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Complaints & Reviews

plant guarantee

Ty Ty Nursery does not honor their "Plant Assurance Waranty", and will come up with any way they can to avoid...

chicago hardy figtree

Horrible experience, spoke to someone over the phone
ordered a specific Chicago Hardy Fig tree paid $149 for a 6 ft tree.
Everything is great when your ordering
But went it arrived I got a 4ft 3 inch tree
Called in not understanding why- and was told they prune prior to delivery
ok.. but prune over 1 foot really... starts sounding FISHY!
remember I paid for a 6 foot tree.
not happy with the quality or experience I put 5 calls in and got the run around.
called again today and found out - only a 3 day refund policy

Bad business model


We ordered trees back in October 2018, and they were listed as in stock at the time of purchase. After a month of waiting to hear about shipping status, I contacted the merchant. They stated the items were on backorder, but should be shipped in a couple of weeks. After waiting 2 weeks, we were told the same thing again. It wasn't until mid-December that they said they could ship them now. We told them we were not going to plant during the winter...(A) because it's cold and (B), we wondered if they would survive a winter planting and (C), why were we told the items were in stock originally if they weren't(?), of which we really never received a good explanation for this. We decided on waiting for a mid-March shipment. When the trees arrived, they appeared in good condition. Unsurprisingly, there was another issue when we finally did receive the shipment...we were missing one tree. I called the customer service number immediately and Was told to send pictures proving we did not get the tree, and they would refund the money and I could reorder the missing tree online again. Easy, right?...um, no, not with this merchant. I asked if they could jut ship the missing tree without going thru that process and they say they can't, so I emailed the pictures to their customer service and they said they would refund the money. I imformed them that their website would not let me order a replacement tree unless we spent the $60 minimum order charge and his response was the same...nothing about replacing the tree. I asked if they could waive the minimum order rule because there was nothing else we needed, and it was their fault we were shorted an item, and surprisingly, he gave me the same refund response...nothing about how they would fix this error.

Ultimately we ordered the tree elsewhere for a slightly higher price, but no minimum order rule. My advise...be careful with this merchant. We had nothing but problems with them and their customer service is atrocious. Very poor service!! Very disappointed, especially since we had to wait months for our order to arrive.

plant "insurance" policy

I purchased several berry plants and some were damaged during shipping but I received "credit" for the...


I recently bought 4 plants from tytyga. Upon receiving the package I noticed immediately one tree missing. I...

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Product Misrepresented

This is a complaint against Ty Ty Nursery in Ty Ty, Georgia. In the spring of 2015, I ordered some Pinot Gri...

Rip off artists

To whom it may concern
The amount of $89.25
I stepped out in faith last July 26 of 2013 and purchased plants from TY TY nurseries of Ty Ty
GA for $89.25. It was finally in the dead of January 2014 that I received the
plants…. (WAY OUT SIDE THE 60 DAY WINDOW OF GETTING A REFUND) Frozen, no real surprise
in winter and all.
TY TY nurseries insisted the plants were alive, to plant them, but of course this May, nothing
came of them. All the bulbs and the Nectarine tree, which was so precious to me;
were indeed, DEAD. Ty TY insisted that I send the dead tree back, (there was no
way to find the bulbs) so I dug up the tree and spent half a day in the hot sun
trying to pack up the DEAD STICK they sent me, shipped it back for around $30.00.

Today, I get a letter stating that I need to send ANOTHER $20.00 AND send the said letter WITH the dead tree…..that THEY ALREADY HAVE! When I phoned the Company to ascertain as to “what was up with that?” [protected], They hung up on me. I will NOT send them anymore money, however I will politely insist on my money back.
Sadly I have found on the Internet, TY TY is NOT a company
to be doing business with, they have “1 star” rating and there are many “customers”
(pigeons to be plucked) like me…. OUT of large sums of money. Ty Ty has very
poor ratings on MULTIPLE pages and sites, also check out the BBB, Not so good.

  • Ma
    MASDR Dec 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a magnolia tree in August from tyty, received in December after several phone calls. Paid $190 for a 15 gallon, received a 3 gallon, which is listed at $25. Vendor requested pics to be emailed, which I now can see is a stall tactic. I will dispute with cc company.

    Try someone else.

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  • Ho
    Hoot7777 Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Order 7-8' fuji apple tree, came in a box less than 5' tall top was cut but was less 1/4" across the cut. no way was tis tree ever 7-8'.call tyty but to no avail.DON'T BUY FROM TYTY -A WARNING.

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have none, they are wonerful!

I have to say, I have no idea where the complaints are coming from. I just received 12 different...

