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Sallie Mae Financial Services / Billing statements not sent!

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I received an email today from sallie mae services stating that they have not received payment on an account #[protected]-1 that I thought was paid since 7-13-06 when I used the last slip in the payment book and did not receive any other payment books or statements on the account. Now, it has been 6 months since a payment has been made on that account. I called the number on the paper that I printed from the email and I had a very difficult time in reaching a real person. I finally reached Natalie but she was difficult to understand due to her heavy accent. I was unable to get the information I needed from her. She was not helpful nor patient with me and diverted the issue by going into selling mode for insurance.

My concern is that 6 months have lapsed and I have accrued late charges. I asked for a payment book or statement to be sent by mail. I explained that I must have these things mailed to me so that I can keep up with my payments. They stopped sending me a bill. I want to know why? I also want to know why they have not contacted me by phone or mailing address? I want to know why they expect me to pay late charges for their negligence in getting the bill out to me?

I don't understand their intentions in stopping issuing of payment books or billing statements. How else can they expect for their customers to keep up with their bills and the due dates etc? I am a very busy person. I work all the time. I just happen to be home on vacation until 2-6-07 in which I will return in my work and then it is almost impossible to reach me. I have three children in which I have student loans on. I have to rely on the payment books and billing statements to help me keep up with my bills.

I was off from work today and I had a difficult time in opening the pdf file through the email but I finally figured it out by entering all of our social security numbers one by one until it opened with the correct one. I was hesitant in using the ss#'s but the instructions were that the ss# was the password to open the file. Anyway, I was lucky to open it and discover this problem. I am sick. This should not have happened and I want answers to how to fix it. The agent, with sallie mae, could not or would not help me. She wanted to sell insurance.

I emailed them back by replying to the email I received in hopes that they would call me back but they have not as of yet. I am awaiting a payment book so that I may continue to pay on these loans I thought were paid.

I hear of so many student loans not getting paid but I understand now that if sallie mae and others like them do not send out billing statements or payment books to these people, they do not know to continue paying on their loans or perhaps, like myself, think they must be paid in full.

I hope someone can help me on this matter. I want to get this paid off as soon as I can but I have wasted 6 months and now I have late charges charged to me. I want the late charges taken off and sallie mae to send me proper billing through the postal service only. This way I can be assured that I receive my bills.

Sallie Mae
PO Box 9533
Wilkes-Barre Pa [protected]

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  • Al
      6th of Mar, 2007
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    I am trying to get my original loan documents from 1990-1993 from the Wilkes-Barre center but I can't get any response this is holding up my NHSC Loan Repayment program. Help quickly time is running out

  • Ma
      27th of May, 2007
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    Sallie Mae is using a scam technique - look at their web site - they make it seem like you have to enter an e-mail address, but you don't. An exclamation point comes up as if there is an error. What they don't make clear is that if you enter an e-mail address, you are agreeing to accept not getting any bill in the mail.

    I was never notified of the first payment due on my new loan, never received any coupons, then three months later I got a letter saying I was delinquent. All my other loans are auto debit, and I intended to do the same with this one as soon as I got notification it was time to start paying it. They have never handled it in this manner before, and I have several loans with them. There was no reason for me to think this loan was any different. This is a new way to trap people into late payments.

    I am going to consolidate whatever I can without sacrificing interest rates with a different lender - I think direct gov't loan.

    Then, when I entered bank info to make the loan an auto - debit, they put all my loans into suspension of auto debit because I wanted the one loan to be paid out of a different account. I found out by getting a letter from them the day after one of the other payments was due. I , of course, thought there was no problem with my other loans, since I've used auto - debit with them for years.

  • Ma
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    Sallie Mae student loans is the biggest scam I have ever seen. When will someone straighten this robbery of students out.

  • Ch
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    Sallie Mae LOST my $29,000.00 check! I had an official check sent to Sallie Mae over two weeks ago to be applied to my loan however it mysteriously never made it to my account. My bank had copies of the check showing it was signed for and CASHED by Sallie Mae.

