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Low quality mattresses

I purchased 3 mattresses from Conn's .One each for my parents and one for myself.Within a month of sleeping on them, the pillow tops started to "break down". They got worse and worse, so I called them.It took 3 months to finally come out to check on them.They used a measuring tape and took pictures.The guy never layed on them to see how deep they sagged.The guy said I would be hearing from them in 2 days.Then 2 weeks went by and no response.Then they said they would replace 2 of them, but the verdict was pending on the 3rd one. So I called back the next week to see when they were going to replace the 2 mattresses and they said they decided not to replace them.The store manager said it is not his problem and they salesman will not talk to me either on the phone.I have also sent messages to the home office 2 times and still no response. Well, the sad thing about this is, my Dad is totally blind and keeps falling out of the bed because the sides of the mattress has no support, and my Mother sags so deep she can't get out of the bed at all...She also has lung cancer and is bed-ridden and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation...That is sad..I told Conn's this too, and of course got no sympathy... Two of the mattresses are Spring Air and the other is a Serta Perfect Sleeper-Windsor. Both are queen size.I had to take my parents bed off the bed frame so they don't have far to fall when they do fall off the bed. If this is not resolved soon, I will have to call the BBB and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and any consumer protection agency there is. I cannot get an address for Serta and Spring Air, but hope to soon. There is a federal agency on mattresses and pillows and I will contact them to complain about all the mattress factories if they aren't going to make them correctly.


this is the third complaint that we have made regarding our mattress purchased 2 1/2 yrs ago. We have yet to hear a reply. The mattress is sinking tremedously. We were initially asked to take measurements and submit which we did; never receiving a return response. We are having trouble sleeping on this bed and feel that it should be replaced. Please respond to this complaint.

Poor customer service

I bought a Serta Queen Amaryllis for $995 in June 2009, and it started to sag in the first week. I could also feel the metal inserts (or springs) digging into my flesh, which was painful. The bed was replaced with an identical model in July 2009, and the same exact problems started within the first month. I contacted Serta for a refund, but got the same run-around as everyone else. I sent them a certified letter yesterday informing them of my intent to file in small claims court. However, if anyone is involved in a class action suit against Serta please count me in. I will not go quietly. I will get restitution or Serta will rue the day I became a dissatisfied customer. Believe me!

Spinal injury of a 3 year old from Serta Mattress and Box-Spring, that is in perfect condition.

I am informing Serta that this complaint is for the future, so that there is documentation of a defective mattress and box-spring that seriously injured my 3 year old daughter. She injured her spine, to be specific, not while sleeping, jumping or playing. She was supervised by her mother when the incident took place. Either you can take action by contacting us as soon as possible, or you will be hearing from our lawyers. Our lawyers advised us that you should contact us in a timely manner. This is a serious matter, so please do not take it lightly. Just for your imformation, this defective item is only 2 years old, so this incident should have never even occurred. We only want to hear back from you, right now. However, we will turn this matter into a much bigger problem for your corporation if you do not respond in a timely manner. Our Home number is: [protected] and my cell phone number is: [protected].

Ms. Jami Fitzgerald(Mother of injured)
Mr. Leinbach

Spinal injury of a 3 year old from Serta Mattress and Box-Spring, that is in perfect condition.
Spinal injury of a 3 year old from Serta Mattress and Box-Spring, that is in perfect condition.
Spinal injury of a 3 year old from Serta Mattress and Box-Spring, that is in perfect condition.
Spinal injury of a 3 year old from Serta Mattress and Box-Spring, that is in perfect condition.
Spinal injury of a 3 year old from Serta Mattress and Box-Spring, that is in perfect condition.
Spinal injury of a 3 year old from Serta Mattress and Box-Spring, that is in perfect condition.

  • Mw
    MW77 Aug 07, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Looks like a bug bite to me...

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Do not buy

We bought a Serta "Rourke" queen set in Southern California and it was so full of odor and gasses I had to return it in one week. I slept on it three times and my sinuses and throat were adversely affected and I had headaches from it.

