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Forebearance and customer service

-Complaint#1: Bait and switch with Loan consolidations.
-Complaint#2: Loan payment pipeline inadequacies.
-Complaint#3: Forbearance practices.
-Complaint#4: Customer Service (including Customer Service Supervisors).

I recently graduated college and could not find a job other than part time work. I am not some wet behind the ears teen. I am a 33 year old Army combat veteran. I am a responsible borrower. Never before had I ever felt like I made a wrong decision (like borrowing money to pay for my education) as I do now by “working” with Sallie Mae.
- 1) I had been waiting for SM to restart their loan consolidation program. When my loans were two months from being due, I called the Customer service to inquire about Loan Consolidation. The lady told me to “call in another month, and they should be ready to go”.
I called back, and the operator told me she didn’t have any info regarding Loan Consolidations. “Try back later.”
I spoke to another recently and she said”I had a meeting with some higher ups, and they said we should start loan consolidations again by the end of the year.”
I do not believe a lonely operator has the stature to have a meeting with higher ups. I do believe Sallie Mae has the habit of delaying the borrower long enough that the borrower will go into collection.
- 2) This is not the first time that I found out there was missing steps or information regarding trying to catch up with my loans. It seems the operators are leaving information out, only to leave me standing around thinking I am squared away while my loans are going into collections. SM is inconsistent and misleading. If not misleading, then the correct word is incompetent.
- 3) My grace period for loan repayments came up. I was now a month due and I had to request forbearance for my private loans while I look for an institution that will consolidate my loans. I paid the 150 dollar forbearance fee which isn’t my complaint.
I get an email stating that my loan is two months delinquent now. The customer service collection department contacted me. I find out that one loan was not accepted for forbearance because “I could not apply for it over the phone, since the loan was through Sallie Mae, but the bank was a different bank”. I asked why I wasn’t told that during the forbearance process. I then asked if they could contact the bank, just to tell them that I was going to fill out the paperwork and get it to them as fast as I can. The operator stated he can’t do anything about it; I needed to send the paperwork on time. I informed the operator that did not receive the paperwork. He said it should get to me in a few days. I am already declared delinquent on that loan.
Thanks for the help.
- 4) When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the operator denied my request until I would explain to him why I wanted to speak to supervisor. I requested the operators ID number (ID# 59587. [protected] ext.59587) and had to hang up and call back to speak to a new operator. Same results occurred AGAIN! I finally explained to the lady that I would rather not complain about an employee to another employee, I would rather speak to a supervisor. I spoke with a collections supervisor Mark (ID#732) after a mild waiting period. I could tell he was already aware of what was going on by his tone. After attempting to get his assistance in resolving the delinquent loan, I was again told that I needed to send in the form to the bank. I get that.
All I needed was someone from Sallie Mae, who in my opinion screwed this up in the first place; by not informing me that one loan wasn’t going to be covered unless I sent in some paperwork, to contact the institution on my behalf- as a sign of good faith, that I was doing everything I could to get on good standing with them.
Mark then gets angry at me and said “Look, you are the one that borrowed money from us to pay for your school”!
I am not a child. I do not need a paper pusher to demean me. It is unacceptable to even approach a borrower with that kind of attitude. It is unprofessional.
I did call him a ###. I informed him that I was doing everything to repay my loans.
Mark threatened me by stating that he will deny my forbearance requests for speaking to him that way. Since when does a ### supervisor have the right to screw with someone’s finances over a personal problem? My next question is why it is Sallie Mae policy to allow their employees to determine if forbearance will go through or not, depending on what kind of day they are having?
My conversations with the operators “may be recorded and monitored”…so there should not be any doubt to my complaints.
--------M. From California.------------------
(Here are the higher ups contact info).
Eric D. Reicin
Sallie Mae, Inc. Office of the General Counsel
12061 Bluemont Way Reston, VA 20190

Anne Milem
Sallie Mae, Inc. Office of the General Counsel
12061 Bluemont Way Reston, VA 20190

Sallie Mae CEO Albert Lord

  • Et
    Eternanda Oct 03, 2011

    I graduated University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Theater, and a hefty Student loan bill of about $70, 000, 40, 000 of which came from Sallie Mae as a private loan and 30, 000 of consolidated government loans.

    I am paying about 500 per month on a regular basis and I am getting the hang of it, making the best out of a bad situation is what I call it. I had an idea to postpone payments for about 8 months, and raise money to knock the debt out on a bigger scale. I went into a forbearance with the Department of Education and all went well. When I went to Sallie Mae, They charge a $150 forbearance FEE for a 3 month forbearance period, and not a dime goes toward the student's bill. I am aware that private loans have totally different stipulations but is this even fair? Is this OK?

    As a consumer, I think other students should be aware of this when making a private loan. Most companies try to tell you they will work with you in the event of hardship, but Sallie Mae is CAPITALIZING on hardship! We are PAYING to postpone payments...can you help? Or do you know someone who can? I would like to find out if this is legal. If it is, I would like to petition for Sallie Mae to either remove the fee altogether or Extend the length of time it covers to at least 9 to 12 months. Thank You!

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Identity Theft

I started getting mail to my address from Sallie Mae to an Ursula Dixon for a Deliquent Sallie Mae loan. I just assumed it was a mistake so I sent the letter return to sender. Then all of a sudden it started going to my relatives address where I lived a year ago. I was shocked to say the least. I immediately called them and informed them of these letters going to both of my addresses. Turns out this woman who I have never heard of has used my social security to get over 10k in student loans and the money has already been dispursed and is deliquent. I am in touch with the fraud department, the credit bureau's and the police department. This is a complete nightmare!!! I want to know how a woman opened an account under my social security number and why nothing was checked, no id or patriot act information. I am seriously violated here and do not know if I will be compensated in correctiveness after this disaster stops. Everyone please pray for me and share an experience if you have one as well.

  • Da
    D&W Oct 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My prayers are with you. Though I have a Sallie Mae loan, I have been unable to find employment since 2007 graduation. Despite their kind "deferrments", it only goes towards the private loan and not federal. However, lately Customer Service is geting a bit hasty. I do attempt to pay what I can when I can. I think my situation is mild compared to yours. I do pray they catch the person, you are re-established in every aspect, and Sallie Mae takes more rigid steps in approving such loans.


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Sallie Mae has the very worst phone customer service that I have ever encountered

Sallie Mae has the very worst phone customer service that I have ever encountered. Yesterday I was on the phone with the them for 1 hour and 55 minutes, was transferred at least 7 times, NEVER got to speak to a supervisor or anyone else who knew what was going on and still did not get my problem solved. I like to have my bills automatically debited from my account. It is easier for me. I requested the appropriate forms from Sallie. They emailed them to me and I intened to fill them out and fax them in to Sallie. The forms they sent had the wrong fax number on them. I had to call and get the correct #. I faxed them in March 29, 2010. Then, they never told me that it would take a month to process the forms, so I was charged a late fee for April's payment. I called in to see why I was being charged a late fee and was told that I hadn't paid and that it would take a month to process my forms for automatic debit (which they had recieved), but the May payment would surely come out of my account. I also had sent the paperwork in to have my husbands Sallie payment debited from our account. They could not find his form. Finally they noticed that it was filed under my account. The girl I talked to put his paperwork with his account. Now to yesterday. Got another paper in the mail saying I was late on payment and would recieve a late fee charge. Called Sallie. the first 6 people I spoke with said that they could "see" where I had sent in the debit paperwork, but that it had not yet been processed and they did not know why, but it would be at least another month before my account would be debited. I could either pay on the phone and be charged $14.95 for doing so or incur a late fee. It took 3 transfers to get someone competent enough to take my money on the phone. Then I was told that I had to be transferred to the "Orientation" department to reolve the debit form issue. When I was finally transferred to the "right person" (and I use that term very loosely), she told me I had sent in the wrong form, she needed the "blue" form. Now, the form I sent in for my husband that they initially lost had been processed without complication and Sallie was debiting our account for his Sallie payments. The form were exactly the same, yet this girl told me I had sent in the wrong form and needed to resubmit!! I kept trying to tell her that I had sent in the same forms and that it worked for my husband. She kept putting me on hold so that she "sould speak with the superviser" yet I was never allowed to speak with the supervisor. After 1hour and 55 minutes, I was told that she would forward my form to "processing" and that it would take 7-14 days to "process." So, I still do not know if my account will be debited next month or not.

