Sears / kenmore refrigerator/washer/dryer...

Refrigerator: October 6, 2017: No ice, husband had knee surgery. When we got home we didn't have any ice. I never thought about looking to check to see if we would have ice. Which my husband needed ice and we had to go and buy ice for his knee. I called to place a repair appointment. This was an emergency with surgery. They couldn't get anyone out until. 10/10 ice maker started to work. The refrigerator then couldn't keep a temperature setting correctly.

Now every year I have them come out in the spring to do a yearly maintenance checkup on all my appliances. They may send 3-4 tech out to do this process. So they charge $ for each appliance even if they do a 5 minute check up and chat with me. I have every receipt and every piece of paper for each of my appliances. I also have a folder and a note book which has every one that comes out here

.Dates for repairs: October 17 time: 8-12: Frozen up tray area: October 30, time 15 need to wait or a normal range for the temperature due to me setting the range up to 8 on the door. We need a 24 hour time frame before setting. They couldn't check temperature. October 20, Should unthawl. Had to now order part for the drawer crisper to replace. Due to frozen and need new part. As of today Refrigerator is still not right. They came out and said the temperature is correct. ON 11/12 no ice once again. And we are starting over with process. Said if the tech thought we needed a new refrigerator it was up to his discussion. Need to make another appointment. Have you notice how much they change for an appointment to look at your appliance to order a part then may have to come back out a couple more times. Just think if you didn't have the Master Protection Agreement what this product would charge us. I don't know where to turn to now. They also said if you have had anyone out more then 5 times in 1 year it is called a lemon law. Will how about in 1 month. I can't seem to get any answer now.
Froze up: 11/25/2003
6/25/2007 Froze up
6/27/2007 still no ice
1/31/2010 replace door seal was cracked,
1/13/2011 order a new seal gasket
1/24/2011 come out to put on
4/28/2011 freezer shelf and plastic drawer not : not to much they can do with it due to being plastic.
1/7/2013 ice cube maker stuck, fixed and adjusted the wire
3/29/2013 coolant for drawer freeze up my cheese in the drawer, button stuck due to the drawer. Clean core and check temperature, clean with a brush.
6/29/2015 ice maker frozen up once again. Showed my husband how to fix this probelm

10/27/2015 ice maker won't make ice cube/crushed
11/16/2016 ice maker frozen up; replaced parts for the tray
3/16/2016 adjusted a screw for ice maker to make cube and crush and will clean
2/2/2017 seal broke had to order one, wasted time
2/9/2017 order part and sent out Circle City Appliance 2-5 repair time
[protected] ice maker doesn't work
10/29/2017 order 2 parts for the chrisper drawer
4/10/2017: they did my yearly clean and warranty check up each year. It takes a tech for each appliance. They no longer move the refrigerator out the check coils, and back of frig. One tech says then brought to another tech. The first tech was just lazy. They do move them out to repair and clean, service the back. Not a good track recorder.

Dryer: Kenmore:

had to bring out a second one when we bought the first one. Not working.
2/17/2004 dryer started, have to order parts 2/19/on a Saturday came out to fix.
4/21/2004 heater panel board was bad
12/28/2004 heater panel board thermostat replaced
7/6/1009 shoe holder cracker, order me a new one.
1/5/2012 dryer won't heat, heat relay replaced.
4/15/2013 heating element burnt though
10/27/2015 dryer is making strong loud noise when running. The drum is loud. Order a new drum.
11/15/2015 took the whole dryer apart they don't know order a new drum,
2/2/2017 order dryer drum rollers and looking for a lid, damaged the lid and as of today 11/22/2017 still not replaced the top of dryer. Circle City did the repair. If you have another company to come out to repair they are /responsible for damage. But they said they can not order the part. As of 4/10/2017 not happy with the lid of dryer badly damaged. put in order for roller for dryer and replacement of lid. Sorry for the dents is all I got out of that. 10/29/2017 Andy with A and E said to call to have someone to come out to take pictures of dryer, as of today they have canceled on 11/13/2017, canceled yesterday: 11/21/2017, no phone call, nothing, when I called they over booked their route and didn't even call to let me know. I called them to ask what time they were to come out. 11/17/2017 cancel appointment, no show. Becoming a pattern, here. 11/21/2017. Called from 11:30 -5 and asked for supervisor and every time they said they would help and try to get a dispatcher on the line, I was disconnected. Still haven't heard back they have my phone number to return my call.
11/13/2017 Sears is supposed to be ordering the part and can get it, but the tech has not done that yet. I have a Master Protection Agreement. Be careful who they send out to do repairs. May not be covered after the repair is made due to another company as per the tech.

Washer: Kenmore: Dates:
6/5/2009 replace control board in starter button would keep going
10/2007 replacement of motor coupling, making a noise and water won't drain out
9/7/2011 replace motor coupling, making noise and water won't drain once again
4/12/2012 replace rota tor cup on washer strip, its not washing my clothes, have to put on normal needs to be on heavy load, so on
12/14/2012 washer knocking noise: Circle City came out repair transmission added a seal to lid
1/13/21013 washer coupling and order transmission Circle City repair

5/2/2017 replaced belt broken belt with Circle City
10/29/2017 order washer setting control panel. (still no panel) new tech said it was motor coupling again.
11/7/2017 order part for washer, still have no part for washer
11/10/2017 still no part for washer, part finally showed up and tech came out and part was broke. HE gave his word, because it was good. He would order part for the motor of washing machine 11/13/2017. Still NO part.
11/17/2017 Sears cancel appointment due to no part was ordered by tech.
11/21/2017 said on phone that the part was ordered yesterday and when it comes in to call I now have an appointment scheduled for Dec 4 for dryer and washer. Haven't even made one for the Refrigerator yet.

I am not a happy person. Never make complaints, always do a great surveys, but I am very upset. Customer since 2003 and always had great service. I don't know who/what/is going on with your departments, but get out here and fix my issue with washer. I am having to go to the laundry mat to do laundry. Yesterday being over book, no phone call to let me know from 1-5 does not get it. Having an appointment for december 4 does not get it. My husband works in a company with parts and repairs. He drove to a town 3 hours away then drove to blooming ton to get a part for their company to get it running.

I am asking to have my part ordered/put on that truck and bring it out here. Your tech dropped the ball, good word, so forth and would get this going. Didn't order the park 2 weeks ago.

Help here!!!

I can take pictures but someone was to be out here 3 times and take them for your records to order my part. I have every piece of paper, receipt, folder full. If needed.

Belinda Cloud
6035 West 300 North
Bargersville, IN 46106


Nov 22, 2017

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