The sales manager recommended an exchange saying it may have had too much fire ###ant in it. California has a state law requiring all mattresses be treated with chemical fire ###ants but there is no identification on any labeling showing what chemicals are used in this treatment. Or the odor may be from the manufacturing materials.

So we had another "Rourke" delivered and it too was so full of gasseous odor it filled the whole room with a sickening chemical smell. When we tried to return this one (which we didn't even put linens on or use once) they said we had to pay an additional $150 to removed the set. DO NOT BUY THIS SERTA MATTRESS IN CALIFORNIA.

  • Cl
    clarkkent Dec 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just bought a Serta Starlet from Sam's Club, opened it up, and it filled house with horrible odor that made my eyes burn. I am returning this piece of crap tomorrow, its on the porch as I don't want any of those toxic chemicals inside especially after reading about the horror stories people have from the so called "off gassing" that goes on with a new mattress. I 'm just not taking the chance of having that chemical laden thing put those odors through the house and into my lungs/body. Never have I experienced anything like that before when I purchased a mattress or furniture. Wrong, just plain wrong on the companies part.

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both sides slope from center

purchased st creek ept km mattress and box springs .
requested that the box springs be cut down 3-4 inches so thgat small wife coud get into bed easier. we assumed this was done however we find that we now have a high center to the bed and we constantlw roll from side to side from the middle outward. could it be a mattress problem or a box spring problem?
this isa serious problem for us (we are both 82 years old).
i have not contacted penny's.date of purchase was 07 03 09 .order #oco7977 for delivery. purchase price $1254 .62 inc. tax and delivery.

  • Sl
    slick5fox Jun 29, 2010

    I have the same problem with the high middle of mattress. I have a
    CA King. Also I have a problem with the indentation diamonds on the mattress and I feel them every night. I have contact JC Penny's and the have sent me a 19 page instructions and warannty form to complete and send back.

    I did purchase their mattress pad which extend the warranty for a total of ten years.

    I purchased mine in Oct. 2009.

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Mattress sags where layed on

We bought a Serta Vera Wang pillow top mattress set in October 2008 and it began sagging within the first week. The furniture store where we purchased it replaced it with another exact mattress. Within days, it did the same thing. When we complained to Serta, they said someone would come check it out, but they never have (today is July 17, 2009). They told us over the phone that what we were experiencing was probably just "normal indentations". I believe that Serta is a rip-off company that claims to have a good warranty but won't do anything about a defective $2000 product. I will never again buy anything from Serta and will advise anyone else not to do so either.

  • Ga
    Gary Seattle Jul 17, 2009

    Less than 3 months after getting our first Sealy King size mattress replaced for collapsing, the second one started doing the same thing. Look at the attached picture of 2 - 6 pound weights placed about a foot apart. There is a definate hole in this mattress - no support at all. Sealy has denied this claim saying this is a normal "body impression". Well, if a 6 pound weight sinks in 3 inches in one spot, think what kind of impression a real 150 pound body makes. We had a similar problem with our Spring Air mattress, and they denied our claim becasue we didn't buy their box springs. Spring Air is now out of business, and I hope Sealy goes under too. I know I will never buy another Sealy, or anything from Penneys ever again.

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  • Ka
    kat j Jun 10, 2012

    I bought a king sized Vera Wang Pillow Top Mattress set in 2007- and by 2009, it was so indented that I was waking with horrid backaches- skull to thigh.

    Now, 3 years after he replaced the 2 year old mattress, we are experiencing the exact same problem (and have been for a while). I have emailed Serta, and noticed on their website that they do not sell this mattress any longer. I also saw that it has either a 20 or 30 year warranty- not sure which for this exact Vera Wang- but 2 years and it sleeps horribly? That is not 20 years.

    The owner of the local furniture store I purchased it from, when he replaced it the first (only) time, said that the warranty only covered indentions of SIX- PLUS INCHES. That is a joke- the mattress is only 9-10" to begin with. He was nice and replaced it, but my husband contends that he did us a 'favor' since it was not 6", and that he will not do it again. I intend to find out tomorrow, as I can no longer get a decent (not good, but merely decent) nights sleep in that bed.