Bad Business

Ordered the Heartnut Walnut and English Walnut for a grand total of about $70...Received two sticks which died after planting. What a rip-off! And their return policy - they are ridiculous; do they really expect me to pay another $20 to submit a replacement application? Horrible customer service. Did not see all the bad reviews before ordering. Why are they still in business? I hope this horrendous company goes out of business soon, so no one else gets cheated. Ha Ha Ha.



I though I asked all the right questions before purchasing 2 trees from TY TY Nursery. But apparently IT's the questions you don't ask that will come back and bite you. I talked with one of the employees about returning the trees and asked why don't TY TY Nursery have pics on there web sight of what the consumer is going to get. He replied, they do, but you ask for them. WOW!!!...REALLY!!
I think this would save everybody involved a lot of headaches.

I purchased 2 trees from this company that were supposed to be #1(8' to 9' ) #2(4' to 5') Not what I paid for. these trees were nothing but some twigs in a box with a sliver of a root ball. The box they sent them in was only 6 lbs for a 8 to 9 ft and a 4 to 5 ft tree. PLEASE!!

But now that I've done some searching and found they have quite a list of VERY BAD feedback. I know now to go here first to find if a Company is worth my Business. Sent them back before I found this web sight. So, Signed as: Lesson Learned.

Avoid tytyga.com

I have ordered twice from these crooks and got cheated twice. The first order was large and all the plant...

received dead plant and i am being asked to pay 20.00 to get a replacement

They shipped two plants to me one of which was dead upon receipt. I called and told them and was told to plant it and see if it comes back. I was told that i would get a replacement if it didn't come back. I contacted them again and told them the plant was absolutely dead and i wanted a replacement. I was told to fill out the replacement application. The first thing i noted was that applications were only accepted from September1 to October 15th 2012 ( it is now May). As I continued, I found that even if they choose to accept the application I would have to send a minimum of $20.00 to have a replacement plant sent. This is even though I bought the plants with a no shipping cost promotion. I didn't read the other complaints before I purchased from TYTY but now after readiing these posts i can only say that my opinion is that they are not a business i would purchase from again and i would advise others to not purchase from them.

  • Ji
    Jim Hewes May 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very bad company liars they do not give refunds for dead plants and trees they refuse they're liars

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Buyers beware !!! Paid $75 in March for a Japanese magnolia tree which arrived DOA, small buds on tree dried up & dead & tried reviving to no effect. Per their replacement policy, you pay an extra $20 to get a replacement sometime this fall 6-9 months later which they probably hope you forget it about by then. Keep getting a run around when trying to talk to a Rep !!
So if I keep trying to get a replacement, it'll end up costing me $75+$20= $95 +$20 cost of sending back the dead tree = $115. Buy from a reliable nursery that a has FREE replacement policy !!!

  • Pi
    Pissed Off Tree Man May 14, 2012

    Yep, this nursery is prett much a scam from the word go. I highly recommend NOT doing business with them, under any circustances.

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  • Ji
    Jim Hewes May 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You will never get a refund they tell you to email pictures and then they'll give you a refund within 24 hours and then you don't hear anything from them so you wait like a week and you call and then they don't know what you're talking about and then they say send them the dead plants and you throw the boxes away and you have to pay to send dead plants back to damn why don't they tell you that the first time before you throw the boxes away and then when you send the dead plants back you still don't get no refund their scam fraud you need to be very careful with these people they shouldn't get away with this

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  • Fr
    Fred D Adkins Feb 23, 2018

    Ordered Grape Vines from TY TY Nursery. After the rain quit I went to plan them and was one short. I planted the vines I received and called to get my other vine. TY TY Customer Service told me I needed to take pictures of what I did get, I refused stating that would verify what I did get but did nothing to prove what I didn't get. They insisted that was their system, I told them that didn't make sense all I wanted was a replacement, they refused. Can't recommend them, but all it cost was the cost of the vine, there are many good Plant Nurseries.

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They Think I'm Some Kind Of Liar

I recently received my order from Aaron's Farm Nursery (a.k.a. TyTy). I had ordered 4 bareroot trees and only received 3. The one I was missing was the LEAST EXPENSIVE of the bunch. When I tried to explain, THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE ME! I got the run-around from several different people with an accusatory tone. EXCUSE ME? Why would I call and waste EVERYONE'S time if I didn't have a problem? Wow. Bottom line, I had to get a reimbursement from my own bank. Too bad, because I have ordered from them before and received a decent product. GUESS WHAT? "Bye-Bye, TyTy!" You've lost my business. Too bad you don't know how deal with your, uh, customers. Oh yeah, that's right, you know, those people who allow you to earn a living in the first place? DUH!

