Seven Elevencoca cola slurpees

In the past three months I have visited at least fifteen different Seven Eleven locations in Orange, Seminole, Brevard counties, several more than once. I go to Seven Eleven because I am fond of Coca Cola Slurpees. In all but two of the locations the Slurpee dispenser does not work properly. The Slurpee is not frozen. (I suspect the tubes are not cold enough, maybe most of the machines need replaced, they look that way.)

On each occasion I make it a point to tell the counter workers. Their replies vary some but most are that they have reported the problem many times, but no one ever comes to fix them or visit to check on the problem. But the bottom line is that no one appears to care.

Talking a bout caring and a different issue I have noticed that the general condition of the restrooms has deteriorated significantly. This is not a problem unique to one location or area, but across Central Florida. The restrooms are dirty (really dirty) and the spaces show a lack of maintenance and care. Some that I have visited have even partially blocked by boxes or cleaning material.

May 11, 2017

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