What the heck! I am trying to give these people my money and they make it so complicated! It is more beneficial to them to screw people over and charge ridiculous fees than to simply be competent. What a joke!!

  • He
    helpourstudents Jun 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You need to call your senators and your Congressman and tell them this story and then...ask them why they allowed the Department of Education to give a contract to service Federal Loans to Sallie Mae. This is after they received many, many, many calls and letters about their bottom of the barrel customer service and after they told me that quality of service was one of the components to get the contract award. Sounds fishy, doesn't it? Why would our government give a contract to a known bad provider? Your complaint doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what this company has done to so very many young people. This company has gotten away with "murder" and the big question is WHY? Can you say lobbyists and campaign contributions and a not so honorable Congress who is willing to sell out our young adults for the favor of a large corporation. It is beyond shameful.

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  • Fr
    fred schroeder Nov 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sallie mae is the worst my school shut down 2 day s after I grad I told sallie mae I 'm not inthe field I can't pay it not enough money coming in they callevery day including sunday saqllie mae in a lawsuit with my school jesu christ don't they get the picture

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  • Fr
    fred schroeder Nov 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have even called the ftc onthem to no avail

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  • Fr
    fred schroeder Nov 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Student Loan Marketing Association was originally created in 1972 as a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) and began privatizing its operations in 1997, a process it completed at the end of 2004 when Congress terminated its federal charter, ending its ties to the government. The company remains the country's largest originator of federally insured student loans. Through its specialized subsidiaries and divisions, Sallie Mae also provides debt management services as well as business and technical products to a range of business clients, including colleges, universities and loan guarantors.

    In 2005, Sallie Mae was among 53 entities that contributed the maximum of $250, 000 to the second inauguration of President George W. Bush.[6][7][8]

    In August 2006, Sallie Mae acquired Upromise, a company that provides rebates to buyers of certain brands, which can be applied to college savings accounts. Sallie Mae and Upromise plan to market comprehensive financial packages to parents and students, including investment plans, financial aid information, and student loans.

    On April 16, 2007, Sallie Mae announced that an investor group led by J.C. Flowers & Co. signed an agreement to purchase Sallie Mae for approximately $25 billion (USD). Had the transaction completed, J.C. Flowers along with private-equity firm Friedman Fleischer & Lowe would have owned 50.2 percent of Sallie Mae, and Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase would each have owned 24.9 percent. Sallie Mae would have ceased to be a publicly traded company.[9] The deal fell through in September 2007, with the buyers blaming adverse changes to the business's outlook as a result of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 and the tightening of global credit markets following the 2007 subprime mortgage financial crisis.[10] Sallie Mae subsequently began legal action, only to drop it in January 2008 upon completion of a $31 billion funding round, including funding from Bank of America.[11]

    On April 6, 2009, Sallie Mae announced that it will move 2, 000 jobs back to the U.S. within the next 18 months as it shifts call center and other operations from overseas.[12]

    On March 31, 2010, Sallie Mae announced the impending layoff of 2, 500 employees in response to the signing of new legislation calling for the federal government to lend directly to students, bypassing institutions like Sallie Mae.[13]

    On July 1, 2010, Sallie Mae announced that it will be moving its headquarters from Reston, Virgina, to its existing facility in Newark, Delaware, in 2011.[14]

    On September 18, 2010, it was announced that Sallie Mae will acquire federally-insured loans from Citigroup-owned Student Loan Corporation worth $28 billion.[15]

    [edit] Corporate information
    Sallie Mae operates servicing centers in Gilbert, Arizona; Lynn Haven, Florida; Indianapolis, Indiana; Muncie, Indiana; Mount Laurel, New Jersey; Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Killeen, Texas, and Whitewater, Wisconsin, as well as 71 other offices in the United States.

    Sallie Mae is listed on both the Fortune 500 and the Forbes Global 2000. The company has been recognized as one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens according to Business Ethics magazine and one of the top 30 companies for executive women by the National Association of Female Executives.

    [edit] Corporate board
    Anthony P. Terracciano is Chairman of the Board of Directors. He joined the board in January 2008 following the failed sale of Sallie Mae to J.C. Flowers. Terracciano was formerly President of First Union Corporation (now Wachovia), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of First Fidelity Bank Corporation, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mellon Bank, Vice Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, and non-executive Chairman of both The Dime Bank and Riggs National Corporation. Albert Lord currently holds the positions of Vice Chairman and CEO. Lord joined Sallie Mae in 1981, took over as CEO in 1995, and led the company's privatization.

    [edit] Social responsibility
    Corporate Responsibility Officer has named Sallie Mae one of America's "100 Best Corporate Citizens" five times. Corporations (over 1, 100 are evaluated) are selected according to community, governance, diversity, and environmental best business practices.

    Sallie Mae sponsors The Sallie Mae Fund, a charitable organization with a mission to increase access to higher education for America's students by supporting and starting programs and initiatives that help open doors to higher education. The Sallie Mae Fund prepares families and students for college and provides scholarship funding that focuses on minority, low-income, and "first in the family" students. Since 2001, The Sallie Mae Fund has awarded $10 million in scholarships to help 4, 000 students enroll in college. That is $1 donated for every $12, 690 under their management.

    Through The Fund's work, Sallie Mae was named among BusinessWeek's Top 15 Corporate Philanthropists in 2004. The Washington Business Journal identified the company as the top local corporate philanthropist in 2005.[16]

    Sallie Mae won the Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership in 2006. It was honored for three college-access programs developed by The Sallie Mae Fund: Latino College Access Campaign, Project Access: DC, and The Sallie Mae Fund Scholarship Programs.

    The Sallie Mae Fund earned the 2007 Insight Award for Customer Advocacy in Financial Services (from Insight Forums, LLC). The award recognizes financial communications initiatives that proactively enable customers to make fully-informed choices.

    [edit] Controversies
    On November 9, 2005, former Sallie Mae employee Michael Zahara filed a federal lawsuit against the company, alleging that it had a pattern and practice of granting forbearance in a purposeful effort to increase total student loan debt. On October 29, 2008, permission was granted to his legal counsel to withdraw from the case, citing "From counsel’s perspective, a breakdown in trust has resulted from the discovery that Relator has been arrested for extortion, the circumstances surrounding that arrest, and Relator’s failure to disclose the arrest to counsel."[17][18] On March 12, 2009 the court ruled "dismissal without prejudice" because "the plaintiff has failed to obtain substitute counsel by the deadline."[19] Zahara was seeking new counsel.[20]

    A 60 Minutes segment (originally aired May 7, 2006) examined Sallie Mae, including its business practices.[5] A professor of law at Harvard Law School, Elizabeth Warren, who is also an expert on bankruptcy and an outspoken critic of consumer lenders, questioned Sallie Mae's dual role as both lender and collector.[21]

    In February 2007, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo launched an investigation into alleged deceptive lending practices by student loan providers, including The College Board, EduCap, Nelnet, Citibank, and Sallie Mae.[6] On April 11, 2007, Cuomo ended his investigation of Sallie Mae and announced that Sallie Mae had voluntarily agreed to change its lending standards to satisfy a new code of conduct for student loan practices established by Cuomo, and to donate $2 million (USD) to a fund devoted to educating college-bound students about their loan options.[22]

    On October 10, 2007, documents surfaced showing that Sallie Mae was attempting to use the Freedom of Information Act to force colleges to turn over students' personal information.[23] The university involved, the State University of New York system, is expected to decline the request and be forced to defend its position in court.

