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I discovered a total of 38, 20 Euros were prelevated from my visa electron card. I NEVER heard of your agency.
I'm not the only victim of your actions:
Your are not authorized to prelevate money from my visa card. I never got a receipt or anything from your part with explanation
what this all is about.

Where did you get my card number from?
Ofcourse I want my 38, 20 euro's reimbursed.
I hope yours was an error.
If I get no quick answer, I inquire to initiate prosecution.

Here are the facts I found on my visa account:


I count on you to resolve this problem. As I wrote, if I get no quick answer, I inquire to initiate prosecution.

Please answer to this E-mail address: [email protected]


Claudia ...

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  • Ka
      28th of Apr, 2010

    I understood at the end what had happened. I suscribed in december 2009 and automatically had to subscribe to segpayeu to pay for the download of files. I just used it once and didn't remember i subscribes a contract with segpayeu.
    The contract sended buy mail said:
    "If you have any questions or concerns regarding this purchase, please feel free to contact our customer support department in one of the following ways:

    The quickest way to solving any billing problem is to contact SegPay's customer support department before your bank or card company.

    By Email: [protected]
    By Chat:
    By Telephone: US and Canadian Residents: 866-450-4000
    By Telephone: Direct Dial: +1-514-788-5368

    Your purchase today was for 1 Week Trial of Torrentprivacy service to

    For your privacy, will appear on your statement.

    This is a recurring membership and will be billed next on 12/20/2009, and then every 30 days afterwards until cancelled.

    You may receive a few e-mails containing your username and password for accessing the system."

    So they were clear. I didn't remember anything about this mail.
    They have suddenly after my request, without any problem, canceled, deleted my account. The payments are stopped.

    It was my fault not to remember anything, so I didn't ask back my 38, 20 euro's.
    Anyway I wrote them that, seen the problems I had encountered happen to many people, it would be better to send an E-mail to the payer to let him know every time money is taken off his creditcard...

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  • Aj
      4th of Feb, 2011

    Just had money taken out of my account! I have no idea.

    Anyone suggest ways I can get my money back or unsubscribe to what ever is authorising these transfers?

    contact a.[protected]


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