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Select Comfort 7000 Sleep Number Bed / Terrible Bed

1 MD, United States Review updated:

I purchased a select comfort 7000 series bed and it has been the worst bed I have ever slept in. I keep reading about people wanting to bring a class action law suit against this company and I think we really need to do it. I am going to contact a lawyer today. I have had my crappy bed for 5 years now it has broken three times. They kept sending me the wrong parts. And it is not easy to have to fix this bed yourself. Well the third time it broke I went to unzip everything and found MOLD on the air chambers. I have been gettting sick lately and now I know why. I have been suffering for months with sinus problems, sore throats, eye problems, coughing, and now I know why. MOLD from this terrible bed. I called the company and there are going to send me all new replacement parts, but I went out yesterday and got a new mattress. I am saving the old one with the mold on it for this lawsuit. I wake up feeling worse in the morning than I did when I went to sleep. My back and head ache. I want my 3000.00 dollars back and we all need to come together and sue this company. I dont want anyone to have to go through what I have gone through.

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  • Fi
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    Im in.. I can't stand them.. I haven't had a good nights sleep in 3 years.

  • Ch
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    January, 19, 2010
    Please contact me when moving forward with this lawsuit. I was on several inhalers, sick for several months until we discovered the mold in our mattress. Wow, what a difference a bed more inhalers once that bed was out of the house!
    We have 2 select comfort beds packaged to be returned for refund and I held on to them with hopes of a lawsuit.

    I can be reached at
    Feel free to contact.

    Sincerely, Sylvia Tapia
    San Diego, California

  • Si
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    I have a new Select Comfort bed, bought May 2010. The day we set it up, oh the smell...but no worries, its new, out of packaging, will go away...well within 10 days I had a massive respiratory infection, WOKE UP CHOKING on mucas, then bronchitis. Now, 3 months later, every single night I take Tussinex. I told my doctor, who said I have massive swelling of sinuses. Said this only happens at night right? Did you get a new bed??? I said YES, 3 months ago, well we checked my infection down to the day, and guess what, BINGO!
    I am on prednisone and rhinocort, slept decent first night without coughing, choking in months. I am calling the company and they will refund. I definately want in on a class action, they KNOW this has been an issue. Rebecca

  • Ed
      3rd of Jun, 2015
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    We bought a 7000 in 2008 and I never had a good nights rest on my side. Wake up weith back pains etc. so we are selling it. Paid over $4000 for it and selling for $250. Sleep Number beds are a rip off and nothing but a high dollar junk air mattress.

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