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Scotts lawn service of northern virginia is a big scam, watch your bill. They have been servicing my lawn for 3 years. Each january they send a service renewal notice and each year, I call them to cancel the lawn aeration and seeding from the scheduled services, and agreed to engage them for the turf builder pro.

January 2016 I had called and made my own notes on the renewal letter that I will not sign up for aeration this year.

Today the technician aerated and seeded my lawn, my husband called to tell them that we did not sign up for it, instead he was told that we owe them half of the charge. My husband's name is not on the contract, and he did not agree to anything.

I informed them that I am not willing to pay the bill, because I had called to remove this service item in january. They insist that I did not cancel the service, and that because my husband agreed to pay the half (Which he did not) I am now liable for the amount. I said that the call my husband made or whatever they claim he agreed to was irrelevant because the aeration was not a mutually agreed service to begin with. They threatened that they would keep the amount on my account. I insisted that they should be more vigilant with their records and that any amount due should be removed. They did not offer a compromise, what scammers.

Aug 24, 2016

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