    I will NEVER buy another Serta Mattress, and if they do not keep replacing it every 2-3 years for the 20 year duration, well, let's just say, they are going to have problems they do not want to deal with.

    NOTE: We always rotated the mattress on a regular basis, as suggested. It can not be flipped, due to the pillow top.

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The middle sags terribly

On 12/16/2006 we purchased two Serta Genesee Top Mattreses from Mattress Warehouse. The sale at the time wa...

failing after 5 weeks

I purchased a Serta Mattress 5 weeks ago. After 2 weeks, noticeable
indents began showing up in the mattress . . . it has a worn look
already . . and is already sinking in the center. The rep for
Serta came to my house (Darrell) and told me it was normal
wear for a mattress. He said it is only sinking 1/4 inch NOT
and in order for the warranty to be effective, it has to be
sinking 1 3/4 inches. He told me to turn the mattress ever
2 weeks. (i am 72 years old). I am not a big person. Less
than 140 lbs. I sleep alone. This mattress cost me $1800
. . . It is a Serta Dunmore Plush Top.
I have been seeing the Mancini Mattress Sleep Store commercials on television where Randy Mancini is saying he wants customers
to be satified with their purchases . . .well I am not a bit satisfied.
This mattress is no better than the four year old mattress I was


I paid close to $1200.00 for a Serta Mosaic Mattress, Queen Size. I was delivered in a few days and after a week; I noticed that one side of the mattress had a 3-inch depression. I called the store and was immediately referred to “Joe” in the warranty Section. I then found out, that a mattress made by SERTA could not be exchanged for a new one. They insist on sending someone out to the house within a two week period to “inspect “ the mattress. After waiting until March, with no response, I called Serta in Maryland and they are about as clueless as can be about customer service. They kept referring me back to the store and after 2 weeks of phone calls, they reluctantly agreed to send some one out. After another 2 weeks, I gave up and will never buy another Serta product. They seem intent on waiting you out until you give up. Any buyers please use a Regular Credit card that a payment can be stopped. My mistake was using a bank debit card.. A hard lesson to learn!!!

sagging within 6 months

In good faith I purchased a set of Serta Monet Elite Firm Queen size mattress . I begin to notice that the mattress had begon to sag after about four to six months after I purchased them . I contacted the store and was told to contact the service center, which I did. The serviceTech came out and
measured the dept of the sag appx. six different times . I made a DVD and took It to the store where I was told By the manager that it would be sent in inner store mail and I would be contacted and I never heard from the again.I bought insurance and had a foryteight month warranty. I even contacted The Serta Company and was tol that the personell at the stores were trained.The tech was very nice and confused as to why they just wouldn't exchange them Even tho I am VERY dissatified whit the services I hav recieved I still contiue to pay my bill, . It is truly poorly made and someone should take responsiblity and give me what I am paying for. i bought them because I need firm mattress for my back

  • Se
    Sertahater Sep 24, 2011

    Piece of junk. Started to sag within months of purchase. Terrible back pain after a night sleep on it. Decidedly, Serta refuses to do anything about it. There is little a technician can do about it. This is not car mechanical problem that can be fixed. It is a flaming mattress. Never ever will I buy Serta again!

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My name is donald barrett, I purchased a serta queen size mattress sept.2007. Paid by check 867.99. The mattress is sagging in the middle, and is coming apart from the edge. It is almost impossible to get out of the bed. I have a 10 year warranty on this mattress. Please advise me what the next step is to correcting this problem. I spke with the salesman at mattress warehouse. He said we had to email you. Please email me as to when this problem will be taken care of..

Mattress sagging

We bought a Serta mattress in 1998 and within two years it sagged on both sides with a mountain between us. Looking at it now it looks like we have a mountain for a bed. We have turned this mattress weekly for 11 years but we're getting too old to deal with this King mattress. I know it is 11 years but it has been like this for the past 9 years. I wrote to Serta but they totally ignored me. Needless to say we are in the market for a new mattress. After having paid over $1400 last time, I'm hesitant to spend this kind of money.

