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Mar 31, 2008

Serta - Defective mattress has large lumps

We bought this mattress on 4/25/07. We spent most of the summer in our vacation home in Ocean City. Even so, this past Fall we noticed not small, but large indentations (lumps) in the...

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Nov 24, 2007

Serta - Poor quality product!

I purchased a mattress and box springs April 2017 from a local Bed Outlet. It was a Marsala Plush set with low profile Box. I noticed that the material that encloses this mattress was starting to break apart in several areas. It was on both sides of the mattress. I call the local manager who came out and inspected and concurred that their was material giving way. She notified her sales representative for Serta here in Arizona and was told that the material is not covered under the warranty for Serta, even though you go on line and see the guarantee of a full 10 years against fault materials or faulty workmanship. I haven't even had this mattress for 5 years and they will not honor their guarantee. My recommendation to folks looking for a mattress is to avoid this well known company as their product is marginal at best.


We bought a Serta Panorama bed for 1500$ 3 years ago for a wedding present to ourselves. This has been a nightmare of a mattress. I am pregnant and miserable, my poor husband wakes with back and neck problems every morning because he gets the deeper of the two holes in the mattress.

The warranty process has lasted months now. After paying 45$ to have someone inspect the mattress and finding it faulty... they now want to add 80$ to have them pick it up and redeliver it after they do a "quick fix" in the factory.

When asking them what I am supposed to sleep on while they are repairing it they say sorry about the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do about that.

Word to the wise, don't buy Serta! and if you do, I hope you never have to initiate a warranty because their customer service is horrible!

Dear Sirs,
We purchased a Majesty Firm mattress from Mattress Giant(who no longer sells Serta mattresses) Frisco Texas. on 10/08/08. We noticed immediately that the mattress sinks when the body weight is applied & we paid for a technician to investigate but he just blew us off & left.
Mattress Giant no longer sells or has anything to do w/ Serta., so I am left w/ a $876 piece of junk.

Please advise how I can get assistance with this matter.


Walter Steele

Oct 12, 2008

I agree I will never buy another Serta product again! I purchased a mattress not even 5 years ago also and it sways in the center, and the fabric is splitting. I am unable to get any type of help from the sales dept where I bought the product. If you read the warranty it actually voids its self due to normal use of the product!

Dec 01, 2007

We would NEVER!!! buy another Serta product. Our mattress is a torture chamber which we paid 1600.00 for and so far we have not recovered one cent. The retailer has tried to make it right to no avail. So far we have had FOUR (4) mattresses which all have a problem.

Feb 22, 2007

Serta - Serta Mattress Co. does not care about their customers!

I purchased a Serta Perfect sleeper the mattress after two months it is sagging on both sides. I wake up every morning with all my muscles screaming in pain from trying not to roll out of bed every night. My husband fell off the edge of the bed the other night. I have called American Mattress in Avon In and their toll free number to no avail. I have called Serta all I get is a recording. I have emailed Serta no response. One thing I want everyone to know is that Serta Mattress Co. does not care about their customer’s have a good night sleep no wonder the gave away little Serta sheep so you have something to count when you can’t sleep.

I bought one and the same thing happen. I call someone from the company they sent someone out to look at it. I had to pay 45.00 for them to tell it had to sink two inches for us to get a new one

Bought a Serta perfect sleeper, will never buy another Serta mattress. Their warranty is absolute crap, and the mattress is sagging in the middle after 3 months. Worthless company, buy from someone else.

Serta will stand behind it's product warranty if you never sleep on it!! I have had two perfect sleepers but not perfect sleep, the mattress collapses so much in the middle I feel like I'm in a TACO!! Don't waste your time or money on a purchase or complaint about this mattress.
Free mattress FOR SALE - Carol (Pennsylvania)

Jan 18, 2008

I also bought a Serta from American Mattress. I was ready to cancel the order before it came and my husband said no. My back has been hurting ever since, it is harder than the floor model, but I can't prove it. Also they have a 30 comfort garentee, but, all you can do is get a higher priced one and pay for delivery. Right now they have a "sale" it is the same price as it always is. Bad company, bad service, pushy salesman.

Oct 29, 2007

I have a mid range SERTA "Dandilion" full set. Am on my second mattress in less than two months. First had a "strong" noise at end of bed. Second one has many metallic creaking and clicking noises. Have emailed SERTA with no response. The bed in the showroom is perfect with regard to noise. Am wondering if they have one model on display and sell another one, same name, made in a foreign country. Not the same as the one I demoed.

Ed in Sacramento.

We are having tremendous problems with our recent Serta mattress purchase. The springs make a terrible grinding noise when getting on and off the mattress on all sides, but primarily on one side which leads me to believe the product is defective.

My wife and I roll into each other toward the center, and the edges of the mattress are so soft and unsupported that we nearly roll out of bed. I am afraid of waking up on the floor sooner or later.

We are planning on exchanging it for another of the same model as we don't want to spend any more. If the next one does the same, we will chalk it up to it just being a substandard model.

The retail price for the mattress is $279/Queen. Not a bad price (the next model down was $179). But still, coil noises squeaking with regular use is the sign it being time to replace your mattress, not a sign of a new mattresses general attributes.

We are frustrated.

Nov 06, 2006

Serta - No warrany replacement!

I purchased a new Serta Queen size Pillow top mattress and had it for three days. I called the company, where I purchased it, complaining of a ridge developing between the left and the right side (in the middle). They replied by saying that a factory rep. was coming into town the following week and they would have him stop by and have a look. He did indeed stop by with the owner of the store where I purchased it. The rep. said to me," well, let me test it." His version of a test was to lie down on the mattress. He did agree, that a slight ridge was there. My reply was, "slight ridge!, you have to roll up hill to get to the other side". This mattress had a full warranty on it. I asked for the mattress to be replaced under manufactures default and I would pay any difference. The reps. reply was ' No!". Serta might say they have a warranty and print that warranty but they do not stand behind it.


Elkins, West Virginia 26241

Mar 31, 2008

same problem; foam mattress, 2-1/2 yrs old. problem started almost immediately. serta has an answer for everything--even to the point of rewriting the laws of physics. shoddy product, shoddy company. STAY AWAY. do not give these people your money. i have filed with consumer protection office.

Aug 08, 2006

Serta - Poor service!

I purchased a Serta Pillow Top Mattress about 2 years ago and it is sagging and it has been turned on a regular bases. What can I do. This was a 2,200 dollar mattress. Plz advise smb!

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