Sears Brandsonline selling; misrepresentation of delivery date

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I'm hugely disappointed in how a organization like Sears can build a process that misleads the customer during the sales process. Here are the details:

Order #[protected]

On Saturday I chose to purchase the dishwasher on this order because Sears offered the earliest delivery date: May 1st. Once I placed the order, the delivery for May 1st was confirmed for between 7 am and 9 pm.

When I'd not heard anything yet today (your confirmation stated if the day before delivery was a Sunday I would be contacted the next business day), I called Customer Service.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Coral Springs, FLThey confirmed that delivery was slated for today but that I had to contract the delivery/install # to get the time frame.
I called that number and was told by Calvin (id # 888017) that my unit was only being delivered to the Sears warehouse today, and that a delivery date had not been established. He called the delivery warehouse to see if he could get my delivery expedited, but no one at the warehouse was answering his call. He left a message and sent them an email.
So now I've gone from a delivery date on your system of May 1st, to unknown with little hope of follow up from a delivery service that doesn't take calls from Sears. It seems unlikely that you can make this
how do you make this better, and how do you address your fraudulent online selling practice

Sears Brands

May 01, 2017

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