Sagging mattress

I purchase a new mattess due to a back injury in 2000 and paid 1300 for the mattess which was supposted to be a top of the line Sealy mattress. Now this was purchased to help my back in which I had ruptued a disk and had two bulging disks the year before. Within 6 months I noticed a sag which continually got worse. It's now 2008 and I've exchanged the bed 4 times, I've currently owned a Steans and Foster, Sealy, and Serta mattresses and they have ALL sagged very badly. I now own a Serta and it's been the worse. I received in 6 months ago and my boyfriend and I cannot sleep in it! We both wake up with sore backs and my hip and shoulders now hurt from it. I am at a loss! I don't know what to do, I know if I get another bed it's just going to do the same thing! Having a bad back I need a good bed, now I feel stuck. Please help!

Worst ever

My husband & I bought a top of the line pillowtop Serta Exploration, and within a month we were both sagging into ditches with a mountain between us. Unbelievably, it has gotten worse over the 1.5 years since we bought it! He's @ 200lbs and I'm @ 130lbs and we're both @ 5'6".

We hate this mattress and will never buy another Serta. My "leg ditch" is less deep than my "torso ditch, " and when I sleep on my side, (legs stacked) my knees actually hurt from being torqued upwards when I wake up. Same issue applies for stomach sleeping.

Worse than sleeping in an army cot. Consider yourself warned.

  • La
    LauraA Jul 03, 2010

    I totally agree with you! We bought the Serta Perfect Day (ha!) Taurus Mattress and I have never experienced any mattress like this ever. It's like sleeping in quick-sand. My husband and I couldn't stand it after 4 nights. Our backs were killing us. This was the most expensive mattress in the store and certainly not worth theprice. I went straight to the top to the president of the furniture store and he now has someone from Serta coming out to "inspect" the mattress. I don't expect anything to come of this as Serta's quality bar must be pretty low. You really can't tell anything by looking at the mattress...looks can be deceiving. Try sleeping on it and you soon find it's definitely not the world's best mattress, in fact it's the worst!!!

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  • Ro
    Rocking Jul 10, 2017

    I have to agree with "Worst Ever" review. Ironic how it was explained EXACTLY everything I have been going through for the last three years with this mattress, to a T! I laughed so hard at this review because I know exactly how they feel and I can picture what they are experiencing because I and my husband go through it every night. At least our dog gets to sleep in the middle on Mt. Everest. The "Mariana Trench" as I call it is so deep that if I continue to rock myself to get out of it and onto Mt. Everest I will eventually rock myself to sleep. My advice to all is DO NOT PURCHASE!!

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sagging mattress/huge hole/crater

My Fiance and I purchased the "buy one get one free" Serta Pillow Top Mattresses a year ago in late March, 2008. My fiance noticed right away his mattress was starting to sink where he sleeps. Gradually over the months he started to have a crater in the mattress and was having back & neck problems (actually needed prescription medication for his neck!) My mattress started to sink as well, but not as badly as his, at first. I have a queen and he has a king. Not sure if the mattress size makes any difference. We are not large people. We are normal for our height/build. We have been discussing what the warrenty/guarantee on the mattresses might be and he decided to go on line and see if there were any other people complaining. What do you know? There were, and A LOT. All with the exact same issues. Why hasn't this company had a recall on these defective mattresses? And what the heck do "stains" on the mattress have to do with sagging? They say "stains" would void the guarantee for a refund. That's ridiculous. That's not the issue. Are they really going to re sell a mattress with a huge sag in it if it doesn't have a stain on it? I think they knew there were problems with these mattresses and they also knew people would get stains on them, so they protected themselves by adding this disclaimer. We too would love to hear from anyone of you out there who has any suggestions or have had any satisfying results from this issue. If there is a class action suit started, count us in.

