Sallie Mae / reps lying about federal guidelines

United States

Actual phone call to make January 2011 student loan payment on 12 January 2011. Ilene rep # C41368 gave me an amount due which included the not yet due February payment. The rep Ilene #C41368 informed me that federal guidelines allowed her to demand payment for not yet due months and collect funds for the February 2011 payment which again is not yet due. When I questioned her further she insisted that federal guidelines allowed her to demand payment. I asked her for a copy of the federal guidelines she was referring to. She said she'd be more than happy to supply me with these guidelines. To date I have not received any copy of these "federal guidelines" which allows Sallie Mae to demand payments for months not yet due. This was not a misunderstanding. This rep knew that she was making a demand (not a request) for a payment of a month that was not yet due and further, this rep was aware that she was lying about this demand being acceptable under "federal guidelines". Now let me be clear so there is no misunderstanding, this rep did not ask if I'd like to pay February's payment while on the phone which would have been an acceptable request. This rep demanded payment for February to be included in my January payment. Sallie Mae this is an completely unacceptable way to do business. Your representatives should not dare to lie then use Federal Guidelines as an excuse to cover her lie with regard to making payments or even hint that Federal Guidelines allow you to demand pre-payment of months not yet due. The unethical practice of this rep is a direct reflection on your business practices.

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