned I was told that it is a requirement by CRTC to feature Canadian contents, which when cross checking found to be a hoax. When I phoned their customer service, and asked why they keep raising the fees and providing nothing in return, and what about the excuse of Shaw is committed to improve the quality and services with each increase and provide no such thing to the consumer. Why are they charging us extra so frequently but returningno additional services. The person at the customer service (after on hold for 20 minutes - because 'we are busy helping others '- recording) said "I really don't know why they are increasing the fees and providing no extras in return" Bingo! My sentiment exactly!

Shaw's greed must stop. They should let the consumer choose what they want to watch and charge them for those channels. Not forcing to buy a bundles of 8 to 22 channels to enjoy one or 2 channel. When you go to a restaurant you pay for what you order and eat. If they charge you everything on the menu regardless what they order, they will sure go out of business.

The competition Bureau is very much on the alert in this matter and hope they will do something to put a leash on Shaw's greed.

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      Mar 09, 2012

    Shaw cable is raising there prices again on my bill by $16 now they want me to pay $200 for there services. It is time for the government to step in and start regulating the greed of all these big telecommunication companies. I will have to pay more for TV then to heat my home or have power are you kidding me.

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