    In December 2007, a class action lawsuit was brought against Sallie Mae, alleging that the company discriminates against African American and Hispanic private student loan applicants by charging them high interest rates and fees. The lawsuit also alleges that Sallie Mae fails to properly disclose private student loan terms to unsuspecting students. The lawsuit is pending in a Connecticut Federal Court.[24] New York Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, raised similar concerns about possible student loan redlining in June 2007.[25]

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  • Pa
    PatriceRobinson Mar 29, 2011

    Sallie Mae sucks...not only do they engage in unfair, unethical and low down business tactics but they don't keep good records. I contacted Sallie Mae this afternoon and was hung up on after requesting to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to a total of 5 reps before I could get one on the phone who had a record of my student loans. When I called back and asked for the name and id# of each customer service representative I was speaking to, it was a miracle they found my record. My loan "defaulted" after Sallie Mae never contacted me for 6 months to tell me I owed them anything. I was told that I was given a forbearance but they lied. It appears that Sallie Mae has been putting borrowers into premature default to collect the lump sum from the guarantor, while in the process screwing you the borrower and your credit. Now, today they told me they know that my loan has been paid off, but they have no records pertaining to the payoff amount to the guarantor. I asked this because I want to know how much of a kickback/premium they get on causing a premature default. The next steps for me include, US Attorney General - Eric Holder, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Department of Education, FSA Ombudsman, Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, and the Better Business Bureau. I hope you will join me. Report their abuse and put them out of business.

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bad customer service

All I wanted to do was change my bank account information with sallie mae for our sons student loan that comes out of our checking account each month. I tried to log in, but I guess I forgot my password or something. No big deal right? That's easily fixed, right? wrong... I was trying to fix this little thing for an hour this morning. I was told I would have a new password and log in, in a few minutes, that was 6 hours ago. I called them several hours ago and a woman who could barely speak english, said she could help me fix the problem . I said I would rather they fax me the form to change our checking account information. They had no way to fax it to me! So I asked them to mail it. By the way, my next payment will be late now. Can't wait to see if they charge me a late fee. After talking to this person for twenty minutes, she says, oh, I help you fix on line! Okay, I said, I'm ready, Oh sorry, you not first person on loan, have to have first person on loan. Ho Hum, I finally just hung up!

  • Dl
    dlib2005 Jul 07, 2010

    IF you gave them call before the payment was due the following week, like maybe call 3 weeks prior to the next due date...it would never have been late. Most companies, as large and consumer wide like SallieMae, do not have fax machines lying around to send incompetent borrowers letters. All info is easily accessible online for most of these large firms. If you idiots read your agreements and contracts when you took out loans with any company...you'd realize how stupid YOU sound when YOU call into these places complaining.

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  • Ma
    madinoklahoma33 Apr 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have had a bad deal with this company. Sallie mae is not a good loan company for students. I have student loans with them that amount to $25k. I have sucessfully put most of them into deferment or forebarence. However I have 2 private loans with them that at the time I didn't know were private. I have Since Oct. 2011 been trying to tell them to put my 2 private loans into forebarence they are refusing to. I am not able to return to school yet or get a job due to recovery from a broken leg. I told the rep that I spoke to to put the 2 private ones into forebarence but he said that it would not be wise and to continue to make my payments. I told him I can't and I would have the $100 for the forebarence sometime in Feburary 2012. He refused to do that I hung up. I keep getting calls at least 15 times a day to pay the payments. I finally couldn't take the phone ringing and sent a cese and decist letter. They have stopped the phone calls. However, I am showing deliquent of 141 days on my acct. If I told them I could not make the payment monthly then they should have let me pay the $100 forebarence fee to stop the payments. I am very mad and do not care anymore. I still want to finish school and hope that I can, however, I am not taking out anymore student loans. I will work part time and pay that way. I am on food stamps and have a 10yr old daughter to take care of. My soon to be husband offered to pay the fee for me but they refused to take it. I hope everyone else reading this does the same and not deal with liars Sallie Mae. They are crooked and don't care. If a lawsuit is started aganist them then I want in. They need to be taken down.

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This is the worst loan company I have ever had. I enrolled in this stupid automatic debit because they claim they lower your interest rate bla bla bla...and then I come to find oout when going through bills that somehow I paid my account ahead and I didn't owe an April 1st payment...

The website said under my payment schedule that the automatic debit was to start MAY 1ST 2010. BUT on April 1st the auto debit took money from my checking account, putting it in the negatives and it gave my $70 of fees.

So I called Sallie Mae and of course spoke to someone barely able to understand a word of what I was saying and vice versa. All he could do was apologize and then he did something to my account changed my start date to April 1st AND he got rid of my last payment!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND THEIFS!!! So I called again and I got hung up on after talking for 15 minutes to someone probably because they had no idea what to do.

They are crooks and they will make you feel horrible if you try to put your loans into foreberance. I wanted to put the complete $245 in foreberance but for the private loan, I was actually asked why I "couldnt make a payment that is just $75." What jerks!!!

  • Wi
    willy5656 May 07, 2010

    One can go on line and read thousands of complaints about the abusive collection techniques of private student lenders, with the worst offender being Sallie Mae. People whine and complain to the Better Business Bureau and think somehow that will help solve the problem. Wrong!! What will solve the problem is to complain to the people that granted Sallie Mae an exemption from all of the laws governing other lenders.i.e., the Congress. Right now there are two bills being debated, one in the Senate (S-3219) and one in the House (HR 5043). These bill would allow private student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. I'm not suggesting that everyone in default on their private student loans run out and file bankruptcy, but the possibility of doing so should result in a kinder and gentler Sallie Mae. There is also legislation being discussed to require Sallie Mae and other private student lenders to adhere to the FTC Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    Get your parents involved as well. Most everyone wants to pay their student loans but sometimes they need time and understanding while they position themselves after graduation.

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Rip off payments

Sallie Mae cashed checks and have not applied them to my account. They are a bunch of thieves! I have called them repeatedly over the past 2 months and they still have not resolved this. One of my last 2 payments was actually added to my account increasing monies owed instead of deducting it as a payment. My bank has record of them cashing both checks. I really need to start a lawsuit filing for fraud. I am at the end of my ropes; meanwhile the interest continues to build. God knows what country we are calling when we contact the idiots at sallie mae. Do you have any suggestions of what I can do? What attorney may be able to assist me?

  • Ha
    Haydee S. Mar 24, 2010

    I am having a similar problem with Sallie Mae right now. I made a payment at the beginning of the month, which they are insisting they did not receive. They keep calling and sending collection letters. Meanwhile, not only is my account is listed as up-to-date on their online site, but they also emailed me a statement reflecting that. My bank informed me that the check was indeed cashed by Sallie Mae. When I call the customer service people and explained the situation they keep telling me that my account is delinquent---as if they haven't been listening to a word I said. I told on rep that check was cashed and he said I must have sent it to someone else! I told him that my account was listed as current on their site and he said that it couldn't possibly be!

    Today one of their reps asked me to fax the last statement they emailed me (!!!) reflecting that the payment had been made. Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor, he disconnected me. I called back and had to go through the same thing all over again with another person. It's hard to believe that this company actually operates in such an unacceptable, incompetent fashion.

