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Sears Mastercard, Citigroup / promotional offers

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Promotional offers-not so much!!! Beware of deception!

Sears mastercard, with citigroup, is burning their long-time customers. I am looking to find someone that has the means to file a class action lawsuit, because their misleading and deceptive ways are so outrageous that I cannot believe it.

I have great credit and my account has been in great standing with them since I joined in 1997 at age 18. I'm now 30, have used the card exclusively for the past several years, and plan to never give them another cent of my interest! Never again!

I am grateful to have paid off my sears mastercard earlier in the year, but a few weeks ago I received a letter indicating some promotional offers they wanted me to be aware of. This letter stated things that sounded too good to be true: no interest for 36 months, or no interest/payments for 24 months, etc. There were 5 different options. Well... Being that I have been wanting to spruce up my basement with some new flooring, I thought that this might be my chance! Soo...

I called the number provided on the letter and explained that I would like to purchase some flooring at home depot, but wanted to be sure that I would receive one of the promotions. The person on the phone indicated that yes, make my purchase, then after a few days (Allowing time for the purchase to post), call back and they would apply the promotion to purchase. I did exactly that.

When I called to have the promotion applied, it was refused and I was told that promotions were only for k-mart or sears purchases. This, however, was not indicated in the letter and was not indicated to me when I called the day of my purchase to confirm this deal. I explained how I felt deceived and mislead and they said sorry, there was nothing they could do about that.

I would not have made this purchase without the promotional offer that was completely fact, home depot was offering 0% for 6 months, and I would have gone with them had I had any concern that sears mastercard citigroup was going to screw me over the way they did.

I will never use this card again, and I have been loyal for 13 years. As far as i'm concerned, everyone should abandon citigroup and sears mastercard for their shady practices.

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  • Lt
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    If everything you've written is true, this seems like a legitimate complaint (but still not enough to make me abandon my Citi cards). Take your receipt back to Home Depot, get them to do a refund, then re-purchase the products using their offer - if it's still available. You don't even have to take the stuff back to the store, just the receipt. They don't care how the product is paid for, so they should have no issue with that.

  • Dn
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    Listed below is the interest rates incurred on SEARS MASTERCARD monthly statement:

    1/14/08 18.24
    2/14/08 18.24
    5/14/08 16.24
    7/14/08 15.99
    8/14/08 15.99
    10/14/08 15.99
    11/14/08 15.49
    12/15/08 14.99

    1/14/09 14.99
    5/14/09 23.24
    8/14/09 29.99

    I am a hard working 58 year old female. I work a full-time job, a part-time job, own and install a ceramic tile business, own and design ceramic pottery business, keep up my home both inside and outside (yard work-plantings, mowing, trimming, mulching, and lawn maintenance). This is the ONLY credit card I have, and I do the best I can to NOT use it. It is now CLOSED until I can get the balance paid off, which will be difficult with the mounting INTEREST RATES COMPOUNDED on the balance.
    I am sending you this because YOU are NOT seeing the picture of what is happening to the average citizen of our country!! We are being FINANCIALLY RAPED by these credit card companies!!
    Something NEEDS to be done about this over billing of interest incurred on these cards!! It just isn’t right to steal from the public to pad the pockets of the wealthy CEO’s, Board Members, and top officials.

    What are you going to do to help people like myself and others struggling to pay these atrocious padded interest bills?

    This is ONE example of WHY the ordinary citizen has a hard time during these struggling financial times!!!

    There should be a cap interest rate on all credit cards of no more than 15%. The average rate should always be fixed and NOT fluctuating!!

    Correspondence sent to President Obama and the Federal Reserve Board Members

  • Sh
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    I have have been a loyal card carrying customer since 1979. I loves the card because of the low interest rate of 7.25. I have always paid well above the minium due and never once was late. I opened my statement yesterday and found the interet rate jumped to 25%! I was so mad I called them and was told they would give me back my 7.23 if I canceled the account. I said DO IT! who wants a card with that interest rate? I told the young man on the phone that these bafoons in charge will ruin the company. I gladly made all my payments for the last 30 years and would have done so for the next 30 years. Not now. I canceled that piece of crap. They will be begging for my business in the next couple of years, (once they realize how many customers they've lost), and I will tell them to take their card and put it where the sun don't shine. Good bye Sears Mastercard Forever!

  • Kr
      30th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    HEY, I am planning on cancelling my account effective immediately. I have been a loyal credit card customer for years. Not once did I ever have a late payment. Apparently my last check was lost in the mail. My balance was only 261.00. They charged me a late fee of 39.00! THAT is crazy. I sent them full payment and told them to cancel my account. THAT is nuts.

  • Jc
      8th of Oct, 2010
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    First I would like to say that I am in NO WAY defending Citi because, well, I hate them. I have worked for Citi as a collector for specifically the Sears portfolio. And if there is one thing I've learned from that its that you MUST ALWAYS READ EVERYTHING. When you sign there terms and agreement for the card, it tells you, upfront that if you miss a payment, you will be charged a $39 dollar late fee. And that APR are subject to change, and performance pricing due to missed payments, etc. And you can always opt out of any change in terms if they try to change your interest rate. but one thing you have to remember is that this is credit. this is how credit works. you borrowed a sum of money, just like a car loan, or a mortgage, you borrowed money. Just like with these things you have to pay interest. If they didnt charge interest they would have no money to loan you in the first place. and if you do not make your payments, you have to pay fees. I would also like to add that closing your account really does absolutely nothing exept for prevent you from using it. and they way Citi works, they would have closed your account after a few missed payments anyway, so for the sake of your credit, just keep making your payments, late fees you can have adjusted if you're nice. and regardless of how much impact you think it makes, closing your account is not gonna hurt the multi-billion dollar bank that is Citi. people get sears credit everyday.

  • No
      24th of Jul, 2012
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    Dis-satisfied in Houston.
    Have you taking advantage of Sears NO-INTEREST PROMOTIONS? I selected the no-interest promotion for 12 months to pay off an appliance and I have a $150.00 balance on my Sears M/C that I have budgeted to pay off in September 2012. Yesterday ( July 2012) I used my Sears M/C (same account) to have two chairs steam cleaned (another dis-appointment) for a reasonable amount of $120.00. I learned today that all my future payments will be applied to the new interest bearing ($120.00) charge and NOT to the promotional balance which is the oldest amount . Had I not called to ask how does new charges added to promotions work; I would have been screwed and Sears would have benefited by charging me the deferred interest! "BE AWARE OF THIS DECEPTION" Customer NO-SERVICE did not explain any of this when I called to inquire about using my Sears M/C for the new charge.

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