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Worst customer service I have encountered

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I have had a student loan with these people for years and every time I call for something, I always get a rep that doesn't speak good english at all. That they have to repeat everything they say because you can't understand them.I have never had so much trouble getting through to someone, let alone someone who actually speaks english to the point that they only have to say the things once.

I think if you are going to have a really productive student loan company, you need to get people in there working that actually knows how to speak a little more than a slurpy amount of english.

I have also called a few months ago to have a coupon book sent to me to make my payments and I have never received one. I had to call several times since then and request the same thing. I don't know why these people can't get their stuff together so that when someone calls with a concern/question, they can talk to an American the speaks English...
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N  10th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
sorry you've had trouble with the outsourced customer service, but all your information is available at manageyourloans.com once you register an account, including a summary of all loans, how much you need to pay on each loan, and when the payments are due, as well as information regarding how to request and set up automatical withdrawals, deferments, and forbearances yourself. this should help.
N  2nd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
We were having the same problem. Yes, we know about "manage your loans" online. But what if every time you checked there was different or conflicting information? Late fees being applied to EXTRA payments that were made EARLY? This is what was happening to us, yet when we would call, after waiting on hold for up to an hour, we would get someone on the phone who knew nothing, and typically we would get several different answers. Finally, I saw on a Sallie Mae consumer-complaint web site, to contact our local congressman, which we did. We sent a certified letter to both the congressman and a copy (also certified, return receipt) to Sallie Mae. We also faxed the letter as well.
All of our issues were settled within the month, and even though we couldn't consolidate, my daughter was at least able to lower her payments to an amount she could pay (they went from $594 a month to $316 a month. The Sallie Mae person on the phone told us this couldn't be done. Hah!
Anyway, I recommend the same process. Be sure to send a "thank you" letter to your congressman as well as your Sallie Mae consumer advocate (you will be assigned one.) It will help to have this phone number handy for future questions!
N  19th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have to agree that Sallie Mae is one of the worst loan companies I had ever the misfortune to work with. If not for my fear that my interest rate might be more than what's at Sallie Mae, I would try to find some other lender to consolidate all my student loans.

I had deferred my loans because I just couldn't pay right out of college. I started to pay my loans for a while, until circumstances forced me to defer again. Last year, I started to pay again, and after about a year or so of looking at my invoice and payment schedule, I stopped looking as my monthly payments would remain the same for another year. That's when the nightmare started.

My account was reported as delinquent. I ordered a credit report and was shocked to see that I was "late" in payment for Sallie Mae. I have set up an automatic online payment with my bank (not through Sallie Mae's website) to send monthly payments to Sallie Mae. So, why was my account late?

It seemed they've added a loan which was not mine in the first place. Collections called and harrassed me at home and at work about payments. I thought they could not harrass and embarrass me at work? They were obnoxious and rude as well.

In any case, I called Sallie Mae and kept on telling them that I need an explanation of why this new amount and Loan #5 was in my account. They told me that I should know since I made payment to it. I told them that I have two statements, one for education loans and the other for careertraining loan. The account number for both types of loans are the same. How would I know how Sallie Mae applied my payments to my account.

I made two checks (twice monthly) to cover both types of accounts. I assumend all the money was applied to both accounts as to whatever the payments to each type of accounts should be, and the rest, as I requested, would go towards principal.

It took 6 months before they could clear off the loan which was not mine. In the meantime, I had to take another forbearance because I can't afford the monthly payment plus all the fees that they slapped me for being "late" in paying (towards the account which was not mine).

I had a client advocacy from Sallie Mae to work with me. This only happened because I called my school to call Sallie Mae. I have never gotten any help from Sallie Mae without that first initial call from the school to them. My account was cleared and the late fees reversed and all the payments to the false account was placed into my loans as payment. My deferment period ended 4/16/09.

