Samsung Smart Tv / samsung customer support stinks

Succasunna, NJ, United States

Their "service policy" allows a new TV to virtually have to be rebuilt in your living room before it can be replaced. After shelling out almost $1, 000 for a "smart TV", it has not worked in the 6 weeks I have owned it. Samsung thinks it is perfectly acceptable to have me hang around the house on 5 seperate occasions, waiting for service technicians who fail to fix the TV. They refuse to overnight parts, choosing instead to cheaply save money at the customer's inconvenience as parts trickle in 2 or 3 days later, followed by further delays in scheduling service. Any comapny can have products fail - HIGH CLASS companies stand behind their products with strong service meant to minimize the aggravation and inconvenience of their customers. Samsung does NONE of that. This is the last Samsung product of ANY kind that will see the inside of my house, and it is PURELY based on poor customer care.

Mar 31, 2014

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