    When I called the "customer service" line I was bounced back and forth between the CS and "specialist" departments talking to 7-9 different people all telling me "they don't know what to do".
    No one ever thought to contact the main office where the check was processed.

    As of now I am still waiting to actually talk with someone at Sallie Mae to finally resolve the situation.

  • Do
      9th of Apr, 2008
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    I also too have three loans with Sallie Mae. I took the loans out for my son. I have called over 30 times requesting a payment booklet. Everytime they say they will send one and it just never comes. I think they do it on purpose to get you on the late charges and the interest charges. Life is busy and if we dont get a bill in the mail or have a booklet we do tend to forget. They surely count on this. Its pretty rotten of them. I have two of the loans now paid off. I am still waiting now 6 months after the payoffs to get my letterhead of payoff from them. I made sure I called them and got the payoff amount to be correct. I also taped the phone messages with them. Stating the date, the time, the payoff amount ect, the persons name I spoke to ect ect. I am a morgage broker and I know my interest rates and how to caculate it properly. I am still waiting for the payment booklet on the third loan to come which probably never will. So, Illhave to stay on top of this also.
    I am alittle upset about how customer service treats the customer. I was treated like I was stupid and didnt know a thing. Did I mention I was a Registered Nurse for 22 years before entering the field of morgages and loans for a local bank!! I dont know what degree the people have in customer service at Sallie Mae but it sure isnt too much. I can barely understand the service people. I do not know what language they speak but it is hard to understand them. They also dont seem to understnad the questions you ask them. I speak English as I am a born and raised american. I also speak German, Dutch, Polish and alot of good old American Slang when dealing with Sallie Mae. When I tell the customer person I am having a hard time understanding them and I am sorry but the accient is alittle strong for me to understand. I am told that they speak very good English! Really now its my first Language and I cant understand a word they are saying. Ever wonder what country betters them selves from the interest on a Sallie Mae loan???! Its always customer beware these day. Whatever happened to the customer is always right and to please the customer? It is also alot of younger people just getting started in life and trying to figure out how the loans work credit and such. Alot of people get taken advantage of in big corps lending firms. To take advantage of the young at heart still learning and trying to make a life for themselves is horrible. No wonder why we have angry young people out there. On and on I could go! People get tired of fighting and just give up and pay Sallie Mae with no understanding of any of it. This company is so busy collecting their interest on customes they forgot to educate their own employees.

  • Da
      16th of May, 2008
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    Same thing is happening to me, lost billing statements, no payment booklets.
    Harassing phone calls and account is up to date.

  • Jo
      23rd of May, 2008
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    Sallie Mae has a loan in my name collected by Wyandotte Tribes school Metropolitan Jr. College in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. The school was closed for funding fraud. I never attended the school, and Sallie Mae serving agent Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loan Services has for 15 years embezzled payments from me in the form of wage garnishment, tax returns, strong arm payments, harrassing phone calls up to 5 and 6 six calls a day, I beleive what they do by helping with school financing, but what do you do if you never attended the school, never got the loan, never received the education. It has taken me 15 years to find out it was Sallie Mae who issued the loan to this fraudulent school owned by Wyandotte Tribe in Oklahoma. Now because Sallie Mae gave the loan to a American Tribe owned school, and the school is closed due to fraud, Sallie Mae has layed the burden of the theft of these funds on myself as Native American Tribes are not governed by American laws, but can do business with lenders and steal funds, rack up and create debts on people under fake, fraudulent, bogus school names.

  • Lo
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    sallie mae actually has most call centers in india. it is cheaper to pay them than an american...i suspect.
    This runs counter to the speal I got from the fin aide office about how sallie mae cares so much and wants to reinvest and support our communities...then..if that is the case...why are they running their offices out of India!!!

