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We brought two sofas from scs in may 2008 when it was delivered they were damaged we reported it within the hour, there customer service department promised to replace the damaged furniture.From may-Dec 2008 they kept promising to put things right, so in march2009 I took them to court it cost me £70.00 but it had the desired response within 2 weeks scs got in touch to settle out of court in full+costs.If you have a problem with scs write a letter, no response another letter giving them 14 days to fix your problem or you will go to the county court without further notice and do it, don't be afraid to go to court I did it online, it was easy for me so it would be simple for you DO IT

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  • Dw
      Apr 08, 2009

    Absolutely fantastic. Just about to issue against them for my daughter and her fella. Bought a corner sofa which was delivered in good time. Inspected while delivery guy where there and no visible damage.

    When putting the corners together we realised that the corner was wrongly handed (a left instead of a right) and not interchangable. The main part of the sofa looked ok but when relaxing on the back rest it was obvious it had not been secured at the bottom correctly and bent back about nine inches. Notified the store and Customer No-service within the hour and after threats received a visit from a rep who left a letter that said "to save you the expense of contacting us, we will contact you within seven days to sort it out. Nothing happened. Four weeks later sent them a letter rejecting the goods and giving them fourteen days. Again a written response "to save you the expense of contacting us, we will contact you within seven to ten days to sort it out. Nothing else and the time has expired.

    Now allowing for the post till Saturday and issuing online over the weekend then there is no possibility of a cross in the post. Would love to hear what the terms of their settlement was and how long before they collected the faulty goods.

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  • Dw
      May 20, 2009

    ScS have decided to settle out of court with a full refund + costs and £130 compensation.

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  • Da
      Sep 18, 2009

    Totally agree with the appauling service ive just had a year and a half long battle with them (ive lost hundrend in earns with days off for inspectors etc).
    Would never deal with this company again!!
    Ive now recieved a full refund

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  • Ou
      Feb 20, 2010

    I too have spent the last 2 years and 3...yes 3 faulty settees later still battling them regarding appallingly made products and complete lack of customer service. Not to mention the rude arrogant Branch Managers that have come and gone over 2 years They have now arranged to pick up the settee and have promised a cheque within 7 days.
    Watch this space as I don't trust a word they say. They were on the verge of bankruptcy last year, it would actually be doing everyone a favour if this company simply folded and disappeared.
    SCS - Sofas That Consistently Stink !

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  • An
      Mar 21, 2010

    we all need to contact watchdog!!! they need stopping!
    I too am just about to take them to small claims court, they should not be allowed to continue with ripping people off!!!

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  • An
      May 31, 2011

    omg does this company not value its customers, paid 500 deposit for a 5000 suite pre x-mas delivery still waiting for the correct undamaged suite on 31/05/11.sick of trying to make contact with this pathetic excuse of a company and waiting for promised phone calls that never arrive .only way to sort this out now is through the small claims court claiming my time and money and as a busy working mum something i could do without .they have no pride at all and need to be stopped !!!

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  • Da
      Jun 20, 2011

    I agree what a waste of time and Money this company is, looks like im going to war with them, Brand New Italian leather sofa Nearly £6000 2 months old and as baggy as my aunties bingo wings(They said its baggy because we sit on it and wach tv, HUHHH Wachdog anyone ??

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  • Ch
      Jul 13, 2011

    i too have had a problem with scs in luton and i do not even have my goods yet! myself and my partner popped in to have a look as we have recently bought a house. All our details our in our previous address but they said not to worry so we chose a sofa, paid the deposit and gave a copy of bank statement, drivers licence and our new address for delivery. Had a call a week later to say it will be delivered on monday 11th of july 2011. So i took the day off work and sat at the new house waiting. nNothing arrived so we i gave the store a call to find that the salesman was on holiday i was speaking to the acting manager of the stroe. he then called me back to tell me that our sofa's are not being delivered because we have not provided proof of id which we had and was wuite rude to me so i went to the store and spoke to the "manager". He was very rude from the off and after me explaining that we had given our id he said i was lieing and we hadnt. I said i wanted our money back and he said "no chance". He then continues to tell me he was "loosing his rag and didnt really care" after getting no where i went home and phoned the banks incase our personal information had been stolen. They took no responsibility for their actions at all. Our sales man arrived back from holiday and phoned us to apologise i went back to the store and what a suprise there was the id in our order pack! no apology from the very very rude manager and our sofa will be delivered on monday 18th of july now but after eading everyones reviews im not sure i want it! This company is hurrendous and their head offfice were no help either! Watch this space to see if a) we get our sofa's and b) if there any good!

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  • Mr
      Jul 24, 2011

    bought a sofa from scs in july 2009, from delivary it had a creaking sound. contacted customer services and they sent someone to come out and repair it by screwing the frame. however this went on a further 4 times. until the frame eventually broke i then got conformation this was because of the amount of screws that had been put in. during this time i contacted consumer direct and they advised me on wht action i could take. i followed the advise and got offered replacement of a sofa of my chice. I am now waiting for my new sofa being deliverd. However i have had to wait 10 weeks and during this time the other side of the sofa as also broke. My mam is looking for a new sofa i have advised against buying from scs although didnt need to as she has witnessed the carry on iv had.

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  • Ag
      Dec 14, 2016

    scs total disgrace not even registered with ADR so you cant complain to the ombudsmen. nigtymare.

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  • Da
      Aug 19, 2017

    Ordered Sofa 4 months ago with deliver date of 14th August, got rid of old Sofa day before, since been informed that delivery will be delayed at least another 4 weeks taking it into September, checked online reviews and many others seem to have had similar experiences and now concerned with some customers stating that they have had issues with leather peeling on the same Sofa that I have ordered so now feeling very stressed been on Facebook SCS SOFA & FURNITURE COMPLAINTS Group and feeling quite gutted.

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