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Student loans

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Sallie Mae
United States
I have to say I am right there with all of you guys as well as far as sallie mae (the wicked) goes. I have been dealing with them 6 months after I graduated in 2004 it is now 2009 and I still have not come to any kind of agreement with them. I have used up all of my forbearance (which cost me $150, every 6 months, that does not go toward my loans or interest ) which kills me!! Therefore, I have given up and said to hell with SM and my credit there is nothing else I can do since they are not willing to work with people.

They will not consolidate my private loans to lower the interest since they put a freeze on that, unknown to me, until I called trying to do it. But even before they put a freeze on it they would not consolidate them for many other reasons that of course were ### reasons. when in fact they are just doing these things to keep taking on interest. which is so backwards to me because why do you keep screwing someone when you know they can't pay you in the first place?? I hate SM! and if I was a computer hacker I would go in and delete everyone's debt!!! But I am not so what the hell are we all suppose to do about this huge cloud hanging over us???

If there is indeed a lawsuit I am in so please let me know if there is. Oh by the way are there people out there who did not even realize when they were taking out these loans that they were private?? and know about all the issues that come with private loans? my school has a class action lawsuit against it right now for misguiding students about all of this. Schools really need to have a course that every student has to take to learn about student loans before they take any loans out. Because the student loan world has it's own language that we all do not speak so we all end up in this situation. But then again if there was a course the recruiters or so called guidance counselors would not get bonuses for signing students up for loans. It's all a twisted ball of ### and we are the ones who get ### on over and over again!!!
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N  26th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Slimy Mae trolls here (Mica and your owner SM), DIE, GO OFF THE FACE OF EARTH. It's only a matter of time before SM and the entire corrupted system are wiped out, too bad it's going to ruin some lives in the meanwhile.
N  26th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Mica, go get that gun, sc$m and blow your evil head off
N  26th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Lol, a "lawyer" with a little (we all know what) wenting out here cause he haven't gotten laid in a loooong time (all the money, lawyer-leech, can't help you to get that, don't they?)...or--I'm starting to think that Mica is another slimy Mae victim just trying to cause more hatred to SM, no? :]] You're doing a good job... not bad.

Loan sharks like Sh$tty Mae make tons and tons of money off former students, sucking every last drop out--they blow up "fees", etc until eventually they either suck person's life dry OR get all the money from the guarantor--the feds--SM is interested in letting the payoff amount grow as much as possible because they know they're getting all the money from the guarantor eventually.

In a civilized country, all education is free--because education doesn't cost much at all. (I'm a child of former professors of one of the top technical universities in the world and I know very well how much cost education involves). The ripoff/scams such as new edition of textbooks sold for $200 and more (come on, how much new discoveries had been made in Physics during recent months that warrant changing a textbook???) are only to help "educational mafia" consisting of leeches feeding off US educational system. Professor salaries don't consume that much money and building maintenance cost nothing compared to the costs associated with the war or waste pools of money in the pockets of the wealthy. All over the world, higher education of much better quality than American is financed at the small fraction of what Americans are supposedly paying for their education.
Education much be free, not only that, student dorms and food must be free as well (while the change should be made to make student cafeterias serve healthy meals, versus being restaurant-like establishments serving unhealthy junk poisoned with chemicals)

So, Mica, SM and corrupt government, my final response is: S$CK IT DRY, like ya trying to anyway.
N  26th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
No, we don't hate America, we want to make changes in America. Hating the establishment that exploits others doesn't' equate to hating "America"--we love America and believe that this country shouldn't' be based on Greed.
Why do you think America imports so many engineers and other professionals from countries where education is free and why most higher education students of outside countries come better prepared? Because American own ed. system can not produced them, despite its high costs. Student loans is nothing but a [censor] run by corrupt and greedy subset of American people who are holding only their benefits (that they mostly had been born into)>
D  26th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
xan fails to mention how these other "civilized" countries are paying for these services for their respective citizens. Americans already feel overburdened by taxes, but the way to pay for free tuition, room, and board (and healthcare, etc) is to jack up the tax rate to approximately 50% - it's what Germany does, and that's essentially the utopia you are painting in your responses.

While I do agree that textbook prices are outrageous, I would prefer to attend a school that attempted to use the latest edition of a book as opposed to one from a decade ago. This is not to say that old books are worthless, but there are reasons for updated editions which are not tied only to advances in the field (ie, corrections or additions/deletions of more relevant material).