  • Li
    Linda Ras. Jun 30, 2009

    I am a single, average sized person. I purchased my double Serta pillowtop mattress in June of 2007. In less than 11 months the sagging in the center was quite noticeable, and very uncomfortable. I called the store where it was purhased - they sent a "bed check" compay to measure the sag - I never heard back from them. I followed up with the store, then the company via their web site. I sent pictures with a ruler showing the deep indentation - no response. Now, two years later, I actually have to grab the sides and pull to get out of the bed. This was not an inexpensive purchase. The "stain" clause should not have been an issue for me, I have had a mattress cover on from the first minute I brought the mattress home. I 'm sick to think that I have to spend money after less than two years of use for a new mattress. Any suggestions for getting satisfaction would be welcomed.

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  • Ks
    kseger Mar 28, 2010

    Wow, I thought I was alone in this. I thought I was ripped off by the store I purchased it from but it looks like I'm not alone in that it looks like it's a defective mattress. I purchased a Serta queen sized (or full, I'm not sure) no flip mattress and boxsprings and it sinks in the middle like quicksand. Looks ridiculous! I thought that by purchasing a brand name like Serta I'd be safe, but it's been only two years (2008) since I got it and it's more like a bean bag chair than a mattress. I'm going to go back to the jerks that sold me this pile of crap but if anyone has had success getting a new mattress, I'd love to hear their strategy.

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  • Sh
    sheltielover68 Aug 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree.the mattress stinks. I have back problems and t he mattress is sinking on my side.I hurt all of the time and so does my husband. we went on vacation and slept in a hotel and we didn't have any pain.I to thought that I was buying a good mattress. I also don't know what to do about it. if anyone can help please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Pa
    Pattybar2 Jan 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We bought a serta (queen)in 2008 from a furniture company and I noticed that is was sagging on both sides ad getting a huge hump in the middle. I called the store where I purchased it and they sent out a tech that came and measured it. They did replace it with another serta (queen) and it is worse than the first one. I called serta because I wanted to file a claim to have it replaced again. The guy was very ice and helpful because i was ooozing niceness to him. So he gave me a reference # and asked me to go back to the store where I purchased it to file my claim there. He also told me that if I had any problems to call back with my reference # for assistance. Well we are going into the store today. We'll see what happens and I'll keep you up to date on the outcome.

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  • Ba
    B & T Jul 06, 2011

    Hi folks, my husband and I purchased the Serta Perfect Day Gentle Haven Cal Kingsize mattress in September 2010 and here it is July 2011 and we are in PAIN ALL THE TIME. The mattress has hills and gullies, it's ridiculous. Yes I too think the "stains" clause is a joke, and we don't have any stains either, we also have had a mattress protecting pad on it from day one. We are now researching the best deal we can find on an adjustable airsleep mattress, which is what we had before, and should have stuck with! Man, this Serta is a nightmare. We've never had such bad sleep. We're in complete empathy and agreement with all who have complained about this. We may just have to take a big ol' hit on this, cut our losses, give this POS (you know what that means, right?) away to the Goodwill, and start over with an airbed! Whew. Worst decision we ever made, buying this. ANY ideas for satisfaction on this would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Pa
    Pattybar2 Jul 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What I did when our mattress got the "big sag and mountain" was called serta first and talked really nice to the rep. He gave me a file/claim number and asked me to go to the store where I made my purchase. I did and they sent out their repair guy who insisted there was not enough sagging yet. I then measured it in front of him and asked him what did he get when he measured it. Then he referred to my warranty because this was the second mattress (they had replaced one before) saying that I could only have one replacement in 10 years. Of course I told him this was not true and i had already gotten a claim number from Serta. He left and said he wasn't replacing my mattress again. I followed him outside and told him he knew he wasn't being fair. I guess it was 30 minutes later when he called me and told me he was going to give me a FULL REFUND because he felt I would not be happy with anything his store sold. I was so ELATED because I didn't want anything he sold because it was all serta anyway!! I ended up with a Simmons Beauty Rest and have had it for about 4 months I love it