  • Rh
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    I have the same feelings regarding Sallie Mae. I am really financially strapped for cash right now. I feel like no one knows what they are talking about when I call them. I have spoken to several people who do not seem to speak english... or have a thick Indian accent and makes it very difficult for me to understand them. They have me packaged in 7 different student loans, and they tell me that they no longer consolidate. I cannot believe this, they are trying to make me pay 255.14 a month, for a 2 year school that I went to. My sister went to a 4 year school, and her loan is only $120 a month... because she was able to get a better deal through her student loan company. I had to talk to 8 different people just to get my loan lowered to $128 a month and I had to defer my federal loans for the time being. Now they are saying I am behind a payment. I have never received a bill for the $128, but they still keep calling my house trying to collect from me, all hours of the night. When I asked to speak to a "unit manager " today I was so "Lucky" to speak to an ### hole by the name of Clint. Who sounded like a 20 year old puke, who argued with me on the phone and hung up on me twice... and told me I am putting you on a "REFUSAL TO PAY", this was after I told him I have my parents debit card and I wanted to pay today. When I called back he said, "This is Clint" -- I said, yeah I just talked to you and you hung up on me. He said, "Yes, I had to." I informed him that I wanted to speak to a manager and he told me that " I am the only manager here right now, and they will all tell you just what I did!" I told him, I am a business Management major, and I have no idea how he ever got to be a manager with that attitude. The whole time I argued that I just wanted a paper bill for the right amout to be mailed to me. He said that he put that in my file, but if I don't get it... I still need to pay it? Then they are charging me $10 extra dollars to pay it over the phone!!! How can you do that to someone? He told me that a paper bill is a Privilege and that if I don't recieve it then I just need to pay my bills. He also said that the harassing phone calls wouldn't happen if I just paid my bills on time. I cannot believe that this puke got away with talking to me like that. Someone really needs to do something about sallie mae. Has anyone ever considered getting a lawyer? I feel like they are purposely trying to scam us out of money. Forcing you into late payments and forcing you to pay by phone for extra money in their pocket! I am outraged!

  • Sh
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    im actually experiencing something similar with Sallie Mae. they quit sending me bills so i assumed the account was paid off. i recently ran a credit report and they have turned me into a creditor. i called to figure out what was going on. the lady on the phone from Sallie Mae told me i was a liar and i have just been avoiding paying my bill. i asked her to send me a paper bill so that i could fix the problem. she refused. told me i had till the end of the day today to pay the bill OVER THE PHONE or she was going to turn in another claim. how can they refuse to send me a bill when im willing to pay! so frustrating!! any ideas are welcome

  • No
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Does anyone know if there are federal or state laws requiring SallieMae to provide timely billing or coupon books? I have received bills on 10/7/2008, 12/7/2008, and 3/9/2009. I'm not going to continue paying late charges if they wo'nt send me timely billing. I guess I'll have to turn this over to my lawyer.
    If anyone hears of a solution or a lawsuit, please contact me at

  • Sc
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    I have the same problem with sallie mae... I get a bill every few months instead of monthly! It is so frustrating I have three different loans with them and pay $250 per month on a two year degree! It is so frustrating!

  • Br
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    I too am having a nightmare with Sallie Mae. I signed my daughter up with Sylvan Learning and was offered to finance through Sallie Mae. I was able to get the money through child support and paid the loan off in full in June 2007. Last month I inquired with a mortgage lender about refinancing my home at a lower interest rate and he told me that Sallie Mae was showing I was delinquent but all my other credit was perfect. Sallie Mae has ruined my credit rating. It took a month of pleading on the phone with them to get a statement sent to my home address. I can not figure out why they show I owe them money and they never sent me anything and they had my address the whole time. I don't know if I should just pay the $500 in late payments and interest on interest. The loan was for $3300 I paid $1100 and $2030 was refunded since I did not use that money. Do consumers have any rights against these big companies or do we just bend over. If I had known I owed them money I would have dealt with this 3 years ago. If there is a way to fight this, please let me know.