Xan's assumption that college tuition doesn't cost much is pretty asinine - having viewed the budgets (and yes, the waste) that goes on in higher education, I can attest to why tuition prices are the way they are. For Xan to claim that salaries don't amount to much is the type of thinking that says people should not be paid a working wage. Professors are not the only employees of a university, but they are indeed a large portion of annual budgets (facilities and utilities being the other major budgetary items). In order for universities to attract students, they need good programs, and programs need good professors. To attract good professors, they need to offer competitive salaries and benefits. To support the professors, you need support units - administrative assistants, grounds keepers, maintenance crews, motor pool, IT staff, security/police force, etc.

Xan seems to believe the country has limitless funds (deficit, anyone?) with which to educate its people. While this is an idealistic goal (although very naive), the reality is that this country will not achieve that anytime soon for more reasons than any of us could list.

To hate SM, or any student loan guarantor, for giving students the opportunity gain an education is pretty dumb. The people who aren't paying these loans back are the same ones who are probably defaulting on other loans, partied too much in school, or worse - majored in the wrong degree. You blame SM for people being ripped off, however I blame the kids who decided to get an "easy" degree (ie, English) when tuition was $20k/yr. Failing to determine basic ROI is not SM's fault - take some personal responsibility.
N  26th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Monie (OP),

Why do you think you need to come to some "agreement" with SM? I think that agreement was the loan contract you signed right before you took their money to pay for your degree. Not paying, and worse, telling others not to, is [censor]ed and just shows you wasted your time and your money getting an education when it obviously didn't help. Student loans are not like consumer loans which disappear in 7 years after the last activity - student loans are forever. If you don't want to pay them, then have fun renting for the rest of your life.
N  27th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
N  7th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
For anyone that is trying to get a student loan at the moment, I need to warn you before you attempt to get a loan from Sallie Mae. I took out a loan beginning of 2009 for my third year of college. It was originally for $17, 000 but I took off the second semester and returned the extra $8500 I had received from Sallie Mae.

Before I took off, I called Sallie Mae to tell them not to disperse the second half of my loan. They told me that they would not disperse it, but what did they do... THEY DISPERSED IT ANYWAY! So I had to call them and tell them off for that.

Then, when you are officially withdrawn from a school, you have 6 months of extra deferment before your loans come due. (This varies from loan provider to loan provider, but Sallie Mae DOES give you 6 months.) Within the first month I was not in school... Sallie Mae sent me a bill to collect my loan payment... AND it wasn't just for the $8500 that I now owed them... it was on the ORIGINAL $17, 000 loan. LOOKS LIKE I HAD TO CALL AGAIN! So I called them back, got someone that didn't speak English, then got another person that tried to tell me I still owed the $17, 000, yet it was posted that I returned $8500 already. At this point I am PISSED! I finally get that under control.

Now just today... I go online to check all my loan information on the website... Well, according to the Sallie Mae website, my user name and password are incorrect (yet I have the information written down, and they are not incorrect). So I try to find my username and apparently now my SS # doesn't match my birthday nor does my account number. LOOKS LIKE I CALL THEM AGAIN! What does the lady do? Deletes my account so that I can make a new one... well that's not easy is it! I go to make a new one. It refuses to let me make a new account. It takes me an extra 40 minutes to speak with another representative, and then I get declined to speak to a supervisor.

SALLIE MAE IS THE WORST! Unless you REEEEAAAALLLYYY have to... DO NOT borrow from them. They over charge in interest... they don't have anything straight. They are horrible at helping and they definitely don't listen. Trust me... there are easier ways!
A  8th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
A simple Google search of the lender would have alerted you to the countless problems that students have experienced with Sallie Mae. At that point, you should have chosen another lender.
N  23rd of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Mica1755 go [censor] your self and die a nasty [censor]ing death.
A  23rd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Sallie Mae and the Department of Education rip the disabled folks on Social Security off. They sent my loan forgiveness paper work to India I guess? And my doctor's office after the fourth stupid submission told me he wanted nothing more to do with Sallie Mae and the Department of Education.

I get calls after legal operating hours. Even when I am resting the phone disturb my rest time.

And the U.S. government elected officials just say submit the paperwork again. I will not! I have all the old submissions though: (1) they kept the processing to long that my doctor's license was needing a renewal date. (2) another time the spelling of my doctor's name. (3) my date of the occurrence of sickness started before my visit to my doctor. (4) etc...

I say lawsuits are needed. And a Congressional Hearing should be made into how loans are being forgiven or not by Sallie Mae, the Department of Education, and other agencies.

N  4th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ben Gordon I recently had a hearing with GRC concerning a debt they've saddled upon me even tho i've proved time and time again i never agreed to it.

During the hearing where, according to the papers I was sent informing me of the hearing, i was supposed to have a chance to prove my financial hardship . iomagine minimum wage, with one child, and over 1300 a mionth bills not including insurance ( car or otherwise ), gas, food, clothing, medical bills, etc.. .

