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Durban, ZA

We bought a Serta Osteo pocket Luxury latex mattress from Beds for Africa in Springfield Park, Durban on 6 November 2008 (R6200).

In November 2016, I noticed the springs protruding from the sides. Unfortunately we left for holiday in Australia came back for a month then off to China for 3 weeks.

Eventually in January 2017 I approached the store where I purchased the mistress as it was still under warranty. The store attempted to help but the Serta representative in Durban was another story.

After 3 weeks up and down to the shop, We were eventually told to go to same shop and pick a new similar mattress. We were told that there will be an excess fee, which I didn't mind to pay.

Finally after picking out new mattress, we were told to pay in about R7500. That's more than a new similar mattress from other brands. The attitude and manner in which we were attended to disgusted me. No offer to come look at mattress, I even showed the shop manager photos. The protruding springs cut my husband's leg as he turned to get off the bed and no interest shown from Serta at all.

The shop managers hands are tied and he could only offer us new mattress for less than excesses amount.

I left the shop never to buy a Serta product again. I have started looking at Seally and other brands.

Hope Serta is happy with their customer service.

Felicity Stander


Mar 07, 2017

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