Sephora / willow bend sephora terrible customer service. lauren the 'manager' who is rude and does not conduct herself as a manager

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On Friday, November 10th I can into the willowbend sephora to purchase a few items. After picking up my items and going to the register to check out, I was constantly ignored by the staff as they proceeded to check out other customers but not myself. When I confronted the 'manager' named Lauren she never once apologized. She was extremely rude and seriously lacked customer service skills especially for the positions she supposedly holds. I have never in all of the time I have shopped at sephora been treated in such a fashion or way by staff. I am extremely disappointed and have not shopped there since. Will definitely be taking my business to places that value customers and customer service such as MAC and Ulta.

Nov 23, 2017

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