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  • Pe
    penitentman Aug 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Quickly, I too have tho Serta Eurotop/pillowtop mattress. Never again! Damn, like most of you, after spending a thousand bucks and buying the Serta brand everything would be OK. Lies Lies Lies. No need to go into all of the issues as what I've read is same for me.
    I am actively advising everyone I run into, people I know not to purchase a Serta mattress. Instead of small talk about the weather and who shot JR (kidding) I tell people how bad I've been treated, the lack of real customer service and the fact that this mattress started sagging within 4 to 6 months.
    My parents had a Serta mattress for years. It was flipped every so often and it looked new even after years. I'm so disappointed in this company. What is it about not flipping a mattress? When did this start? Perhaps some people don't flip their mattress but most of us do because we can't afford to drop a thousand bucks on what we hope to be a quality mattress every couple of years.
    Serta, never again.

    0 Votes
  • Ts
    Tswiatek Jan 18, 2014

    Our serta pillow top is doing the same. My sister and brother Inlaws is doing so also. We've had our for about three years now. I don't know if there is anything we can do at this point to replace it. It was the first bed we ever bought I really didn't think it would go bad so quickly. Not sure what to do now.

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  • Ka
    Karinb Apr 11, 2014

    The only suggestion I have is to write your local better business bureau, I promise you you will get a response in a limited time frame. The company will be down graded in their rating and they don't want that.

    1 Votes

Sagging Mattress

I purchased a new boxspring and mattress set at The Brick Mattress Store on June 9, 2008. The mattress ha...

Bad service

I purchased a Serta Perfect Night Sleep Set three years ago. We had just moved into a new house and wanted to...

serta tranquil nights popomac falls mattress

The mattress listed above is advertised as extra firm.I purchased this mattress because I need to sleep on my back on a very firm mattress due to two back surguries from previous injuries.I purchased the mattress on [protected] at the Mattress Wharehouse in Mechanicsburg Pa.While sleeping on this mattress I sink down about 4 inches, the bed sinks into a bowl with no back support at all.At 6foot 1 inch and 220 lbs I'm not obease.I have been experiencing lower back pain to a high level due to the failure of the product to live up to its advertised level.I want and need this mattress to be exchanged with one that does NOT sink into a bowl shaped depression.That is what I told the salesman I needed but that is not what I recieved.

  • De
    DeeB Feb 03, 2009

    We decided to purchase this mattress to help alleviate the back problems which I was experiencing. Unfortunately, this mattress has led to continued back problems for me. It helped at the outset, but then as the mattress started sagging, I noticed that my back problems were getting progressively worse. We purchased this mattress after being told by the salesman at Mattress Warehouse in Waldorf, MD, that it was "extra firm".
    My husband and I noticed the same "bowling" effect of the mattress after approx. 3 months of use. It was purchased in September, 2008 and by December, 2008, we noticed a difference. Now I wake up in the morning with backache and generally aching all over.

    0 Votes

Mattress sagging after only a couple of months

I purchased a Sleep Doctor mattress and after 3 different mattress sets decided on a Serta Full Set with a Pillow top. I paid additional money and thought I was getting a good product. I am absolutely disappointed with my choice because the mattress started sagging within the first 6 months. I have paid as much for if not less for sets that to this day are not sagging in the middle. The Sleep Doctor store would not return any of my calls and after awhile I gave up. They had replaced their brand of mattress for me three times and like I said I thought by choosing a Serta set I would be happy. NOT AT ALL !!! So here I am a couple of years later looking for another mattress, after spending 1100.00 on one a couple of years ago. My next purchase surely won't be a Serta nor will I ever purchase another Serta.

  • Bo
    Bon Bon in Texas Dec 22, 2012

    I purchased a Serta Pillow Top from Shop NBC They told me I would have to deal with Serta on the warranty Serta is a joke So is Shop NBC They have done nothing to help me
    Take my advice buy another brand of mattress and make sure it is from a reputable source that will stand with you if there is a problem

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