I'm out $495 plus the labor to install

I don't remember where I found them but thought they had great prices and seemed to have a good understanding of what I was looking for. Too bad I didn't check them out first. I ordered 30 Cherry Laurels from them and they arrived when they said and looked fine, so fine I was dumb enough to order 30 more within a week. Unfortunatly, the 2nd batch were half dead wehn they arrived. I told their advice and planted them all. With-in 3 weeks most of the plants were drying up and all the leaves were falling off. With-in 2 months all but 2 plants were dead, even with perfect growing conditions (rained 2 days a week for the first 3 weeks). For more proof before I ordered from these clowns I ordered 100 Privet from a different company ($50 total). Since this order arrived around the same time I threw these in the ground around and between the Cherry Laurels. When I say threw them around I mean I moved some dirt and dropped them in the ground. I didn't water and add anything to the soil. Within 2 weeks almost all of these had started to bloom and are doing great. I guess I will not waste another $150 to send these back and hope they send me some more soon to be dead trees.

  • Ke
    KenL98 Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered four concord grape plants from TYTY. They canceled my order with out telling me. When I didn't receive them I called and was told I would have to order a total of five plants to meet the minmum purchase. What they didn't tell me was they had increased the price so I received smaller, younger plants.

    When the plants arrived I planted them. Four survived. There are two different varities of grape. Never again. I have purchased plants from other suppliers over the internet and always received what I ordered but not from TYTY. Good by.

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  • Ra
    RalphNader318 Apr 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ty Ty Nursery has a website at http://www.tytyga.com appears at first glance to be a reputable plant nursery. I placed an order for several plants, and received half of my order, with no explanation why the other half did not ship. The FAQ tells you that the other half probably did not ship since it is not dormant. When you try to call them at "(888)811-9132 from Monday-Saturday." you get no answer. My advice is to use another more reputable Plant Nursery. I did not do my homework first and am having to call VISA to get a credit issued.

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  • Sk
    skal Jun 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ordered two crape myrtle trees plus 2 yuccas. None survived.. Had to wait all winter for 4 dead plants;. Called to complain to customer service, and got hung up on 3 times! Talk about rude? They really should be shut down due to their lack of business ethics!. No one should have to put up with such lousy customer service". Hopefully more people will read and avoid this company.. A man named Russel was the man who hung up on me?. Can't believe they actually can get away with being this arrogant! Not worth the aggravation, disappointment, and most of all, your hard earned dollar'. In other words, They Suck!

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  • Va
    valentinayakos Dec 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    after 3 months of placing my order of 4 trees, my order never arrived and my order status in the on my on line account disappeared. When I called the customer service, they said they have deleted all information in their computer and they try to reinstall them. I am afraid I will never receive my order and they already cash the money.

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Poor nursery stock

I paid $33.95 plus $12.73 shipping for a Stuart Pecan tree. The "sprig" I was sent never really leafed out in the Spring. When I called to complain...I was told to give it a "couple of more weeks". It eventually got about four leaves that promptly died! It was just not a good, healthy tree to begin with.

I mailed the tree back to the nursery..at my expense...and was told I would be required to pay $20 MINIMUM for replacement plant postage (more than I paid originally). As a senior citizen I just do not have this kind of money to throw away. I trusted this nursery because it seemed like a small town type place you could trust.

My husband is an agronomy major and knows how to properly plant a tree. It was given EVERY chance for survival and good care and watering.

I just told myself to forget this matter, but it has bothered me ever since. Nurseries should be made to stand behind their plants at THEIR expense! Perhaps I can help someone else to avoid this website.

  • Su
    Supmca Jun 03, 2013

    I, too, bought from Ty Ty because they advertised Debutant camellias. I got bare root stock that died despite the fact that I followed their instructions to the letter. I even emalled to request instructions as to what I could do when I saw the plants were dying. I was ignored. By the time they responded, the camellias were dead.
    They sent me an email to follow their replacement policy. I explained that I had read all the complaints about them and that, although I was born at night, it was not last night. I am not sending them more money for more dead plants.

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Avoid them

I ordered a fig tree, as an anniversary present for my wife, (her being greek, and 4th anniversary being plants/fruit

Email confirmation had no contact details, no order number, no tel#, nothing, no way to get in contact with them, and no way to track the order

after 2 weeks of waiting, i emailed them to check on the order,

after 1 week, they reply with order has been cancelled,

This was for an anniversary present!!! am now scrambling to find a replacement.

