SCS Furnituredelivery

On the 12th January 2017, I ordered 3 two seat sofas from SCS in Telford Shropshire. I was promised a 12-14 week delivery at most, probably earlier.
I paid half the amount as deposit. On 21st April, I received a telephone call that my furniture was in their distribution warehouse, and Could I pay the balance. Arrangements were made for delivery on the 26th April. I wasted a whole day expecting delivery and not one of my phone calls were answered when the delivery did not arrive. On Friday, I called in the store to be told that the distribution would be closed until Tuesday 2nd May but they would call me first thing in the morning.
No prizes for guessing I did not get a phone call so back in the store I went to be told that the furniture had not even been delivered into the country, never mind their warehouse. Lie after lie after lie just to get your cash.
Of course, the contract they insist you sign is wholly weighted in their favour so tough s**t on any recompense.
Now without cash and furniture. I hope you can learn from my experience and don't trust these cowboys.

May 02, 2017

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