  • Sa
      18th of Sep, 2010
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    Wow, people! You peg everything on Sallie Mae. You took out the received notification of when your 1st payment was. That day never changes each month. You obviously have access to the internet, so why not sign up on to stay up to date. You can see your current standing at any point in time on that website, make payments for free, sign up for autodebit and receive a decrease in interest rate. I have plenty of loans with Sallie Mae. They loaned me the money, so it is my debt, and as far as I'm concerned, I am responsible for paying it on time. I don't feel that anyone should be responsible for holding my hand when it comes to paying my debt. It is my credit at stake, not theirs. As far as I'm concerned, companies sending out billing statements or making calls to try to bring an account current is a courtesy. Just because you don't get paper in the mail, doesn't mean the debt somehow vanished in thin air. If you are posting on this website or reading this, you can sign up on their website and be responsible to pay off your own debt and stop blaming someone else for your irresponsibility. Also, if you went to college, you probably know how to use the computer and internet. You also probably should have learned about some general finance. I know that when I took out the loans, I didn't know as much, but I read the promissary note and knew what I was getting myself into when I signed it. Everything is disclosed in the promissary note. I regret taking out as much as I did, but in the end of the day, I made those choices, not Sallie Mae.

    I know that they are very good at marketing their products and that they may take advantage of young and irresponsible students, but I feel that their loans have become more consumer-friendly over the years, and I think that you will find this even more with the federal loan takeover. They have real competition now with Direct Loans and it is pushing them to have loans with better terms.

    Sallie Mae was the best thing that ever happened to you while you were in school and they were willing to give you money to get through college, and now just because you actually have to be responsible for your actions and pay them back, they are now the devil.

    No one owes you anything in life. Just remember that!

    A borrower, just like you
    (& no, I am not a Sallie Mae employee, just a borrower)

  • Sa
      4th of Nov, 2010
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    I have had the same problems with Sallie Mae, i only went to Northern Oklahoma College for one year and Sallie Mae is charging me for two years.How can they do that. I called them and the told me that i went to school and have to pay it. I told them that i will pay for the ONE year that i went but will not pay for a second year that i was not in school. The Very little English speaking gal called me a lire and said they had a signed document from me for that second loan so i asked for a copy...She said she could not send one. Really if i signed it then i should be able to get a copy right? I also told her that i know i was not school because i had been swimming in Kaw Lake the summer before school would have started and got a nasty little bacteria from swallowing lake water that almost killed me and i was in the hospital at the time this document was signed. From then on i kept getting nasty calls all the time some as late as 1 am. They would call my work and harass me there they called family hounding them. I payed off my first loan i have a copy of each payment i have made. Then after a few years i had my first child and had to raise him by myself and tried to explain that i could not pay off their fraudulent loan. They lady was yelling at me and then hung up on me when i asked to speak to a manager i called back and demanded that i speak to who was in charge and i got a young man who sounded like he was only 18 and he told me that he was going to put on my account refusal to pay and send it to a collection agent. I was like fine and i will see about getting that loan removed from my account and he told me "good luck" and hung up on me. I was like What the hell So another year goes by of me fighting and i had just started a new job and i got another call at 12am waking my sleeping son i was pissed and i told them i am stating a new job and it would be a month before my first check. The lady again called me a lier i explained in a slow voice so she could understand that at Sykes you have to work a month in training before you get your check she told me she never heard of such things and i told her that she needed to open her ears more then because it happens a lot, i was rude at this point and hung up on her she called back yelling at me telling me that they will garnish every pay check till my debt is paid in full. I laughed at her and told her then i guess i just have to work under the table then. This made her very angery but at 1 am now and with a screaming baby i just didn't care. I told her again send me the copy of where i signed for that second loan and i would be happy to pay. Again she said she could not do that, so i told her that until then i was not going to pay, I hung up an her and turned off the phone I had twelve messages when i turned my phone on the next morning some as late as 4am. So i changed my number, I know this sounds like i am just skirting paying off loans but i am not i don't want to pay for something i never had. So four years later when my husband and i filed for our taxes it didn't come. come to find out sallie mae sold my account to someone else and they had the state garnish our taxes, so my husband had to go back and file a paper so he could get his taxes and the kids tax credit back and leave the state to only take mine. (3 kids now) I have called Sallie Mae to find out who they sold it to and they would not tell me so i got a hold of the state and they told me and when i got a hold of that company they had raised the intrest rates to 27% WTF! After my divorce i went to try to get a loan for a house and could not get one they checked my credit and there are now THREE loans from student loans that were not paid. THREE where in the hell did they all come from i got them tracked back and sallie mae put them on my credit. The very first loan of 1500 was on there that i had paid off but they did not put it to my account. the second for 2556.00 was the one i was disputing. Then there is a strange one for 4896.00 NO one can tell me where that came from. So i went to the police station and asked them to look into identity theft. A couple months went by and i got a call to come down to the station. The officer told me that everything look real to him that i took out these three loans i told him that i didnt and showed him the date of the third loan would have been taken out in the middle of the semester so it could not have been for school. He told me that it was a loan for Northern Oklahoma College and that i went to school there. I told him this whole story i told you now he just shrugged and handed me a paper with my signature Pasted on the bottom you could even see the lines where someone had cut out my real signature and pasted it to a paper and faxed it in. I told the officer see look you can tell this is not real he just shrugged and told me to get a lawyer. So i have now written the Gov of the state the Northern Oklahoma College ad many other people to try to get this off my credit that this is fraud. I am finding no luck at all and now i cant get a house or a car, or even a credit card. I am at my wits end. I HATE Sallie Mae and hope they All burn in Hell