  • Ug
    UGGGGG! Oct 23, 2009

    I 'm going through the same thing now. I placed the order back in May over the phone. They said the tree would be shipped the beginning of October. I called to check on my order in September. They said I couldn't place the order over the phone even though it clearly states on their website you can and also get a discount for doing so. I was told to print an order form from their website and mail that to them with a check. Did that. Called back 2 weeks later to track my order and he said he had no way of looking that up and that if the check hadn't cleared it could still be in mail box because they only check it twice a week. UGGGGG! What kind of business does that? He said he would check the mail today and if the check order was in there I should get the tree next week. Well it's Oct 23rd and I have yet to hear from anyone or see a $80.00 tree. I just got off the phone with him and he said they would ship the tree mid November after the first frost because the tree had to go dormant before transplanting. That was the first time I had ever heard that was the case with these trees. Starting to wonder if I will ever get this stinkin tree. Remember this was a May birthday present.

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  • Yo
    Yo Mama Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Consumer Beware! When one receives a box with no package/ship label, RETURN IT unopened, immediately. Requirements for plant replacement at TyTy: return your item(s) in the original box with shipping form. The form had been ripped off my shipment before arrival; which makes it impossible to return the contents, I now know. & who keeps a shabby, wrinkly cardboard box around for months? Hence, I will not receive a replacement even if I wanted to pay the shipping for the return and the new arrival. Always check review and heed advice if there are many complaints. 1-2 expected, more than 5 reality.

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Terrible Business

After waiting 3 1/2 weeks for my Windmill Palm with 4 phone calls of long holds and personal who shifted...

Sent me wrong items and didn't acknowledge complaint

I ordered RED azaleas and dogwood trees from TY TY Nursery. They sent pink and did not acknowledge my complaint. I sent 2 letters, my cancelled check and photos of the pink flowers. No we have a red tiled swimming pool with nasty PINK flowers around it. It looks awful. Unfortunately, with flowers you can’t see the colour till they bloom, you wait all spring and they bloom a different colour than you ordered. VERY disappointing. If I rip them put and send them back, I risk never seeing my money or new plants. What’s a person to do in this case?

  • Ti
    Timothy Jun 14, 2009

    Ty Ty Nursery has an utterly deplorable reputation in the gardening community. Do a search for "Ty Ty Nursery Complaint" in any search engine, and read the long sometimes colorful threads on many gardening messageboards. You will begin to get an idea how this company typically operates. It has gotten so bad that many individuals do not even mail-order from GA anymore-- simply to avoid the many affiliate companies under different names, all with service equally as rude and incompetent.

    My personal experience with Ty Ty nursery back in 2004 was just utterly ridiculous. My 4 plants were shipped LOOSE, sliding around in the triangle box, getting beaten up and broken during transit. I received them and all 4 items died within a week, despite my horticultural expertise. I contacted Ty Ty Nursery about replacement / refund and they demanded I ship back the dead plants to them. Then they said I had to pay an additional 25% of my original order to cover replacement shipping...? Obviously, all of this was caused by negligent shipping on their part. I had in essence already paid for "careful shipping" as advertised on their website. I never received the service I had paid for. What I got was negligent, incompetent shipping-- 4 tender plants, bare-root, thrown loose into a box. They died. What does the company expect? It's terrible business practice to place any responsibility on the customer -- see Retail : 101.

    I described to them these exact circumstances, I even had pictures to send them if need be. Instead of initiating any kind of customer retention measure, they instead argued with me saying I was "being uncompliant" with their replacement policies. I refuted this stupidity, and they came back at me with "your plants were shipped outside their designated climate zone, so they're not covered" (it was summer and climate was not a factor). It went on like this for three letters back & forth to a uniquely defensive and shamefully anti-customer manager named "Rick."

    Even after filing with the BBB, they did not issue a refund. Only another rude letter. Needless to say, I never saw that money again. I, like many others, have simply taken to discouraging people from buying at Ty Ty Nursery whenever it comes up. In the gardening community today, getting ripped of by Ty Ty Nursery is kind of a harsh "rite of passage" into the hobby of serious plant collecting. Almost everybody does it, and then never buys there again. We can only spread the word, and hope that future victims hear our loud complaints.

    Sooner or later, the company will have clean up their act... or there won't be any more customers for them to rip off.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    ATTN:: Ty Ty Nursery representatives / employees:

    This above commentary is my personal opinion, in a open public forum. I hereby invoke my constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech, should any Ty Ty employee happen to read this. This opinion is not in any way affiliated creators and moderators of this website. As my opinion, based on my frustrating experience, genuine in all factual details, it shall not be construed as libel, or slander. I am well aware of my rights.

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  • To
    Tom Knoblock May 25, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    TY TY nursery has been spamming my email and will not stop!
    Their nursery stock is very poor quality and not up to the nursery trade standards for size - do not buy from them

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