Anyways, the judge overseeing the case was there at the sallie mae center, and we had it over the phone. Can you believe the woman representing GRC, one L:aurie Greene, claimed to have evidence against me where I'm supposed to have admitted owing them the money. When i aksed what proof, she claimed it was during a phone call with GRC when they called me at home one night around 9 pm.

I asked did they have my voice recorded? she replies ' no' what about my written signature then ? ' No"
well, what proof do you have to anything? " My people wrote notes during the call "

And she neglects to say during said call I informed them I owed no debt, I never saw, read or signed any loan agreement, and when I asked for proof of debt USA Funds sends me a form I have never seen where someone typed my name in the signature box.

plus I had a government wage garnishment already plus on top of that, they kept trying to get me to give them my bank account information to which I steadfastly refused
( partly due to the fact I refuse to hand over any info like that to anyone especially over the phone, and mainly due ti the fact as I have repeatedly stated to them I have no bank account)

She even told the judge a lot of the evidence against me she could not prove.

But here's the kicker..I also have a government wage garnishment against me as well. The judge finds this out and tells Laurie she has to stop all garnishments against me till the government is thru.

So my lawyer asks her to send him a letter regarding that and she agrees, and sends it off right then.

But as I kept providing good solid evidence. the judge instead of rendering his decision then gives me till July 14 th to gather more of my proof.

So payday comes around and I'm feeling a little better since GRC is supposed to stop garnishments according to the judge due to my government issue. I get my paycheck and see they took out the money yet again. i ask the secretary about it and she shows me the letter Laurie Greene sent her.

instead of telling them to stop garnishment as informed by the judge, she sends the letter written in capital letters demanding they keep taking my money even tho i'm below the limit and also being garnished by the government as well. so she lies to me every time we talk and now she lied to the judge as well.

She also claims they're just getting $20 a week even tho I have documented proof they're taking 30 to 40 bucks a week and they only put 80 a month towards the bill they claim I owe. They're refusing to give me a hardship package like they originally promised me when they first started calling me.
A  9th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
i feel you they are a bunch of crooked fat MONEY pigs and i should be payed off already but there dame 20 dollor late payments @ucks me over ever time. i have a wife and a son and these crooks have drained all my money from me someone needs to make them pay for there greedy nature. i hope the ones in control die of a horrible cancer as they think of how they screwed over so many people. BURN IN HELL SALLIE MAE ! I MEAN THAT ! BURN IN [censor]IN HELL YOU GREEDY [censor]IN WHORES ! I HATE THERE FRAUD OF A LOAN COMPANY AND THAT FAKE [censor] SCHOOL AS WELL. lucky for me i got out of that westwood school before i ended up with a huge bill from them i must have payed 500 dollors in late payments so far and i am not late! they get there money and my pay check as well. [censor] YOU SALLIE MAE ! I hope a someone blows your building up with all you thieves inside burning alive.
A  25th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm not surprised by the practices of this company,
Isn't it sad when programs are started to help the populace
at large, are then privatized and are ( it seems so to me ) sanctioned by the government.


Loaners and credit cards are the bane of our existence.
They would be sooo screwed if none of us used them, but
that would be the day we all lived within our means.
A  3rd of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I hate this company. Same story, outrageous loan amounts for college tuition, no end in sight. Maybe in 50 years I'll be out of debt, or dead, whichever comes first.

Welcome to the American dream.
N  10th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes

Sallie Mae - Mis-Applied Payments
Sallie Mae
United States

I co-signed a student loan for one term of my son's education. He was able to finance the balance of his student loans on his own. Unfortunately he has not been making payments on any of his loans. When I realized this, I took over the payments on my co-signed loan only. I have the payments set up to pay automatically from my credit union. Although the reps at Sallie Mae were adamant that I needed to set the payments up through them. I refuse to allow a lender to have access to debit my bank accounts, when they cannot manage to properly post the payments. I send my payments to the address they designated for payments from co-signers. Several months ago I began getting harrassing calls, then an invoice came showing that no payments had been applied for several months. In reviewing my records I showed that I should have been at least one payment ahead. When I called their customer service line, after several failed attempts to navigate the barrage of questions and button pushing to finally get a live person, they were rude. I tried to explain that I was calling to complain that my payments were mis-applied and was told that the account was seriously past due and I would need to set up a payment. I explained that my payments are electronically transferred through bill pay with my credit union. The response was then I should double check with them. I gave dates and payment amounts and was informed that those payments were not found. I asked if the payments had been posted to the loan that I had not co-signed. The response was that I did not have authorization to receive that information. Finally out of frustration, I requested a full payment history so that I could file a formal complaint under the fair credit reporting act. That got her attention, she finally found her polite voice.
A week later with my payment history and credit union payments seriously not matching, I faxed my complaint and request for research to correct all of the mis-applied payments. Thinking that it was taken care of and someone would finally correct the account, I deglected to follow-up with a telephone call. The following month another Invoice showing that may payment had not been applied. This time the telephone call escalated to supervisor, when the customer service rep began berating me with the need to set up payments with them since my account was seriously past due. In my review of the payment history I should have been paid ahead several months. The supervisor did listen and patiently went over each mis-applied payment. He also asked that I add the notation "loan 1 only" to the memo line on the credit union payments. I followed-up several days later to confirm that the account was corrected. I also confirmed that the memo line was amended for all future payments.
Today 12/9/10; I received another Invoice showing that there has not been any payments recieved since 8/19/10. When I called, the customer service rep began the usual practice of treatment for delinquent loans. I explained that I was calling to register a complaint for three mis-applied payments. She continued to request that I set up a payment because my account was seriously delinquent. I interrupted her and asked if she had heard what I said about calling to have Sallie Mae review my account and locate the missing payments. Her response was "ma'am did I interrupt you when you were speaking?" My response, get your supervisor because apparently you are not understanding what I am calling for. I have made my payments and once again Sallie Mae has mis-applied the payments. I said this is not the first time this has happened, if you will review the payments for my sons un-co-signed loan you will find the missing payments. She continued to argue, I demanded a supervisor because apparently this was beyond her ability to rectify. She transferred me to an unworking number with sallie mae and the line went dead.
I called right back, the next customer service rep listened and agreed that I would need to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor answered, took the basic information along with the payment dates and amounts that were mis-applied, said hold please, then the line went dead. I called right back and was informed by the telephone auto-attendent that the office was now closed.
I am so frustrated, with the incompetence of the handling of my payments. Why do they have a separate address for payments from co-signers if they arbitrarily post the payments to another past due account, when the intended loan is current.
A  12th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Im a single mother in serious debt with Sallie Mae and all i ask if anyone can PLEASE HELP ME! I'm trying to work something out where i can repay back that i can really afford each month but Sallie refused to work with me and decided to push it towards a jugement on my LIFE! ONCE AGAIN I'M A SINGLE MOM!!! TRYING TO MAKE IT PLEASE STOP SALLIE MAE!!! If anyone no what i can do please email me at asiatunstall@yahoo.com HELP!!!
N  25th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I've made payments since 2005 whenever I could, but rarely monthly. Two weeks ago, I answered the phone while house-sitting for my parents - who were not co-signors on my loans. At this point I owe Sallie Mae under $4, 800, in writing, yet they're claiming on the phone that they can sue me for $18, 000. In the written correspondence, it says I have until 3/20/2011 to pay off the rest of my loan - and I think I know a way I can do that. But it seems the practices of Salli Mae are underhanded to say the least - will they still try to sue me anyway?
A  1st of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
My wife and I both have student loans. My original loan was $10, 000 which I paid on for several years only to find out that the interest on these loans is compounded qtrly which increases the loan. I’m now in default because I’m unemployed and we lost our home and Sallie Mae defaulted my loan because I could not come up with $1700 to bring it current and $460 per month for payments. My loan has not been sent to Texas Guaranteed who advised that I just need to pay $200 per month and my balance is now $18, 000, if no payment arrangements are made within 30 days they will add 15% to the balance for collection fees and the interest keeps accumulating. My wife had a loan for $7500 which the same issues are going on and the balance is now $33, 000. As far as I’m concerned student loans are legalized loan sharks because they are backed by the government. We wrote our congressman, John McCain, but that did not do any good. When your broke you are broke. They advised my wife that they will start wage garnishment. Go figure so they can take more of what you don’t have.
A  8th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
Hello after reading all these posts and realizing that Im not the only one getting bent over and DRY FU@#ED by these worthless ### that Id post my story to! In 2007 I attended The Associated Training School in Columbus Oh for heavy equipment. I borrowed 13, 000 dollars, after paying my payment of 220.00 per month up untill this date I now owe 15, 785 dollars! I called the sh@t bags on the phone and asked what the h@ll was going on and they told me that I've only been paying the interest on the loan from day one! My response to that was you will get no more money from me anymore ! there answer to that was they would have it taken out of my pay check and or my taxes at the end of the year! as of now I;ve paid them around ten thousand dollas and owe them more than my orig loan amount! They can go get fu@@ed there not getting anymore money from me!!! fu@@ you!!!

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