  • Qu
      12th of Nov, 2010
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    I have an complaint myself...I had got an student loan and financial aid for miller motte school and an numerous amount of people recieved money back and im not understanding why im not! This will be something i look into because it's not fair my tuition dont add up to the amount of money i recieved and the amount i've spent on my books and things, so for me not to get any thing back is really suspect and i have to pay this money back.

  • Ma
      29th of Dec, 2010
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    I'm having the same issues with Sallie Mae!! Someone has to stop them from their dishonesty and misleading information!!! I've tried to get payment help from them and got turned down every time. They kept disconnecting every time I call to get things cleared out. I got my school involved this time since Sallie Mae is saying they paid my school all this money when I've only taken 3 classes from them!!! Its nearly impossible!! I might just contact the media and get them started in exposing Sallie Mae!!!

  • Pa
      6th of Jan, 2011
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    My problem with Sallie Mae is a little different. Like all, I do not receive bills. Never have and probably never will. I do all of my transactions online, so I really don't need them. I have never had a late fee and am way ahead of repayment schedule. My problem arose when I tried to pay off the highest interest loan I had with them. I wrote a check for the exact principle amount of the loan, and with it sent instructions to apply it to that principle of the high interest loan. I sent the check in to coincide with my normal payment, which takes care of any outstanding interest. They ended up charging me 300% more for the month’s accrued interest on that loan, so my check did not pay off the principle. Easy calculations showed they were wrong and my loan should have been paid in full, so I called... 4 times... Each conversation ends the same. "You are right, you were charged too much interest on your loan. Your loan should have been paid off. We will send a request in to have this changed." So, for the past 4 months I've been paying principle and interest on a loan that should not have a balance. Still I wait... I think this is illegal! If it’s not stealing, I don’t know what is.

  • Te
      13th of Jan, 2011
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    I have 2 Sallie Mae accounts and have recently gotten behind on my payments due to change in employment and other financial difficulties. I attempted to get their help with adding them to a debt consolidation program I am in where they would get their money every month on time but, they would have to accept lower payments. They have been very unreasonable about it all. They won't lower my interest rates and they won't agree with the terms of the debt consolidation program. They should be willing to cooperate knowing that they would get their money that is due to them. But, instead, I keep getting harassing phones calls daily (sometimes more than 2 a day) I owe approx. 2, 500.00 on each loan. What is it going to take for them to understand that not everyone can always make ends meet in this world today? Worst case, I may have to file bankruptcy for them to see the light even if it does destroy my credit rating for several years.

  • Te
      13th of Jan, 2011
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    I agree thoroughly with the complaint. This is a tough world we live in and not everyone is made of money. We don't all have the government on our sides when it comes to matters regarding debt, money and lack thereof.

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