Seven Elevenincompetent cashier

I went to the Seven Eleven on Walden and Genesee on Sunday 1/29/2017 and the kid working was rude, lazy, and slow. I had 6 drinks a couple bags of chips i set them on the counter he was by the oven he looked right at me then instead of cashing me out he went over by the coffee in the store front. I said im ready to cash out. He roughly said I'll be there in a minute. I didn't even see him do anything with the coffee it looked like he was organizing the sugar packets 2 minutes later he litterally dragged his feet on the floor and slowly went back to the register. He rang me up then started to walk away. I said I need a bag two please. He huffed then said fine. I go to 7-11 almost daily this one especially but that kid needs to go I don't know his name but he was short and pudgy with glasses and he was working alone on Sunday

Feb 01, 2017

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