Samsung Electronics / samsung suhd 4k 65" tv

Juneau, AK, United States

We bought this 65" suhd 4k tv from Costco in August of 2016 with a two year warranty from Samsung, and an additional three year warranty from four square. At the end of February 2017 our tv developed a vertical line from top to bottom which won't go away. We went through the process with Samsung to replace, or refund the tv. After three weeks they determined that our tv couldn't be fixed because they offer no repair, or pickup service where we live in Juneau Alaska. We were told that someone would contact us within a week to tell us that someone would contact us for the refund. Yes, I said that right- someone would contact us to tell us someone would contact us. Unbelievable! Ten days later, I called and was told that they would schedule someone to pick up the tv. I then told them that we had already been through that, and that they dont offer that where I live. She then told me that our claim was waiting for approval. I told her that we have been waiting for approval for weeks, and we are done waiting. It has been over six weeks now since beginning the process, and have decided to spend the twenty five dollars and go down to the courthouse and sue Samsung electronics for much more than the $ 2500.00 we spent on the tv. It is a shame as we have always been satisfied with samsung products. My next stop is the better business bureau.

Apr 29, 2017

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