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  • Pa
    Pamela M. Jul 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had the same problem with my checks being cashed but not applied. The harrassing phone calls are rediculous. I was told at first to fax copies of the cashed checks to a fax number they provided to take care of it. Meanwhile the calls came every day, sometimes two times a day. I know the faxes went through because I have the proof it was received. A week later I was still getting call. I told them that I had faxed the proof of checks cashed but then got transferred around the world trying to get the issue taken care of. Finally one guy told me the other faxes weren't enough and I had to fax them copies of my entire bank statements. I told them that was rediculous and that I wouldn't even send my statements to my parents, let alone them! After talking to a "supervisor" using the term loosely, he told me that sending the statements was the only way to fix the problem. I told him I was going to file a complaint and he told me he was as high as I could go and he would pass it on. What a jerk! I finally did fax over my statements, with everything blacked out but the bank name and the place showing the checks cashed by sallie mae. Of course I'm still getting the harrassing phone calls. If anyone knows how to start a class action suit I'm soooo on board!!! Pam, Tampa Florida

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  • He
    Heidigirl Sep 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same EXACT problem. I have faxed them proof of payment AND my statements and still they don't apply the payment to my account. I have spent hours on the phone and also going back and forth via e-mail, all to no avail. I feel totally helpless since they are a government agency. I would love to know what recourse we have!

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  • Ky
    KyleJF Jan 21, 2011

    My son is having a similar problem. I too told him he should file a suit. Sallie Mae back in July 2010, sent back his loan payments, with a note attached that he had the wrong account numbers. Keep in mind, these are the same account numbers he has used since he started repaying the loans. I really wish everyone who has loans through them would nail them to the wall.

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  • En
    Enlightend Mar 22, 2012


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Stolen Tax refund

Sallie Mae is sitting on my tax refund! On Dec. 13th, I have been told by Sallie Mae, a batch of previous borrowers were incorrectly added to the treasury off-set program, resulting in God knows how many peoples' refunds being taken away from them mistakenly. Since the amount is used for security questions and such, I can only say it was well over $2000. I have been calling everyday since January 29th, my expected refund deposit date, and everyday someone tells me another day that the check will be in the mail. They refuse to refund my money and I am losing my car and my transportation to school and to work. I am a landscaper and I depend on my tax refund as income during the slow winter months. When I am called back to work in a couple of weeks, I will have to decline as I will not have transportation. As of 2/18/2010 they are telling me they will mail me MY money next Wednesday. That is too late to receive funds to make my LAST car payment, and I will lose my ca
r as a result. I've had it up to hear with this non-sense and I hope my comment reaches someone, I hope someone has had the same experience, and I hoe to GOD there is some sort fo legal action I can take for their 'computer error'. I suspect the broke Sallie Mae is earning interest and investing our cash in short-selling stocks in order to make a quick buck, but who knows? Who cares? I WANT MY MONEY YESTERDAY!!!

  • Ma
    Maxieru Feb 25, 2010

    My son applied for Sallie Mae loans to attend a vocational school. Unfortunately the school provided little in the way of education and marketable skills. Also, financial crises prevented him from completing the remainder of his second year.
    Since then he has had to settle for crappy jobs with crappy pay and now has a debt to repay that adds interest exponentially. My son tried to talk to them, when he could actually get hold of a human being and to try to find a middle ground of compromise such as how about a payment that is realistic with the cost of living and wages…all for naught. He was unable to eke out a living with his wages and when it came down to buying food or paying a student loan payment, he opted for the food. Sallie Mae's debt collection and customer service techniques border on criminal and cruel and unusual punishment. They make resolutions impossible and their monthly payment programs are disproportionate to my son's, to anyone's income I would surmise.
    The debt was eventually turned over for collections and we all know there is a special hell for those folks their methods are inhumane, unethical and unreasonable. He now has to deal with the collections and the government in some form or fashion; needless to say he comes up against two very unreasonable and unmerciful entities. The government has their agenda and and collections has theirs and neither the twain shall meet.
    He has currently lost his job and he decided to go back to school and was doing some research on the student loan debacle and discovered there might be some way that not only would he benefit from but that it would make it possible to make some head way into eventually paying back his student loan. He contacted the collection agency that holds the student loan and they told him that if he could consistently make monthly payments for 10 months his loan would go out of default and then he could reapply for student loans. He was also told that they would not attach his tax refund. Well that was a lie because they did and my son received a letter from the treasury department that they had indeed withheld and applied his measly tax refund to the student loan. So now I am thinking if they lied about that they might be lying about the “10 month” deal. He has enlisted my help in assisting him in making these monthly payments and I can’t afford them either. I am now though skeptical if making these payments will actually help him out of the “default status”, allowing him to indeed apply for more student loans to finance a better education for a better paying career. What’s the deal!

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  • Rd
    rd3009 Apr 26, 2010

    to maxieru- the pymts are delinquent . thats why the tax check was taken . its like you are still making delinquent pymts . as long as the acct. has a delinquent status, the govt has the right to take the check, even if you have pymt arrangements on the delinquent amt. it sucks, but it definitely pays to read the prom note carefully before signing !

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  • Gr
    grumpylexie Feb 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sallie mae called me using my own telephone number.I feel this is wrong.They are unsympathetic when I am on unemployment and nearly homeless.They are rude and should be reprimanded for their actions in harassing people.

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Being sue recieve summons today

I receive a summon Sallie Mae is suing me. I have been out of work since October of 2007. I made a payment during the time I was working. I was in a bad car accident that has cause my illness to get worse. I'm currently going to physical therapy but I can't walk a simple block without pain. I also have moderate rheumatoid arthritis. I have herniated disk basically I deal with pain on a regular basis. I try to talk to them but I usually just end up getting upset. They even stated that I own a daycare. I have never work or own a daycare.
However there is one in town own by someone with the same name as me. I have other loans but they have been consolidated into one. Im attending school again to see if I can go into a different line of work. I was wondering how do I write a pleading. I can't afford a lawyer. Thank god for my family if I didn't have them it might me make suicidal. I don't know what to do in this situation. Can they send me to jail because I can't pay them. I can't work and the only income I have is my kids disability. I applied for disability. Please help I'm scared and really don't know what to do.

  • Ma
    Maygan Dec 19, 2009

    First, make sure that they are NOT mixing you up with this person that has the same name as you. Check SS#'s, account number on loans etc. Second, call the customer advocate unit ASAP and tell a rep your situation. They can comb over your case by each hair and pluck out the inaccuracy in your situation. The number is 1-888-545-4199.

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Do Not Use Them!!

Please Read This Carefully.
It is interesting how the day my boyfriend and I walked through the doors of Devry University in Pomona, CA
when we had our hopes high on affording an education. Well, it turns out he did not qualify for financial aid (even though
he & one parent was unemployed...!?) and so we were told to apply for grants from the state (did not come through) so the SAME
day we meet with the financial aid advisor who pretty much applies for my boyfriend's student loan on sallie mae's website.
We later found out we were approved (yay..) with a "great" loan that you don't have to pay back "6 months til after you GRADUATE******) yeah read that carefully because they pretty much threw that completely out the window and started charging us $150/mo. only 6 months after he was ENROLLED not graduated. When I called to ask what the hell was going on the lady told me that they had sold off our loan to the Department of Education and therefore the terms of the loan were now different. In addition, I felt the strong urge to just try and pay of a large amount of the loan ($1-2k) on the $20k loan and she told me that the payments are interest only and that basically we would be paying it off until 2025 because there is "No Way" to pay of the actual balance, just the interest.

This right here (as my dad told me and several others) is ILLEGAL.
Sallie Mae has scammed on thousands of students nationwide, and receives kick-backs from the schools they get loans from
(like DEVRY)

I will be contacting a lawyer to seek legal advice because at this point owing them $20, 000.00 might not seem like a lot but they actually charge you thousands more in interest and try to lock you in their ### contracts for as long as they can because they know that these students often have no where else to go.

