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Sears / sears catalogue, sears card and other discriminating stuff

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I purchased through your Sears catalogue, picked up the item, paid for it, then proceded to try it on. Upon neither of the two items purchased fitting, I then returned them to the counter, same day, didn't even leave the store. Upon being reimbursed the sales clerk informed me that there was a $2.00 handling charge. However, prior to paying for the item I was asked if I would like to get a Sears card, and have $10.00 off the purchase, and then was informed that if I had a Sears card that I would not have to pay for the handling charge. Also, if I had a Sears card, I could have the purchases sent to Lorraine Ave Depot, where I could walk from my home and pick it up. I had a Sears card for years, so therefore, I never knew about these things, I find it very discriminatory, that I would be forced to have a Sears card in order to have purchases sent closer to my home, and also not to have to pay for handling charges, isn't it the same amount of work to put packages together and load them onto a truck whether or not it is on a Sears account or not? I feel that you are forcing people to have an account with Sears in order to be served to their best interest, and also that my cash money isn't good enough. Also, I find it odd that your department won't put stuff back onto your debit card when returning a purchase, and I had to take the refund back in cash, good thing it wasn't a $5,000.00 dollar purchase! I am very upset over this whole situation, so much so, that I will probably never purchase anything from your department again. Also, I will recommend to my family and friends, and co-workers that they do the same, unless they want to continue having a Sears account or wish to purchase one.


Kitchener ON N2B 2N2

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  • Ma
      17th of Mar, 2007
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    I have just ordered some summer clothes from the catalogue I have not been able to go out due to a nasty bug and I will need these clothes to go away in 2 weeks the person taking the order ( Name Maureen) questioned me in an unfortunate manner as to why I was ordering so many pants and could I not go out into the stores to try these things on as Sears was cutting back on returns. I told her that was not this the purpose of the catalogue to enable you to shop at home. Yet she still pursued her conversation re shopping at the store. I told her I was unable to go out. I have been a Sears customer since 1977 and have never been spoken to in this manner before. Regardless where I make my purchase at the store or catalogue Sears is still getting my money. Maybe a little word in Maureen's ear before she turns off another customer.

  • Na
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    I have a sears credit card, and i'm paying and paying and i don't see my account going down. They charge me late fees when i pay on time. They told me that they couldn't do anything. They charge a late fee of $36.00 that's crazy.

  • Ng
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    It is Sears policy to return the money in the form that it was paid, with the exception of checks. That's odd that they only gave you cash because when I worked there they did not give cash back for anything unless you originally paid in cash.

    And the poster above me, Check your percentage rate that may be why your balance is not going down. Also, look at the statements. They do not have a set date that the payments are due. Months have a different number of days and the billing cycle just goes by a certain number of days, so you may have a few months where the due date is a few days earlier than usual. If you call them AS SOON as you are late, you may be able to work something out with them. They have programs to drop the interest rate for a certain amount of time in exchange for closing the account in the meanwhile. BUT they will only negotiate with you if you are late. That's the catch. They bumped my interest rate to 29.99% and I had a $3, 000 balance. There was NO way I was going to be able to pay that off. I called them right after I was late and they dropped my interest to 0% for one year and took off my late charges. They do have different programs at different times, but the trick is to get to where you are late, or they won't work with you.

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