Silly me thinking I don't need to look at the statement/invoice while my account is in deferment. I knew I would have to make a minimum payment beginning 4/16/09 and already set up my bank to forward that amount to Sallie Mae to be paid by 4/15/09.

Guess what? Sallie Mae charged me LATE fees for the account which they told me to request deferment while they're fixing the problem of that wrong account. AND they even sent a notice of delinquency because they seemed to think I have not paid my loans, eventhough it was in deferment period.

The total Career Training and Education Loans monthly payment is $242.15, I make online payment of $243.00. But Sallie Mae did a whacky and weird payment application that my loans looked like I have not paid for one in a long time. So currently they reported me as owing $311.95. How is that possible when the minimum payment I sent covers the minimum payments and a little towards principal?

This is the second time around that Sallie Mae is screwing my life. I have called recently, faxed, email, all to no avail. I am seriously trying to look at other lenders and see if they would just give me a loan so that I could get out of Sallie Mae because I hate them.

The departments within Sallie Mae never talked to each other. The client services personnel or anyone there, never write down or insert any client comment in our files so that anyone who's handling part of my account would knowt he history/story/issue. The other department could not stop the collection harrassment call even while I was working with the client advocacy unit at Sallie Mae trying to clear off that false loan account.

Sallie Mae is a rip off, and an unethical company. The government should set up an audit for this company and also to witness first hand how rude and ignorant these people are. I honestly hope that the government audits this company, Sallie Mae, and also check it's business ethics. SALLIE MAE SUCKS.
N  22nd of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
Listen, I'd rather not go to school then use a Sallie Mae loan. Actually, I didn't go to school because of there ridiculous interest rate and HORRIBLE customer service.
The school I had applied for used Sallie Mae for a loan, the loan amount was for 25, 000. With interest the total loan amount was 75, 000, that's 50, 000 in interest!. My credit score at the time was 730, so it wasn't because of bad credit.
I called Sallie Mae to cancel my loan and was told I was all set. Well a month later i get a bill in the mail for 350.00, the amount that was expected every month if i had followed through with the loan.
This went on for approx. 3 months, with me calling the school and Sallie Mae with no "real" help.
To make a long story short, to avoid months of headaches, frustration and stress, (not to mention the fact that no one at Sallie Mae speaks english good) find another loan agency or bank to deal with.
N  4th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Ill be short here. I have paid Sallie Mae for years now and guess what, my balances is now higher than it was before I started paying back my loans!!! This is insane. At one point I had over 2, 000 dollars worth of "fees" added to my account. At this rate I will pay over 80, 000 on a 30, 000 loan. How is this right? How is this legal? Also, all these comments are correct in saying that no one at Sallie Mae knows what they are doing. Every single time I call I get a different answer to whatever question I am asking. Something has to be done, they have to be stopped.
A  6th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Sallie mae allowed my son to co- sign my name to a $12, 000.00 loan (on line) without me knowing about it ( out of the country) until I recieved a notice in the mail 3 months later. They also told him the interest rate would be between 6 and 7 percent. When he got the payment coupons, the stated interest is 12.7 percent (interest only) for 5 years, amortized for 15 years after. Called customer service 10 times talked to ten incompetent employees.
A  22nd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've talked to five different customer care specialists, none of whom have command of the english language. They are either from the Phillipines or Indonesia. One asked me what the difference was between regular mail and e-mail. No matter what you ask them, its like name, rank and serial number. Here's your due date, here's the amount.
A  26th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes

Their customer service is HORRIBLE!

1. They do not speak ENGLISH!
2. They do not know anything about your account!
3. They call you 5 million times, and when u call them back, they had no reason to call you in the first place!
4. When you have a cosigner, its a HASSLE to get anything done!
5. This company does not know what they are doing!

If it wasn't for the short amount of time I have to get a loan, I would NEVER EVER NEVER EVER get a loan from them!

I had such a stressful week because of this stupid idiotic company. I will NEVER apply for SallieMae AGAIN!

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