Please DO NOT support Sallie Mae or Devry, I promise you that you will regret it shortly after, and I am only saying this to try and help anyone out that I can. I am only 23 yrs. old and feel hopeless, in debt, and literally signed my life away to this horrible company.

If you need money for school, talk to a financial aid advisor and see what kind of scholarships or grants there are, ask family or friends for small loans that you can pay back every month in a small amount (like $50-$100) instead of taking out loans.

If you have to take out a loan please talk to everyone you can about it first!

  • Tw
    twunky May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agreed. Im a graduate of Devry and Sallie Mae and Devry are scams. Im 150, 000 in debt. They can suck it though. I dont have the money, so they arent getting it. If they want to garnish my wages, ill quit. Want to take my tax returns? I wont work, thus wont be any. The government is siding with these big companies, so us little people who want nothing more or less than an education are hopeless.


    Dont let it ruin your life. I let it ruin mine for a while and it sucks. Now I'm carefree (well a little bitty concerned). I know I will NEVER pay back this loan in full. Its too high and the interest is at 13%, making the interest 1000/month. Unless I win the lottery, good luck getting your money. Im a responsable person, and I have always been, but Im not playing these games no more with them. I dont have a million years on this earth to sit a cry about a scam I feel victim too. And the sad part about it is that the government will back them no matter what.

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Sallie Mae LIES

This is a true story based on my experience, and all statements reflect my direct experience or opinion.

Five years ago, due to an illness, I had trouble with a student loan and it was referred to Sallie Mae. A representative told me that if I was able to make payments on time for a year, they would be able to transfer the loan -- and that if I did this, I would regain the ability to receive student loans in the future and that the negative item on my credit report would be erased.

I busted ### and dug deep, and I was able to financially dig my way out and make the on-time payments, and the loan was transferred and is current. It was very hard, but I did everything they said to do, for them things went perfectly.

When I pulled my credit report recently, the negative entry was still there. I wrote Sallie Mae and they told me to buzz off, in so many words.

Sallie Mae lied. I understand lying to collect a debt, it’s done every hour of every day. But when people find out you’re full of it, don’t be surprised when you’re called out.

If you are a person with a student loan, and you get into financial trouble, be warned by my experience: Sallie Mae will make deals they have no intention of honoring. Pay your student loans (obviously), but if you are in financial trouble make sure you take into account Sallie Mae’s dishonesty when prioritizing how you’re going to get out of debt. In other words, put the money where it will do the most good first, because Sallie Mae won’t do any good for you.

  • La
    Lawschoolsucker Nov 06, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am on unemployment deferral for my federal student loans. I insisted that Sallie Mae approve my IBR application so that I could get the months ticking toward my 25 years. They approved it but arbitrarily picked a payment of $750 a month for my payments. How can they come up with that monthly payment when I am unemployed? Even when I was employed I NEVER made enough money for my monthly payment to be $750. I've tried to call them several times but cannot seem to get through. Also, I have 2 private loans through Sallie Mae. I always pay my bills online and pick exactly which loan I want the payment to go to because my parents are paying off the other one. Sallie Mae applies my payment to whichever loan they want and now say I am behind in my payment. I paid my payment but they applied it to the wrong loan. I have been dealing with these kinds of problems since I got out of law school in 2004. If I had it to do over again, I would NEVER have gone to law school and taken out student loans. They will be hanging over my head for the rest of my life unless something changes. They prevent me from getting credit and even buying a house. Basically, they have ruined my life and Sallie Mae continues to wreak their havoc with my credit.

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SallieMae Forbearance Scam

Becareful, I think SallieMae employees are running a SCAM to bar people from filing for a forbearance. You are entitled to a forbearance by LAW. If they don't give it to you file a complaint with the proper agency. In my case, I was going to sue SallieMae Pro Se. Being a law student helps.

SallieMae employees informed me that they could NOT give me a forbearance into the furure only for the past debt to today. And that I would still have to make payment on the loan from today. They wanted to charge me $50 + loan payment.

SallieMae employees informed me that they have (1) government loans and (2) private laons. And a forbearance on a private loan cannot go into the future. Their website doesn't say that. I didn't see any law that defines a forbearance different for a private loan and government loan.

Today, after days of arguing with them, they gave me a forbearance into the future.


  • Gh
    ghigby Nov 12, 2009

    How did you actually speak to someone who could help you? My wife has more than 260k in student loan debt. We asked for a Forbearance last year and were told that a month in advance was not enough time. This year, we filled out the app. well in advance to ensure that we would not have the same accidental huge payment deducted from our account. Now just a few weeks away from the cutoff, they say that our application is more than 30 days old and we have to fill out a new app. So now, you cannot file early nor late. You can't talk to anyone that is helpful. They dance around questions like: Why wasn't our 6 week old application processed yet? Now we have to fill out a new app. and get slammed with another mortgage sized payment this month. They did manage to bump our payment back a month so that they could collect more interest however. This is so frustrating. There must be some place to call that regulates this terrible loan giant?

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  • Ni
    nikkinosocks Nov 16, 2009

    Guess what people? You are allowed a limit on that forbearance time! SOO if you use all but 6 months of it and it will only bring you current for a certain amount of time, that's all you have. Use it wisely

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  • Kl
    KLP3324 Dec 05, 2009

    You are terribly mistaken...FORBEARANCE is not your right...DEFERMENT is your right on FFELP loans but not private loans. FORBEARANCE is lender discretionary.

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  • Sa
    saranic0le Mar 01, 2010

    It IS your right if you QUALIFY for a forbearance and they make it a living hell. I have 1 private and 1 fed loan with sallie mae. They expect me to pay 3 days after finishing my undergrad. I don't get a grace period because a few years ago Sallie Mae told me they're no longer giving loans to students under 21 w/out a co-signer so I had to drop out of school and transfer. They then used my grace period then...instead of forbearancing it. NOW I'M SCREWED. Also, their reps are extremely rude and need attitude adjustments.

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  • Ma
    MarshaA77 Dec 28, 2010

    I had a forbearance on a private tech school loan (Career Training Loan) 2 years ago without any fee. Today, though, they tried to charge me that $50 fee DavidMe referenced. As far as I can tell, this is unfortunately legal. Nikkinosocks mentions limited forbearance time, which is true, but in my case I ran out of forbearance time through Sallie Mae error. They had screwed up the date I quit school and had me leaving a year earlier than I was. Instead of correcting the leave date on the computer, they processed a forbearance without paperwork and without my request, leaving me now with no months left. So all in all, I believe DavidMe who says he thinks it's a scam, because some funny business is going on with Sallie Mae and forbearances. Sadly, I think it's all legal, and there's nothing we can do to correct it short of hiring an attorney.

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  • Cr
    Criminals Jan 06, 2011

    Our daughter had loans from Sallie Mae. When she became delinqent, a letter was sent to me, saying that I had co-signed. My daugter was a senior, with months to go before graduation. She had not asked us to co-sign for her. We asked for proof showing me as a co-signer. They sent forms with e-signatures, one form had an amount of over $8, 000/00. The second form, did not have a dollar amount. Our daughter told me and wrote a letter to Sallie Mae, telling them that she did not have a co-signer. The information on the forms were incorrect. Our daughter suddenly, died in May of this year. I have a lawter handling this. We can't do anything until they take me to court.
    Salle Mae had me file a Theft Idenity report. The police said there was no theft Idenity. Today, they sent a bill addressed to me, not as a co-signor for an amount over $24, 500.00. -

    I have written letters, my daughter wrote letters, our Attorney stopped the phone calls. I am going to send the correspondence to Washington, until, I find someone to make this go away. I don't want to look at my credit report.

