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Sears Service Agreement / Kenmore Hvac Unit / no heat for 6 days!

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

My parents bought a new Kenmore HVAC unit from Sears in September 2007 to replace our 35 year old unit. They got the master protection plan for peace of mind. Wednesday evening, 12/12/2007, our furnace stopped working. Sears would have someone call the next day by 3pm just to make an appointment for someone to come out. I called the next morning to see if i could expedite things, and i was told Sears did not have enough people to come out so i should find someone on my own. Friday morning PSE&G found that the circuit board would need to be replaced. If it was a PSE&G unit, they had the right part to fix it, but since it was a Kenmore unit, the Sears service people should have the part available to fix the unit more quickly. PSE&G would have to order the Kenmore part which would delay the repair. When I called Sears Contract Support, they asked PSE&G to go buy the part. PSE&G explained that the part has to be ordered but Sears should have it. The representative found that the Sears service people in fact did not have the part and they too would have to order it. She then said that since the unit is less than a year old that the company that installed the unit would have to deal with this problem. Why were we not referred to this company on Wednesday when this first happened??? Basically Sears did not want to deal with the hassle of helping a paying customer. The installing company came out Friday evening and asked why we did not call them on Wednesday when this first happened. I explained the above. They too had to order the part and if they had known immediately, we would have had heat by Friday. I called Sears Friday evening and Saturday morning in the hopes of finding someone who could get us the part more immediately. We already rode out the ice storm on Thursday/Friday and a nor'easter was supposed to come Sunday. I kept getting transferred to different departments where the representatives either did not know or did not care to help. On Saturday, the Customer Complaints representative actually "assured" me that we "would not have heat today." What kind of assurance is that??? I got transferred so much, I ended up speaking to one of the representatives twice. She gave me the final "too bad, it's the weekend" attitude and said no one could help us, it didn't matter that there was another storm coming and that we had no heat. By now it was too late and i just gave up. We got heat on Monday evening, 6 days after we lost it. That is truly unacceptable service, especially when we are paying extra for that service.

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  • Ja
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    thats what happens when u hire sears/home depot, etc to do hvac work. They dont have the know how and they sub contract out, and thats how they are cheaper than other private companies, u get what u pay for, such is true in any facet of life.

  • Hv
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    As a HVAC technician I have seen the above situation and worse.
    If a friend or family member asks me my advice on replacing their old "inefficient" furnace with a new one, I sometimes advise them to keep the old one. It depends how old, the really old ones were great, they were built like battle ships and the parts that need replacement are available at most local hardware stores. "But it is inefficient" OK. consider the cost of natural gas: currently $0.87 per 100 cubic feet at 1050BTU/cubic foot. Now go from a 70% efficient to a 90% efficient. You are still "wasting" 10% of the heat up the chimney, but now your exhaust temperature is below the condensation point of all the H2O in the exhaust gas, so the mfg or you new fancy furnace has installed all kinds of drains and traps and safety switches to prevent water from backing up and mixing with electrical parts...opps... yes it does happen. All those circuit boards are expensive, and some fancy furnaces have up to three of them. Can't get those at the hardware store, nope... got to be ordered. So here you are with a new fancy furnace that is saving you pennies while it runs but costing you big money and huge headaches when it breaks, and oh yes they will break, more often then that old battleship you are thinking of getting rid of. Does it really make sense to replace it? Not always. People need to stop being impressed by surface impressions, like a fancy paint job or a lower energy bill and try to see beyond the obvious.
    Safety Note: if it is leaking Carbon Monoxide then replace it, don't gamble with your health.

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