Save-A-Lot / product switch

Cincinnati, OH, United States

I just returned from the Save A Lot located in Cincinnati on Hamilton Ave appx 2:30 PM October 15th. I wanted to buy the sirloin porkchops family pack that were advertised on sale for $1.29 lb. The sale sign was up but there were no chops in stock. There were plenty of other sirloin chops in the family packs that were $1.00 or more higher. There was no area near the sign, to restock the ones on sale, but the entire area near the sign had been newly restocked with more expensive packages, so I tend to think this was a bait and switch tactic since the sale sign was still up and no stock. This happen twice before with my shopping for ribeye steaks, on sale, and ribs, during previous visits.. The porkchop sale is good through tomorrow and since it is only before 3pm the day before the sale ends, plus this evening's shopper hours, I find it very disappointing that there was no stock, or at least a change of the sign stating "out of stock" instead of filling up the bin with other more expensive meats. Not happy with this pattern of selling. Sincerely, West Davis 1812 Compton Rd Apt 6. Cincinnati Ohio 45231. ph [protected].

Oct 15, 2018

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