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High interest rate and taking money

Sallie Mae loaned my son the first loan at 3.25% interest that lasted for 3 semesters. When we applied for...

Awful customer service

I'm soon to be a postgraduate student off to Europe for my studies. I applied for a private loan through Sallie Mae many months before the start of my schooling. You would think that taking care of this ahead of time would have given me some room for "just in case something goes wrong." Unfortunately I had so many problems dealing with this company. First off when you call their customer service they sound satisfying with their innovative call back system so you don't have to wait on the phone, ...(discontent building), their call monitoring, and an option to give the representative a survey at the end of the call. When it comes to simple questions the customer service fulfills it's job. Once I started having real problems was when the unpleasantness began. Now I'm a real nice person. It takes a lot for me to get angry, and possibly if I went of my rocker earlier things would have happened. It's sad that a person has to become agitated to get something done. Basically all I need from Sallie Mae was a letter showing that the loan has been approved and accepted from my school. Sallie Mae told me I needed the school to contact them for this to get done. Okay fine, I did. Ever day after this I kept calling and they kept promising that I would get the letter and everything would be processed within 24- 72 hrs. of my complaint. The problem was every time I called the 24 to 72 hours started all over again. They kept telling me the same problems that I already took care of. Before this, I had applied for another loan to another University I was planning on attending but picked this other University instead. They didn't cancel the loan when I told them I was no longer attending that school. So that was another reason my loan was being delayed. Every time I called the customer service they said that it was being taken care of. They even went so far as to satisfy me by asking for a fax where they could send the loan letter. So I gave them one, and they probably weren't expecting me to have one. Upon giving this fax number they told me again that it would take another 24-72 hours for them to get the letter faxed to me. I don't know if the problem with the customer service is that it's overseas in the Philippines. Now I have nothing against that, in fact my parents are originally from that country, but they have no idea what they're doing and they basically lied to me everyday just to get me off their back. Finally I got through to someone higher up after having it up to here! She told me they needed my school to send some form they didn't recieve. She also gave me the most irritating news that nothing had been processed or done for all those weeks of calling. Not even one apology. I reported it to my school. My school got angry with them and asked why they didn't ask for the document sooner. Seriously! To this day I still do not have that letter in my hand and will now probably be late for my classes. Thank you Sallie Mae.

  • Xa
    xanxxx May 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I haven't had a change to experience SM customer service at all... cause whenever I called them I was transferred back and forth between automated systems until I lost patience and hung up... LOL...I simply consolidated my loans to get them out of SM's hands

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  • Kb
    KB584 May 29, 2010

    Each month I send 2 checks to Sallie Mae, one for my student loans and one for my daughter's. Each check is accompanied with its payment ticket, each has the account number written in the memo section and each is sent in a separate envelope.

    At the beginning of May I started to receive upwards of 10 phone calls per day from a number in Muncy, IN - they would call as early as 7:00am and as late as 10:30pm. I was on vacation at the time and while I was able to check voicemail, the messages that were left were either pure static or completely inaudible. As soon as I returned home I googled the number and was disturbed to see that it was Sallie Mae's collections department.

    I called back and at that time I was told that my daughter's loan was delinquent for the month of April. A quick online check of my banking record indicated that not only was the check I sent received by Sallie Mae but that it was also cashed on April 20th, a fact which I brought up to the woman I was speaking to. I spent the following 2 hours rotating between speaking to this woman and being placed on hold, and as it turned out both payments were credited to my account. I was assured that the problem had been taken care of and that the money would be transferred to my daughter's loan.

    Bright and early the next morning the phone calls started yet again and they have yet to stop. I've spoken to customer service reps and managers at Sallie Mae 15 times since May 10th, each phone call lasts on average of 1.5 hours and each time I'm assured that all is well. Yesterday I received notice that my daughter's account is, surprise surprise, not only delinquent for the month of May but that they reported it to the credit bureau. Sallie Mae once again put both checks toward my account. I've given up trying to be civil with them when I call and yesterday's phone call lasted 3 hours while they "figured it out". Apparently they didn't since I received 7 calls from their collections department today.

    I'll be hiring a lawyer on Tuesday if this mess isn't cleaned up by then. All of the mistakes are being made on their end yet they reported US to the credit bureau! You have GOT to be kidding me! I truly believe that this company does not train its employees at all and seeks every way possible to obtain more money via late fees.

    Backtracking just a bit, in August 2008 I had my account set to automatic debit and was aghast when I saw that they hit my account 3 times [for a total sum of just over $1, 200] for that month! When I called to demand the extra $800 they took out I was told, "Sorry, we take money, don't give it back".

    If you're in the market for student loans please stay far, far away from Sallie Mae.

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Student Loan

I co-signed for a student loan in 2002. The borrower never paid the loan so I paid the loan off in 2007 to a collection agency they sent it to by the name of Progressive Financial Services. I would think if Sallie Mae sent the account to them they would be in correspondence with each other. We are in 2009 and Sallie Mae continues to send me bills, I've been on the phone with Progressive and NCO, I've faxed all the information proving that the account was paid in full. I just mailed proof to Sallie Mae that it is paid to the payment department. This whole thing is a hassle for them not to be organized enough to know that I paid it 2 years ago! Not to mention the loan was for $2500 and it went up to almost $7000. I settled for nearly $3900.00. I would appreciate it if they could get there act together. My proof is the check from the title company with the account number on it, the letter from progressive as proof of the settlement amount and the date I had to send it by, tracking receipt and number from the USPS as proof that it was received by the date required and who it was sent to and the person who signed for it. The check has cleared from the Title Company I dealt with. This is just ridiculous. I feel like my whole life I'm going to have to keep on explaining this account. I need help...who else can I complain to?

  • Gs
    gsh Sep 10, 2009

    Have you filed a dispute with the credit reporting agencies? The original account should have been listed as a charge off when it was sold to the collection agency. The collection agency would also be listing their account and it should be shown as paid. SLM is probably reporting late payment on some account. Depending on what is showing in your report(s) you may have to file more than one disputed item.

    You may want to send a letter to your state's attorney general. Cleary explain the situation and include documentation.

    If the situation devolves further into another collection, then you will have to also dispute that with the reporting agencies and the new collection agency.

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  • Eg
    egold68 Feb 21, 2010

    I recently settled my loans with sallie mae. The original Balance was 32k, I ended up settling for 13k. I've requested settlement offer letter, signed by one of the senior underwriters at the collection department. Upon receipt, I made a payment on 11/25/09. Nevertheless, the confirmation of payment never arrived as promised. I've made multiple attempts trying to get in touch with the right person who would be in the position to fix this. I've spoken to many different reps from the collection department, they assured me that the settlement was in affect and I should be getting confirmation of settlement shorty. Meanwhile the website salliemae.com showed that I still owed them balance of 21k, and the 13k was applied as regular payment. Eventually I found out the telephone # for customer affairs, where these issues are normally being take care of. Again, I've spoken with several different managers, reps etc... Every time I made an attempt to try to straighten this out, they fed me all kinds of b/s. Apparently the settlement was never updated, so I faxed the copy of the settlement to them at least 10 times. They kept insisting on the fact that it was never received, until I really flipped on one of the managers. Finally, the fax issue was resolved. Since then it took another 3-4 weeks of constant telephone conversations, with different reps and managers. One of the reps assured me that he was assigned to my case, and that he will take care of the issue by the end of the week. Apparently he said, he had been dealing with issues of the similar kind, where the collection department does not update info accurately and in instances of such they would have to do it manually. The last attempt was made on the 19th of February 2010, spoke to the same rep, Justin. Apparently he was notified by the collection department that that never made the offer, and that I agreed to make a voluntary payment of 13km despite the settlement offer that I had received and presented to them. In another words the settlement offer that was sent to me was not legit and now I'm obligated to pay the full amount. I contacted the person who signed the letter, apparently a senior underwriter, left a voice mail so far haven't heard from anyone. As far as I can understand, this is 100% fraud!. Can anyone provide any assistance??? Any attorneys out there willing to work this case? I can use any help you guys can assist me with. My next step would be contacting the attorney general in NY, where I reside, and possibly filling a lawsuit against Sallie Mae, and possibly press criminal charges against the person who signed the settlement letter. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Jo
    JokahJokahDeuce Mar 04, 2010

    I am in the exact same boat, i settled in August and it still shows on my credit report, i faxed all receipts and settlement offers to sallie mae and all 3 credit bureaus disputing this. No luck. Here we are in MArch 2010 and I havent gotten anywhere. This is so frustrating.

