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Hartford, AL, United States
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My boss is very unprofessional, there was somethings about the job that was off and I should have noticed it during the interview but I wanted a job so much I ignored it, I shouldnt have
First, during my interview nothing was really discussed except when they wanted me to work
I dont know how much I'm being paid
I didnt know how we were being paid( bi weekly or weekly)
I didnt get a schedule
I didnt get a time card
I didnt get a work shirt
I didnt get a box cutter
I wasnt told to sign a w2 form and when I asked about it it seemed that the manager was upset because I kept asking about it, he told me to wait until the next day when I worked my first shift. My second shift he wasnt there
On my third shift I asked him about it and he seemed bothered about me asking and made someone else do it.
They didnt really explain anything to me
And I found out today through indeed that the pay is only like 9$ an hour when it says 10.10 I haven been working there long but I hate it its a horrible place to work.
What I wrote about save a lot
Ps I never had a online training

Oct 18, 2018

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