Sears / not following contract as written

Rochester, NY, United States

Dear mr. Mario,
Thank you for your interest in my concerns. As previously stated, I believe the dispute with my contract originates from the contractor's error in his bid. The price he quoted me includes work that is clearly outlined and indicated in the contract wording. He now insists that the bid does not include some of the work that we agreed on. I cannot understand how this can be disputed. Nonetheless, he now declares that he has essentially underbid by $3000.00 after we have signed the contract, and I have paid a down payment. Work has not yet begun. It is my contention that he must honor the contract as outlined, or I must have the option of rescinding with a full refund of my down payment. I could not have agreed on the price he now insists upon, and would never have signed a contract for this new amount. It is simply not financially feasible for me.
My hope is that sears will honor this contract, as I have always been thoroughly satisfied with sears products and services. Never have I had a problem with any purchase. I have remained a loyal customer for this reason. I will be heartily disappointed if my relationship with sears comes to an end in this manner.
My job number is [protected]. The phone number associated with the contract is [protected]. I can be contacted at [protected]
I will look forward to your response,
Marisa storke
P. S. Noted below is an email I received from t. Hawkins where he is asking me for an additional $3000 to correct his mistake, as I read his email below.
Hi marisa,
You are correct. It is stated on the contract and that is why I sent this contract change authorization.
For clarification: the edge treatment we agreed upon that goes around the whole counter top will remain unchanged. The coving is where the back splash meets the counter top and I mistakenly selected it while we were going through the contract.
I am sorry for not being more specific on the last email.
Thomas hawkins

Apr 13, 2013

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