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  • Ch
    cherilynn Mar 12, 2010

    I'm going to have to check my credit report. I just paid off my loans in full before I went into repayment, which I feel lucky and also bad for the next guy (I'm not rubbing it in; I totally feel for everyone who has to deal with Sallie Mae's bs). I honestly didn't want the loan and if my school director was more clear about what it exactly entitled and also gave me the option of paying the school in installments, I would have gone for the latter. I'm waiting for the money to post to my account, which the customer advocate said it would take 24-48 hours. The money was indeed taken out of the bank account so they are paid. Phew. I tried to pay online first and while we sat there waiting 4 days for them to process, I was still accruing interest. When they sent me an e-mailing telling me the bank account number was invalid, we were furious. One, there is money in the account and two, I entered everything correctly. So we had no choice, but to send the payment by check, with more accrued interest. I sent it certified mail so I would know when they got the payment. There was a payment posted to me account on the day they received it, but only for ~$100. We sent them a check for $6k. I thought they must be still processing the payment, but no! I got an e-mail this morning stating they received my notice that a payment was attached, but none was located. I lost sleep over this! I called the customer advocate and did not hold my patience over the phone because we have been speaking with Sallie Mae for more than a weeks time total, wasting our time, energy and breathe talking to people who aren't even located in the USA. Thank goodness this lady was very understanding and located in the USA. She even was like WTF? is up with your account. She didn't understand why they would send me an e-mail saying they didn't find my check, when they DO have it. She talked to a lady to sort out the discrepancies of my account and also the person who processed my payment. They do have the check and have the funds from the bank account. I'm really really really hoping this posts to my account by Monday so I can finally rest. I'm tired of their games! I was like How the heck am I suppose to pay you guys if you don't take it electronically or by check?? I'd be screwed for life. I wish I did my research about Sallie Mae when I filled out the loan application. I feel like my school director didn't fully explain the loans like he was suppose to and just baits the students into getting a loan and giving them no other choice so the school can get paid ASAP. I just need to graduate and get the heck out of there and put school and this loan behind me! Sallie Mae needs to get their system sorted out 'cause their customer service is awful and you always get different answers. I'd recommend calling the customer advocate if you ever have any problems. http://www.salliemae.com/about/corp_leadership/management/advocate.htm
    I'm hoping my credit isn't messed up over this. Good luck to everyone. We all need it if we get a loan from Sallie Mae.

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Unauthorized Fee

I recently paid my student loan bill online and Sallie Mae had added a new option of 'immediate payment' which I selected just to get the payment over with. Nowhere on that page was there a mention of a $14.95 charge. Since I had over a week to pay my loans I wouldn't have selected this option if there was a fee associated with it. Of course this fee ended up overdrawing my bank account and assessing me with an overdraft fee. I called sallie mae and talked to someone who promised to refund the $14.95 in 2-3 days (this has yet to happen) but refused to touch the overdraft fee which is also their responsibility.

Now of course their page contains three mentions of the $14.95 fee but these are all new since I made my payment and the payment option has also been changed to 'rush payment'.

Am currently trying to recover my money - phone calls have gotten me nowhere, trying letters now. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Cy
    CyPontuo Sep 13, 2010

    Similar problem. I attempted to pay off the entire loan in 2005, the operator gave me a number I had the bank who gave us a home equity to pay of debts write them the checks and 5 years late they still came looking for money and said I owed hidden fees. My opinion is that SM intentionally does not give borrowers the correct pay off. I wrote letters and constantly call and communicate the issue, they send me paper work with different numbers and different ways they applied my funds to "other" interest and fees. They never erase the problem and they own Student Assistance Corp . that acts as guarantor and collections and they harras and harras with constant phone calls saying I must pay. And as far as when the payments resumed to monthly payments, it was 2010 in January and I sued to use coupon booklets to send in payments, suddenly SM is saying they were contacting me with payment notices via e mail. We never found any e mails and in MArch2010 I got the delinquent late notices in the mail all of the sudden. They are slick and dirty legal theives.

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public service loan forgiveness

I was thrilled to hear that the government announced a loan forgiveness program for borrowers who work in public service (schools, public hospitals, libraries, etc). If your loan is paid in good standing for ten years and you are working in public service, the balance of your loan after 10 years is forgiven. That would take me into retirement.
Then I called Sallie Mae. They told me that since I consolidated my federal loans with them, I was not eligible for the program. The loans now belong to Sallie Mae which is a private company.
EVERYONE consolidates their loans through Sallie Mae. They present themselves, falsely, as a government agency, but are able to "opt out" of a government loan forgiveness program.
That's bait and switch and that's illegal.

  • La
    lanschutz Oct 19, 2009

    I had a similar thing happen to me. I am a teacher, certified to teach math/science/special ed which are all teacher shortage areas. There are loan forgiveness programs that will forgive up to $17, 500 for teaching in these areas, when I filed my request with Sallie Mae, they denied it because I had consolidated my loans with them. I even asked before consolidating with them if it would affect my forgiveness program and they assured me that it would not.

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Harrassment, Run Arounds, Violations, Inaccurate Information, Constant Threatening

I’ve have several loans through Sallie Mae which helped pay some of my college tuition and fees. When you are in school they grant you deferments on all your loans. Well, I’ve started a new school. When I first enrolled I had two choices in financing. One was Leighman Brothers and the other was Sallie Mae. Beings my mother and I had issues with Sallie Mae in the past I didn't choice them and I used Leighman Brothers. So of course, as usual Sallie Mae started calling my mother and I back in December. I told them that I was still in school but I was now going to a new one. They said fine and emailed me some papers to have filled out by school and returned to them. I did so but the calls just kept coming. They would call me anywhere from 8 to 17 times a day. Every time it was a recording and if you waited you always heard a new person on the other end who would say something entirely different than the one you had spoken to before. I faxed my forbearance forms multiple times over a course of 3 months. Now they were telling me that my school was covered for their forbearance regulations so even though I was in school I would still need to be paying back my loans. I told them this was impossible for me or my mother to do at this time. I had just been evicted from my home, lost everything I had of any value including my car and I had no job and was on disability at the time. They said that wasn't their problem and if I couldn't pay then my cosigner would have to pay. I told them again that my mother has no job either. The lady said well someone has to pay or they were going to take legal action against my mother and I. They said they would put the information on our credit reports, place us in the default on student loans category and come after my mother’s estate and take whatever she had of any value in order to pay the debt. I was a nervous wreck! I said isn't there a hard- ship type of forbearance and they said no. Basically, they told me I either had to pay or they were sending it to their lawyers and they would be filing against my mother and me. I called and talked to several people; which always took 2 or 3 calls because I would be on hold and then I would get hung up on. Then I’d get transferred multiple times and get a different answer. Meanwhile these people are calling my mother and me daily. Everyday of the week! They called and harassed my mother to the point that she was crying on Easter Sunday! Yes, they called Easter Sunday as well. So, I was upset and called back and the young lady I spoke to was very ignorant and arrogant. I told her what had happened and that they were not allowed to be calling us on weekends let alone holidays and her response was, and I quote, " Well we are a third party collection agency and I can call you whenever I want to and as much as I want to!" I was in total shock! I told her, look, my mother is very sick and don't you or anyone else call and harass her the way you just did. Their response was, "that doesn't matter and I can do what I want to do because you are so many days behind on your loans." Now we come to May and my mother and I get a call from someone named Ed Marsilli who said he was handling my case. I spoke with him as well and asked him, ” how is it that Sallie Mae would finance my current school but won't defer my loan?" He said I don't know that answer. I told him I’m confused because when I enrolled at school Sallie Mae was my first option in financing, Salle Mae has my schools code in their list of schools when you apply for loans but you don't defer or give a forbearance while I’m attending this school??? Again he said he didn't know why but he said that I could get forbearance but I just had to pay for it. I said ok, but also said I don't have a lot of money to spend and that I was unemployed and on disability. Ed said that was fine and all I had to do was pay $50 (fifty) and go online and sign up for auto payments and that would bring me current and then $52 (fifty two) would come out of my account every month. I said ok, that was reasonable but I would have to do it tomorrow because I couldn't do it right then. Ed said fine and we agreed to do it the next day. Well next day comes and I’m trying to get in touch with him and I can't. I had missed his call and was calling back the number he left and asking for his extension and no one would put me through to him. I emailed and everything and I couldn't get through to him. Everyone I would talk to would say they couldn't put me through to him but they could help me. Finally I threw in the towel and talked to a woman. I told her what Ed and I had discussed and she said that wasn't true. She said that I would have to pay over a hundred dollars to do forbearance and get my loans current. I told her I couldn't afford that and explained what had been going on. She told me to hold on while she talked to her supervisor because she saw the papers I had sent in and said that they should have gone through. After talking to her supervisor twice she got back on the phone and said, “Ms. Zimmerman you don't have to worry about paying anything because they put my forbearance forms in and I would be current from back in February. She said if anything changed that she would be there the next day, which was Sat., and she would call me. Well, she never called and neither did anyone else. All of the sudden we get letters in the mail from Sallie Mae saying I was delinquent on my loans and that they were sending my accounts to their attorneys! Now the phone calls have started again at the crack of dawn and go on all day. My mother and I are both at our wits ends. I have loans from another company and they offered me hardship forbearance! I didn't have to pay or even ask for it! So why it is Sallie Mae can't offer something like this. Please help me! I am so stressed out from all the calls, the threats and harassment! All my mother and I do is fight constantly over this because my loans have like doubled in price as well! They say we owe way more then we are suppose to or if you go by what are interest rate is the amounts don’t come out even at all! They have everything mixed up and messed up that we don’t know what to do anymore. It's not like I’m not trying to work with them or not talk to them because I have they just won't work with me. Then a couple weeks ago a woman called here and she said over the phone to my mother, “this phone call is being recorded for quality purposes etc." and my mother said well I’m going to record this call as well. The woman said well I’m not giving you permission to do so. My mother asked, "Well what is the difference if its already being recorded?" The woman refused to give her name or any information and just hung up. My mother wouldn't people to be able to hear how they are treating and talking to us and so when she talks to someone else she has evidence of a prior call and what she was told because you never get the same answer from anyone! I don't know how to make this nightmare stop. Please help us! I can't take the threats, the harassing calls and arrogant people, being treated like trash, inconsiderate ignorant reps that are very unprofessional and think they can "do whatever they want." I want this resolved and need this resolved. Plus, I want to know why it is they will finance my school and have it in their list of schools but won't defer payments or give me forbearance?

  • Ni
    nikkinosocks Nov 16, 2009

    Here is what you do: stop blaming everyone and everything else and buck up and take responsibility for your own actions. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure faxes were received, and forms processed. Sallie Mae is not the only person calling you about how delinquent you are. If you are delinquent, they can call you every day. You have 2 options to stop the calls: Make sure you are on top of your loan, or write a cease and desist letter. You seem like the person who won't take care of the situation, better start writing that letter now.

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  • Sa
    SallieMaeSucks Nov 20, 2009

    OMG! I completely agree with everything you have said, Melissa! The same thing has happened to me. You NEVER EVER get to speak with the same person and they are relentless with the calls. I'm sure the scam artists at Sallie Mae (like the above comment by nikkinosocks) get commissions when they get you to pay for a forbearance. Then two days later the calls start again. The best advice I can give you is what I did. Change your phone number. That will stop the calls. Take care of it online, that way you have a record of everything and they can't dispute it or say the person you talked to yesterday it was wrong. Sallie Mae student loans is a scam, just like the mortgage loan industry. I had a friend tell them I was dead. I refuse top pay them one penny.

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  • Dc
    dcody40 Sep 17, 2012

    Wow, I'm overloaded after reading all of the complaints about our not favorite Sallie Mae, I thought I was the only one getting shafted.
    My basic issues, Two kids, two different colleges and states, Sallie Mae transferred a few loans to dep of Edu, OK, they have all the loans numbered with there own system, one account number, Both of my kids are paying along with me, They constantly cross credit the payments into the wrong loans. My son did a 4.5 year program at Penn State, Daughter did a Nursing 3 year program in Maryland. She is paying double and triple payments, My son lost his job so he's paying with his unemployment checks, I'm solid on my payments, all done on time, Since the first repayment started. We get constant, delinquent payment messages on the manage your loans Sallie Mae website, even though each loan shows it's not due until next month, as of today we are 14 days delinquent, but we all made our payments, they also have added late fees showing in the history of each loan, on loans that have never been late, they promised to fix that, NOT, they promised to stop the robocalls, NOT, The promised to renames/number each loan broken up by each kid, so they can figure out what loan to make payment for, NOT. Some are nice sounding, but nothing changes, some are just rude as hell, especially the collection group, Wow, isn't there someone in our great country that can fix this problem, I'm so close to just going bankrupt and walking away from it all. It's the most ignorant group of people in one company that I have ever had to deal with. I'm in the market for a hungry tough lawyer that want's to make some money, I"m ready to go after these idiots, since our own government can't seem to get them undercontrol. I know, money talks. Well I'm about out of money and patience with these idiots at sallie mae.

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  • Dc
    dcody40 Sep 17, 2012

    And yes I know they are the types of loans you can't get away from, But I'm ready to start a war with these idiots.

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    They say they can call every 5 minutes if they choose - they call it DUE DILIGENCE - we call it HARASSMENT - STOP THE MADNESS ...they need to be stopped and do business in an American way ...not beat a person down.

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Resolved forbearance

I borrowed money from Sallie Mae while in college. Now, two years out of school, they have been harassing the...

Resolved Excesive Phone Calls

My brother in law lived with us for 6 weeks last year in February 2008. When he moved out he never changed his address or phone number with Sallie Mae. We have been recieving (sometimes very rude)phone calls for him almost every other day via automated or service representatives. I have asked to speak with the manager atleast three times to complain that our brother in law doesn't live here and we don't know where he is. They promised our number would be off the list...never did. Today almost a year later we are still getting phone calls for him. Even though the last time I provided my brother in laws new phone number and address. We are still being called and promised that our number will been taken off their list.
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I was hung up on twice for requesting the manager!!
I have a letter in route to BBB about this never-ending situation.!!!

  • Hp
    hpackard Jun 02, 2009

    Go get 'em tiger. Slap that BBB complaint on them. You must be a tough guy!!! FLEX those muscles!

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